Whether you’re on the hunt for a budget, family-friendly spring break spot or a summer vacation extravaganza for the whole crew, CheapAir.com has  covered. Read on for our top family destinations.

1. Budget: Zion National Park, Utah

There’s no shortage of National Parks in Utah, and the price is so nice for frugal families. The range of hiking activities for outdoor enthusiasts is wide, with wading through the water of the Narrows a favorite pastime. There are countless hiking trails for all skill levels, from beginner trails all the way up to the death-defying heights of Angel’s Landing. You’ll easily avoid the crowds of destinations like the Grand Canyon in the summer, but you’re still within driving distance of it. You’re also near Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon should you like to do a tour of natural wonders. The Junior Ranger programs with the National Park Service are a must-do for kiddos. Do your research and plan to participate!

2. Amusement Park Lovers: Southern California

Does your crew enjoy the thrills of a roller coaster? Younger tots into Disney princesses or Harry Potter? The sheer volume of amazing amusement parks in California can easily keep you entertained for weeks. Older kids will adore visiting Magic Mountain for the thrills, while Disneyland is a winner for the whole family. Further inland, Universal Studios has upped their game to compete with Disney, with an immersive Harry Potter experience.

In Long Beach, you can explore one of the top aquariums in the United States. Depending on the year (springtime),you might even take a whale watching trip off the coast. Plan ahead. The best time to visit amusement parks (especially Disneyland) is weekdays not in the summer months. Get the Disney app for insider scoop on ride wait times and crowd calendar for trip planning. Side note: If you time it right you can spend some amazing days at beautiful beaches too! July, August and into September will get you the best beach bang for the buck!

3. Beach: Maui, Hawaii

The best part of a beach vacation for the grown-ups are the ample opportunities to relax and unplug. We love Maui for a classic beach vacation for so many reasons. To begin with, the pace in Maui is molasses slow, so if a beach hang is all you need, it’s the perfect spot. Maui’s larger hotels are set up to cater to your kiddos, so many parents choose to send their tots to in-house “kid camps.” You can select an all-day program, or just drop in for a few hours here and there in most cases. They aren’t usually free, but the Four Seasons does offer free camps as an extra perk.

The scenery is stunning anywhere you visit on Maui. When you get tired of lounging on the beach, there are many waterfall hikes or scenic strolls to participate in. Consider the beach you choose carefully – some bays are so placid they provide a safe backdrop for the wee ones. Older kids might enjoy the sunrise cycling trip down from Haleakala, Maui’s impressive volcano. And everyone loves a Hawaiian luau. Stardust Hawaii offers an exciting array of excursions and activities for the whole family.

4. International: Ireland

Ireland is a fantastic gateway for parents on the fence about tackling international travel with the kids. To begin with, the Irish are some of the friendliest folks in Europe. People will be open to chat with you and children are everywhere. Kids are even allowed in most pubs – so you can have a pint while they tuck into some solid Irish pub dining. The scenery is stunning on the Green Isle and there are craggy medieval castles everywhere. Visit the Cliffs of Moher, the Blarney Stone and stay in bed & breakfasts as you travel the country. It’s easy to navigate once you get the hang of the driving challenges, and you can see most of the country in a week.

5. Educational: Washington, DC

Perhaps this year, you’d like to keep the educational benefits dialed up to 10. In this case, there’s no better city to visit than Washington, DC. The Smithsonian Institution alone has more museums than you can possibly see in one trip. The National Air & Space Museum, the National Museum of African American History & Culture, the National Zoo and the National Museum of American History are just a few of the highlights, and are all completely free. Stroll around the National Mall and visit some of the most iconic monuments including the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and Martin Luther King’s Monument. The Planet D offers a walking tour of must-see monuments to see.

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