A few weeks ago, we wrote a post for couples looking for a cozy, cold-weather Christmas or New Year’s getaway. Well, as we promised, we’re back to offer our ideas for those of you with more of a beach vacation in mind. 

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Riviera Maya, Mexico
Mexico’s Riviera Maya is one of those destinations that have a little bit of something for every kind of beach-goer. Cancun is an all-inclusive and/or resort lover’s dream, but be careful to scope out your choices well. Some resorts cater to families. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway you’ll need to do your research in Cancun. Tulum will scratch an itch for the ecotourism crowd, and those folks that like to forgo the traditional vacations trappings for a more rustic, laid-back vibe with close proximity to spectacular Mayan ruins. If unplugging with your sweetie is the main goal, you can’t go wrong with Tulum. And Cozumel has some of the best diving in the world to recommend it.

Why It’s a Bargain
The dollar is nearing a ten-year high against the peso, so if you really want your money to go far in a foreign destination and still be close to home, it’s really hard to beat Mexico.


Belize is a fantastic bargain for U.S. travelers, from November to April, and for the adventurous duo, there’s hardly a better destination! The entire country seems tailor-made for a perfect mash-up of romance and athletic activities. Put San Ignacio on your itinerary – it’s a stone’s throw from the Green Iguana Conservation Project and there are a ton of resorts to relax in. From jungles to water sports and colorful culture, Belize is an amazing place to explore.

Why It’s a Bargain
On the face of it, Belize isn’t a huge bargain for traditional travelers, but we would argue that adventurous souls manage just fine in Belize. There’s cheap and accessible local travel to get you from point A to point B, and the accommodations average $100-150/night!

Boracay Island, Philippines

boracay, philippines
Aside from the plethora of romantic boutique hotels on Boracay, this Philippines island is a stunning backdrop for romance. The tiny isle’s pristine beaches and party atmosphere actually started to become a problem for the country, so in May the government shut it down to clean up the beaches. Set to re-open to tourism this month, it should be in perfect holiday form by December.

Why It’s a Bargain
Did we mention the island was shut down for a few months this year? Ramping back up means that local businesses are looking for visitors. Expect major bargains in the short term.

Costa Rica

costa rica
Costa Rica long ago lost its up-and-coming status. It has arrived in a big way and if it’s not on your romantic bucket list yet, let us make a strong case that it should be. There’s oodles of scenic beaches to relax upon, dining options from the rustic to the elegant, and ziplining, ecotourism and horseback riding if you like to mix up chilling out with getting active.

Why It’s a Bargain
Travel to Costa Rica in December at the end of the rainy weather and you’ll avoid high season prices altogether. Meals at sodas (small, local spots) go for around $5 and consist of rice, beans, salad, a protein, and some fried plantains. Finally, booking activities from abroad can actually be priced at a premium – wait until you land and then book.


This little Dutch island in the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela is a bit less traveled than other winter hotspots, so for romance we recommend heading here. The beautiful, colorful architecture is an iconic part of the island’s culture. Wander the streets, hang out on the beaches and soak in all of the warmth from locals.

Why It’s a Bargain
Flights from the east coast in the winter are low, low, low most of the year – around $300 round trip from most northeastern gateways.

If all this beach talk really isn’t your thing, check out our list of romantic winter destinations. Our Holiday Flights page can also offer great tips for Christmas and New Years travel. And as always, happy travels!

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