United Airlines announces new VIP baggage delivery Service

Do you like to travel VIP? Well, if you’re flying United Airlines, then you may appreciate their newly launched “Bags VIP” baggage service, which allows flyers to sidestep long luggage lines and instead, have bags delivered direct to the final destination.

United Airlines announces new VIP baggage delivery Service

Bags VIP will initially be available to flyers departing from any U.S. airport with destinations to Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles or Orlando. Bags can be delivered anywhere within 100 miles of these airports. United Airlines plans to expand the service within the next few months to more than 190 domestic airports.

Here’s a snapshot of standard rates for delivery within 40 miles of an airport:

1 Bag = $29.95

2 Bags = $39.95

3-8 Bags = $49.95

Charges will vary based on distances within the 100 mile radius. And keep in mind, delivery pricing is in addition to any standard checked-bag fees. While feels could add up, this type of service could be useful to busy business travelers with a hectic schedule, to families traveling with kids, etc.

Interested? To order this service, you can go to BagsVIP online, or call 1-877-847-0045.

What do you think, CheapAir Travelers  – would you find this baggage delivery service useful?