You’re in the best position to get everything you want from a vacation when you plan ahead.

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If you’re not going to book your flight for a few months, odds are you can tailor a trip to your ideal specifications. Here are three keys to creating a memorable trip.

Flexibility is Important
Your best option for getting a good price on an airline ticket is keeping as much flexibility in your trip as possible. If you’re not locked into specific dates, airlines or classes of service you might find a much better price!’s flexible search may even find you a better price if you’re willing to take one airline on your outbound trip and another on the return.

Know The Kind of Trip You Want to Take
Research, research, research! There are many different kinds of trips you can take. offers tips for travel depending on the type of trip you’re considering. From beach destinations to cities in the U.S. with a distinctly European vibe, or even a California road trip – we have ideas for many different trips. Do your homework online where there’s loads of advice – and don’t forget to check out our blog for advice and inspiration.

Don’t Forget About Accommodation
The second most expensive element of any trip is where you might want to stay. There’s a lot to consider. If you book a hotel where the action is, you’ll usually pay more. You’ll also want to review what amenities each hotel offers. We also offer a “COVID Clean” badge and designation – these properties have been vetted for thorough and extensive cleaning protocols to keep you healthy.

Our When to Buy Study can offer additional guidance so you can get the most value out of your trip.

Safe travels!

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