Vaccine Passports: Everything We Know Right Now

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably have heard lots of news lately around “vaccine passports” and travel policies. Some countries are likely to make vaccine passports something of a requirement to enter.

vaccine passport in a hand

Others may not. But let’s back up. First of all, what are vaccine passports?

What exactly is a vaccine passport?

Very simply, a vaccine passport is your vaccination record. Most vaccine passports (in development and already available for use) exist in the form of an app you download onto your smartphone. Any vaccine passport stored on your phone will also protect your private information, we are told. Such a “pass” allows you to quickly show immigration and customs officials at airports and train stations across the globe your “fully vaccinated” status and permits you to move freely about the world.

Will I need a vaccine passport to travel in the United States?

The answer here seems pretty clear at this point. The Biden Administration has signaled it will not make vaccine passports mandatory, but also has left room for individual states and jurisdictions to make their own policies and procedures around vaccination. Some states like Hawaii still require quarantine and testing before allowing entry, while others like Florida are wide open for business – no restrictions at all.

In addition, the CDC just issued guidance for the fully vaccinated, indicating that it’s safe for you to return to travel once you’re two weeks out from your final injection. The unvaccinated should continue to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test where required, but the CDC still recommends taking a test before and after you return from travel, regardless of requirements as a matter of public health and preventing community spread. In any event, the lack of a vaccine passport will not be a barrier to domestic travel.

Will I need a vaccine passport for international travel?

The short answer is that it’s likely to be something like a “fast pass” to entry for some countries or regions (like the European Union). There are already many vaccinations required for a variety of international destinations, and setting U.S. politics aside, many countries outside the U.S. that have managed their COVID-19 infection rates are eager to keep those numbers down. These countries see vaccine passports as a quick and easy way to verify those who are of very low risk of transmission.

Still, there’s a lot of discussion underway at the moment, including ethical considerations of requiring a vaccine passport. Should the E.U. adopt a universal passport (as it seems likely to do), people who have it can essentially jump the queue and avoid having to provide a negative test or quarantine for a prescribed number of days.

There are plans for vaccine passports to be utilized at events that could potentially develop into “superspreader” events, like festivals, concerts and other large-scale gatherings. There’s even been signals from some in the hotel and restaurant industries to indicate that some businesses might also require a vaccine passport for customers. This could potentially pose a problem for a traveler who did not get vaccinated, chose to quarantine and test upon arrival to a country, but then finds their dining or sightseeing options limited by private venues that might decide to require a vaccination for entrance. This aspect of the debate is spirited and ongoing.

How do I get a vaccine passport?

Right now a lot of vaccine passports are still in development or being piloted and tested. Here is a short roundup of the various vaccine passports in development right now that will be available to American travelers shortly.

IATA Travel Pass

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) developed Travel Pass, a digital passport that allows you to store and manage your COVID-19 test results or vaccine records on an app that you link to on your smartphone. Travel Pass should be available for iPhone and Android in mid-April.

CLEAR Health Pass

CLEAR’s Health Pass will allow you to securely link to your healthcare account to confirm your vaccine records. CLEAR has partnered with Walmart to give travelers who have received a COVID vaccine at Walmart or Sam’s Club easy access to their vaccination records.


CommonPass is a platform that gives you access to your COVID-related documents and status, including PCR test results and vaccination status. It will show a simple yes or no as to whether a traveler meets the current entry criteria of the country they are traveling to. CommonPass is currently being piloted in specific markets and has partnered with Walmart and Sam’s Club customers. You can sign up on their website via email to receive news of expansion.


American Airlines now offers you free access to VeriFLY, a mobile health passport that can be used when traveling on an international flight to the U.S. and on domestic flights to eight countries, including the UK and Canada, as long as you are a ticketed passenger with them.

As you can see, the topic of vaccine passports is fast-moving, with lots of moving parts and critical implications for travelers. We will keep you updated as we hear of new developments. Until then, how do you feel about the idea of vaccine passports? Do you think it’s a good idea that will help people get back to travel sooner, or are you on the fence or even against them and why? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. It’s all a lot of hype and expense. I like the American Airlines verify. For those of us who prefer not to be vaccinated with a drug that does not guarantee not getting infected or transmitting. It is much preferred to have some thing that simply state your full bill of Heath with no communicable disease. Simply. Straight forward and non intrusive. Definitely much preferred. Will AA be refunding those tickets purchased prior to COVID that will not be used in the future.

  2. This is one of those things under pretext of safety it is a money maker for some as we allow illegal immigrants to go around the country without being checked and carrying the virus in vstates who have suffer a lock down or two Politic and hypocrisie at its BEST

  3. If you do not have FACTS stop wasting your time sending emails on what MIGHT be done and PLANS nobody cares some people aren’t “living under a rock” some people are tired of the news and politics and their lies and at this point forcing the us to be lab rats to a vaccine that isn’t even fda approved.. lookup the ingredients of the vaccine btw while you’re sending useless emails., use your time to do some REAL research!

