The Best iPhone Travel Apps

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By: Aviation Queen

I got my iPhone 4 for my birthday in July 2009 (thanks Dad).  I had some experience with apps because of my iPod Touch, but without a reliable Wi-Fi connection, I wasn’t getting full use of my apps.

But with Wi-Fi and 3G built in on the iPhone 4, I began rocking (and adding) the travel apps.  I currently have 42 travel-related apps on my iPhone. These are my favorites.

The Best iPhone Travel Apps

Gate Guru: as a reporter who covered the airports beat, I became a big fan of this app, featured in an Apple iPhone TV commercial, gives locations and user reviews (including mine as Aviation Queen) of retail, restaurants and services at airports across the country.  When you have a tight connection and want to make sure you get something to eat for the plane ride, this app is a godsend.

Next Flight ($2.99): I usually don’t like to pay more than 99 cents for an app, but this one pays for itself after one use.  The scenario: you’re stuck at Washington Dulles International Airport and your flight to Los Angeles is delayed or even worse, canceled. Go to this app, type in the city-pair and it will tell you what airlines have the next flights going there. Call your airline (using the Flight Sitesapp for the phone number), give them the options and voila-you’re set before the plane even gets back to the gate, while the rest of the crowd makes the mad dash to a gate or airline customer service desk praying they get on another flight.

Currency Banknotes (99 cents): This app is too cool for school because besides handling the currency conversions for more than 150 of the world’s major currencies, it also offers photos of those currencies.

iSushiI love sushi, and have been fortunate to eat at places all over the world. But sushi lovers know you can’t just amble into any restaurant that hangs out a shingle.  This app allows you to search restaurants in any location.  It gives you a map and directions, and even allows you to call the restaurant directly.

Packing (99 cents): Kids, my mind isn’t what it used to be, so I need all the help I can get. Believe me, it is NOT fun to realize you’ve reached your destination and forgotten to pack underwear (yes, this has happened to me). This app has sample lists for men and women; it also allows you to create your own list and create a master catalog where you can drag items for new lists.

Taxi Magic: I was in Atlanta attending an aviation convention.  I needed to catch a cab quickly for some medical attention.  This app gives you a list of cabs in the area and a direct line to book one. I had my cab 5 minutes after the call.

Google Translate: I spent part of my formative years living in Brussels. I learned French and could hold my own in Flemish.  But when we moved back to the USA, all my language skills went out the window. I recently needed to contact the press officer of a Brazilian company. The press officer didn’t speak a word of English and my Portuguese is non-existent. With this app, I could type or speak my phrases and play them back. I got what I needed. It covers languages from Afrikaans to Yiddish.

Hotels By Me: You never know when you’re going to need a hotel in an unfamiliar area.  You can look at the hotel boards by baggage claim, but how much can you really trust those? When it’s late and you need a place to lay your weary head, this app can find you a hotel room quickly, and at a reasonable price.

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Download the CheapAir iPhone App Today!

This is a guest post from Aviation Queen, a freelance aviation/travel journalist and blogger based in Washington, D.C. You can read more of her work at and follow her on Twitter at @AvQueenBenet.

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