This past July, the dollar reached parity with the Euro for the first time in 20 years. And since then, it’s held strong. Shockingly, nearly 6 months later your dollars can go just as far across the pond as they do here stateside. This means that fall is a great time to take advantage of this better value.

The Strong dollar goes farther in the fall and winter

We promote Europe in the fall, often to reluctant American travelers who prefer the summer months. But 2022 is a different story. Because the dollar is strong, people are still making the trek to Europe well into the fall, and it looks like the trend will continue into winter.

Perception is everything and it’s no surprise that travel is also seeing this phenomenon. The perceived extra value of the dollar has created an environment where American travelers are spending more – why not? After all, you get so much more right now with your dollars.

Will inflation have an effect on how far the dollar will go?

Yes and no. The U.S. is not alone dealing with inflation. The same factors affecting prices in America are also driving prices higher in Europe. So, you’ll not likely see low hotel prices. However, we do know that airfare to most European cities are much lower right now than they are in the summer months.

And the biggest savings are in dining and shopping costs. So if you’re a foodie or someone who brings an extra suitcase to tote home souvenirs, you’re in luck!

One key to make the most out of the strong dollar

If you’re looking at a spring or even summer 2023 trip, pay in advance for the elements you can control right now. Book your flight and hotels in advance, and lock in the lower rates while the dollar is strong.

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