  4. Federal Law (U.S.) expressly forbid a forced vaccination requirement. The idea that anyone is required to receive an injection to travel i ternationally is absurd. Only the CCCP could invent such a crazy rule.

  5. The airlines have enough trouble maintaining a profit without restrictions. Everyone I’ve talked to will not fly if these restrictions are solidified. Choose wisely. We’re not bailing out airlines that make poor choices.

  6. I do not agree with vaccine passports. It’s a personal decision that is no one’s business. If people want a vaccine so they can feel protection that’s their own choice. There are no long term studies for people with autoimmune disorders so the decision is each persons. A passport is invasive to our privacy.

  7. hello, i has 2dose vaccine already i’m wondering if travel in us only do i need to make passports vaccine.
    Thank you

  8. Why would everyone need a vaccine passport? If you are scared of covid, get vaccinated, and you are safe. You do not need me to be vaccinated because you are scared.

    You can still get covid after being vaccinated, so why does it matter?

    Vaccine immunity may only last 6 months… you getting vaccinated every 6 months?

    If you are over 65 and or at risk, fine. Leave the young and the healthy alone.

  9. Vaccine passports, is the best option and sede to travel around the world.
    People will feel very confident, knowing your are fully vaccinated
    I already have the two shoot from moderna
    Ready for Vaccinations

  10. I prefer NOT to have the vaccination. I had COVID-19 last year and even though I do not have antibodies anymore I still keep up with the probability of contracting it again. As of now my chances are .65 of 1%. I want to take my chances and just test negative before I travel. Thank you for caring enough to ask what your customers think. Sincerely, Robbin Taranto

  11. I am against vaccine passports! Requiring one would discriminate against those that refuse or just cannot get a vaccine. There are so many people that I know that refuse to get one and have spoken of even taking legal action at those that would try to mandate it. Having a vaccine does not guarantee that a person will not get infected or spread the virus. It is not even FDA approved. The public is being used as guinea pigs. STOP THE MADNESS!

  12. I have no intention of getting vaccinated with the Covid Vaccine. It was developed too quickly and has caused too many problems for some people. The percentage of those adversely affected may be low when compared to the number vaccinated, but it is too high as far as I am concerned. I feel a vaccine passport is an attack on our freedoms and will not comply. I am elderly and love to travel, so it looks as if I may have to give up that aspect of my life. There have been many vaccinations throughout history, and it should be up to the individual to decide if the risk is greater with the vaccine than without.

    1. If you don’t want to be vaccinated, then don’t travel. They have many local places for you to attend. We don’t need ppl spreading and infecting others. The airlines won’t miss you. Cruises and other countries will be having passports visas

    2. I have a Delta eticketcredit from loss of my May 5-12 trip 2020! I have two years to use…is it fare to me with all this going on, NO, or to anyone else.
      I want to use it not to lose $237 fare to Florida as I had planned. If I refuse the shot, and they won’t allow me to be on their plane, it really should be a refund, right?

      1. Hi Cheryl, there will like not be a requirement for a vaccination passport for domestic travel. If you booked with us you can call us to exchange the ticket. Thank you

  13. Passports take too long to get so verification on I phone or medical form of proof is better for vaccines and tests

  14. I refuse to get the vaccination or to ever download one of these apps. This is totalitarian control and tracking of humans like cattle. It is a plan by global elite who used fear and a virus hoax to dupe people into surrendering their rights. I won’t fall victim to it.

    I will simply just travel anywhere that doesn’t require it and avoid areas that do. As a wealthy entrepreneur and digital nomad — I am sure those countries will enjoy the large amounts of capital I’ll be spending into their economy as well.

    I am not the only one.

    1. Mr. William, I am sorry, but you, like those who refuse vaccination, are indeed a selfish person. You want to preserve your liberties, but are not considering preserving the liberties of those with whom you may come in contact. People should feel free to travel around the world without the fear of being infected by potential virus-spreaders. In fact, with people like you around, we will never defeat this deadly virus and we will never return to normal life; e.g., we will have to wear a mask and keep away from people for a long time to come so that you may keep your right to not vaccinate. That’s nice, thanks.

  15. bit by bit, they are taking our freedom away, not to long from now, we will be in chains, like a slave, bowing to the leaders of the world.

  16. Just another way for the government to track a citizen’s movement! If implemented, freedom of movement will be lost.

  17. This whole notion of totalitarian heavy handedness against freedom loving people is a great tragedy and abomination if enforced. So sad to see this exploitation for no good reason.
    Please protect the people’s right to fly.
    I will never support such evil.

  18. Do not see a real need for one and I don’t like the idea of my medical info out for all to see don’t trust it at all

  19. This is a bunch of lies. Florida is not “wide open” and your vaccine passport requirements are 100% illegal Stop spreading false information.

