An Interview with the folks behind: It’s On The Meter

We got the opportunity to interview the folks from “It’s On The Meter” and talk about their incredible adventures.

What is “It’s On The Meter” about?

It’s on the Meter is an expedition to break the World Record for the longest ever taxi journey, in a 20 year old London Black cab with over 300,000 miles on the clock.  It was originally a drive from London to Sydney, however we are now circumnavigating the World thanks to a new sponsor called Get Taxi.  At present, the cab is on a ship on the way to the USA having reached Sydney after 32,000 miles.

A short break in the Iraqi desert for ItsOnTheMeter travelers

What is the motivation behind IOTM?

The motivation is to raise as much money for the British Red Cross as possible and break the World Record.  It’s also a lot of fun and beats the hell out of working full time!

An unexpected passenger in India, international travel pictures

How many of you are involved? What is your connection to each other?

There are three of us, me (Paul Archer), Johno Ellison and Leigh Purnell.  We all met at university about 5 or 6 years ago.

Camping in an ancient fort in Iran, camping internationally

This endeavor is tied to a world record; can you tell us more about that?

The World Record for the longest ever taxi journey was set back in the early 90’s by some bankers driving from London to Capetown and back.  They travelled over 21,000 miles.  We passed that mark about 4 months ago in Tibet.  The day before we also drove up to 5200 metres (17,000 odd feet) and possibly set a new Record for the highest ever taxi ride.

Camping in the Iranian desert

IOTM is also tied to a non-profit endeavor, can you tell us more about that, too?

IOTM is a completely non-profit endeavor.  We have sponsors who help us fund things such as fuel, repairs and visas, but we have mainly used our own money to get this far.  The main aim is to raise money for the British Red Cross.  We’ve raise about £10,000 so far and hope to make more over the final few months.  We would love it if people could help out by donating to the British Red Cross at

Early morning balloons Cappadocia Turkey

How can we get involved?

We would love it if you could make a donation to the British Red Cross, we want to raise £20,000

Also follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter.  We will pop blogs, pictures and videos up there.  There are links on our home page

Getting the ItsOnTheMeter taxi fixed in Iraqi Kurdistan

What three things have you learned from this experience?

We are now brilliant at fixing 1992 LTI Fairway London Taxis in the middle of the desert.

Patience.  With each other, with the car, with border guards, with everything.

There is always a solution to any problems you come across, however insurmountable they may seem.  Try plan B, C, D to Z before you give up.  And if that fails, smile sweetly and be polite.

Hannah, the Its On The Meter Taxi, and the Eiffel Tower Paris

What three things do you think others can learn from embarking on a travel adventure such as this?

Give it a shot, if we can do it, anyone can!

Work hard and save up, the chances of getting sponsors to give money is slim.  It’s worth trying though, we could not have got this far without the tremendous support from ours.

The first person we stayed with said to us that you never get interesting stories when everything goes well. He could not have been more right. Things will go wrong, have patience and figure it out.  You’ll be laughing about it in no time!


  1. It’s On The Meter team: what will you do with your car at the end of the journey? Will you be passing through Los Angeles anytime soon?


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