United Airlines launches turn-down service on international flights

If you fly international and want in-flight extravagance, you may be interested in United Airlines’ new perk for premium class travelers: the “turn-down service.” Upon request, crew members will convert your reclining seat to a flat bed, decked out with covers, duvets, soft pillows and a Philosophy-brand amenity kit.

United Airlines launches turn-down service on international flights
Photo courtesy of boardingarea.com

“Throughout their travel experience, our Global First customers expect the highest level of service,” said Mark Bergsrud, United’s senior vice president of marketing. “The new turn-down service offers customers even more comfort, enabling them to arrive at their destinations refreshed and ready to go.”

The turn-down service is now available for all passengers in United Global First, the international version of first class. Other comforts include extra storage space, much better food, expensive wine and noise-cancelling headsets. But it all comes at a hefty price – United Global First is often five or six times more expensive than economy.

United has installed flat bed seats on more than 175 of its aircraft, as part of a $550 million cabin upgrade across the entire fleet. While economy and business have seen some improvements, it sounds like the majority of that cash is being spent on the “one percent” of air travelers. United is also rolling out satellite-powered Wi-Fi, which will give passengers uninterrupted internet access while in flight.

American Airlines was the first U.S.-based carrier to introduce the turn-down concept, but similar services have long been available on Asian carriers like Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

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