The most (and least) popular holiday destinations

Where’s everyone going this holiday season? Here’s a list of the Top 10 most popular destinations for CheapAir flight searches during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons:

The most (and least) popular holiday destinations

1.       Orlando

2.       New York

3.       Ft. Lauderdale

4.       Miami

5.       Los Angeles

6.       Las Vegas

7.       San Juan

8.       Tampa

9.       Phoenix

10.     Dallas

Of course, New York in the #2 spot is a little unfair. No matter what time of year we’re talking about, New York is virtually an automatic, just because so many people have family and friends there. It’s worth noting, however, that about twice as many people are getting out of New York as are coming in during the holiday season.

Aside from New York, it’s the warm weather destinations that are, predictably, garnering the most interest.

For people planning to leave the country, Cancun is the most popular international destination (22nd overall); London is the most popular destination in Europe; and, somewhat surprisingly, Manila is the most popular destination in Asia.

And what are the cities that people are fleeing from in droves? Sorry, St. Louis, but you take the top spot there. Four times more people are leaving St. Louis for the holidays than are coming there. No laughing, Milwaukee – you’re not far behind.

Rounding out the Top 5 for the least popular holiday destinations: Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Columbus.


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