Why I Travel the World – The First 12 Reasons

By Lauren Rains

So, why do you travel?

The following are a list of reasons why I travel. From toilets, to sexy boys, to making love, to experiencing the culture… this is why I am who I am. This is why I am a traveler.

 Why I Travel the World – The First 12 Reasons


1.) Let’s start with toilets. I have a weird fascination with just how ridiculous the bathroom situations can be in different countries. Holes in the ground, toilets that are so technologically advances they’re practically potty assistants, buckets, foot stands. I travel to discover the plumbing practices of the various regions in each country.


2.) It is my dream to have a man whisper sweet nothings in my ear in every language. And while I don’t find certain languages particularly sexy, I certainly wouldn’t mind a any dark, tall, handsome Italian man telling me I’m his treasure, I’m his world, I’m his light and ocean and sea. But in all seriousness, I find language fascinating, and I travel to learn more about how that culture communicates. Oh, and to learn cuss words as well too. Puta.


3.) So long as it doesn’t force me to spend the rest of my trip next to one of the toilets I had originally been fascinated with upon arrival, I love trying the local street food. Yes… this does mean fried insects in China, empanadas filled with random parts of the cow in Argentina, and all the cheese my body can handle in France. Food is a HUGE part of culture, and (pun intended) I literally want to eat all of it up!


4.) I’m not afraid to admit that I am a little boy crazy. I love to enjoy the different hair styles, smiles, skin colors, eye colors, muscles, complections, sizes ( as in height! Get your head out of the gutter! ;-D ), and so on. As an American I’ve had the liberty of growing up with a melting pot of different kinds of guys, but those authentic foreign boys… yes please.


5.) It’s those moments after hiking for 8 miles straight up a volcano or a big ass mountain and you reach the peak and you look out into the distance and you think, “Wow… I’m literally seeing the world right now.” These moments are some of the greatest memories in my life and I believe I’ll look back on the images I’ve frozen in my mind from these peaks when I’m 80 years old. Even if I go crazy with dementia and I can’t remember my own name of Lauren Elizabeth Rains, I’ll always remember those views.


6.) If you’ve ever walked into the supermarket in a foreign country you already know what I’m talking about. This is where you get a real glimpse of what that culture eats. In China I once walked down an isle the entire length of the gigantic supermarket filled with nothing but gallon jugs of oil. There were thousands! In France I was in cow and goat milk heaven as I sniffed the aromas of hundreds of cheeses. It was the most beautiful, disgusting smell I’ve ever experienced. The supermarkets tell it all… for better or for worse.


7.) I love to go into local bars around town and check out the live bands playing. Sometimes its amazing like the times I’d watch the sexy classical guitar players in Buenos Aires, Argentina move their fingers at a pace I never knew possible. Other times it’s entertaining like watching a Chinese cover band in Beijing cover Backstreet Boys and NSYNC at a “hip and trendy” bar.


8.) Have you ever noticed that in different countries their main means of transportation greatly vary? For instance, in China they make these crazy ass motorbike-2-seater-car-things in which you literally feel as if you are the biggest risk taker in the world by letting them drive you around in them. On the other hand, in Vietnam I have never seen a bigger traffic jam consisting of mopeds in my life! There must have been hundreds at one intersection! Then, if trek on over to India we have traffic jams of cows! Head over to California, USA and all you see are surfer beach bum dudes with blonde hair and nice chest muscles on their long board skate boards.


9.) There are a lot of dumbass travelers out there. They are so dumb and ignorant that they make me feel pretty damn good about myself. Now, normally I don’t like to rip on people and try to avoid being a Negative Nancy, but you and I both know that it’s quite entertaining to listen to an ignorant or dumb traveler for about 5 minutes… after that you start to worry about the human race.


10.) I’m a beer girl. You won’t see me pounding back bottles of Bud, but I do love to try various foreign beers. Overtime my taste has really grown for this and trying the country’s local brews has officially become one of my “Do This Is Every Country” along with flirt with cute boys, eat crazy street food, and use observe (but avoid using) public rest rooms as I mentioned above.


11.) Maybe this is TMI but we’re all adults here, right? You know the game “Never Have I Ever”? Well, sometimes it’s fun to play this when it comes to… the verb of love if you will. I mean, it’s kind of fun to say, “Oh yea I got busy on the beaches of Thailand, or I made out in the back of a cab in Beijing, or kissed in the rain in a small alley in France.” I know this little blurb here isn’t as sophisticated as saying, “I travel to experience the rich culture”, but we’re all human, and who doesn’t love a little luv?!


12.) Okay, to redeem myself for some of my immature reasons for loving travel, I’m going to end this on one final and very important note. I truly love to travel because culture fascinates me. I love the differences, the customs, the traditions, the craziness, the annoyances, the conveniences, festivals, the little this and thats of the daily life. It is so fascinating to me! Simply to be in that culture and experiencing it on daily terms is my favorite thing about travel, and because of this main reason, I keep coming back for more and more.

So, there you have it my friends. This list goes on infinitely, but I’m going to go ahead and say that these twelve reasons embody why I constantly feel the need to step foot onto uncharted territory. Travel is a way of life, a way of being, and a way of experiencing. There’s simply no other way for me. And that is why I travel.

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