  20. I understand the need to be careful and the desire to get back to traveling again. I have been a cruiser and a frequent world traveler in past years. However, I am definitely opposed to requiring vaccination proof for everyone. My immunity is strong and I am opposed to putting unneeded chemicals or medication in my body unless absolutely necessary. I don’t get flu shots or pneumonia either. These vaccinations are NOT a cure. In fact the world population is simply one big testing field right now. They are not even sure if you can still be a carrier or if boosters will be required. If the majority of the population-and hopefully up to the 80%+ feel comfortable receiving the vaccination, I see no need to require everyone to show proof to travel. Personally, I have safely traveled domestically during the past year (using precautions) and don’t plan on traveling internationally until 2022. Hopefully by then we will have a clearer picture.

  21. I think it is a good idea to have the vaccine pass ports. This way we can all do our part to stop the spread of Covid. I miss traveling this past year. I have both my Covid shots already, and I am ready to travel.

  22. Vaccines are experimental and should not be required of anyone to exercise their freedom of movement. Another layer of control. Worse than TSA body searches.

  23. A terrible idea. I will drove across the boarder to fly if they chose to do this in Canada. My choice to be vaccinated and I chose not to take a very quickly developed vaccine by Kill Gates

  24. No vaccine passport. Practice other precautions. The vaccine is experimental and too many are unable to handle the adverse reactions. They will just not fly, or whatever if passports are mandated. It will not help the travel industry if people avoid travelling on the carriers on the venues that require them.

  25. I don’t feel vaccine passports is a necessity for COVID-19 is curable on at 99.9% and these are not vaccines these are actual trials shots. It takes 5 to 10 years to even develop an actual vaccine. The statements that governments are given are extremely dangerous, misleading to all people across the world so I urge everyone to do the research and their homework.

  26. The devil is in control right now.No vaccine for me, you must be crazy to inject something that has not been tested on animals first or other extensive studies.i love traveling and I used to travel internationally every year. No more until God wins this battle and perpetrators are brought to justice.

    1. 40% of elderly Americans do not have smart phones. I am a young 73 and do not want to tie my life to a phone. I am all for the Vaccination Passports because I see them as a way of weeding out potentially infected people in crowded situations. However, I would hope that we anti-smart phone people would be able to carry a paper version.

    2. yeah, let’s go back to torturing animals for the sake of human disease. Have you been hiding in a hole? There have been clinical trials in humans . Some good results and some bad. And no one is forcing you to get the vaccine anyway. So stay home and don’t travel. I can tell by your comment that you are probably a pain in the a** on a plane anyways.

    3. There seems to be no discussion about a vaccine exemption passport. Folks already autoimmune and on the pills need a way to quickly prove their exemption and health.

    4. I agree with you100% Gina.Do people actually READ the list of ingredients in these vaccines??? Added to this I am allergic to preservatives so can not have jab even if I did want one,so I will obviously be prevented from traveling.Yes Gina the ‘plandemic’ is working for the control freaks who want to control the World & line their pockets!!

    5. Agree fully
      A passport and fee charge in any shape or form is a military document and violation of the basic rights of mankind to freely live, travel and work on the land called earth and own his her OWN manner of identification. I do not need any app from any entity to tell me who I am and what I should do. I own my own documents from e.g. or can design my own ID card as living soul if need be. It is a crime against mankind NOT to acknowledge our rights.

    6. Perfectly stated! And they have no idea how long the vaccine lasts. Would not the Vaccine passport give a pass to someone who may still be a spreader? Sounds like a ridiculous cycle for something that is overblown, to begin with. I had Covid and I never felt better. I am 68 years old. I should be able to go whenever and wherever I want. These major restrictions are not helping, look at Michigan.

    7. I totally agree with Gina.
      This is something evil from people who want
      to control human beings.
      I love to go cruising and I do so every year,
      so I have to wait in our Lord’s Hands!

    8. I concur. I have travelled extensively both by sea and air. I miss travelling, but if I never travel again, it will be ok. I am not ready to inject any more foreign bodies into my system not knowing how my body will react.

  27. This is illegal and against our Constitutional rights in the USA (Fourteenth Amendment)… is an obscene way to track us all and invade our privacy. I will NEVER put the poison experimental gene therapy in my body…..good luck if you do…’ll need it.

  28. I can simply not in good conscience take a vaccine for which NO long term study exists. Will have to forego traveling for the time being. Perhaps they’ll change their tune in 2-3 years time when all the vaccinated people suffer from chronic illnesses due to permanently compromised immune systems.
    Or perhaps they won’t be compromised in which case I’ll may feel more inclined to take it.

  29. Why isn’t anybody talking about the people that have antibodies I’d rather have antibodies and have 100% protection then the vaccine which is only 90% effective if you have the antibodies you can’t infect anybody and you cannot be infected you don’t need a mask why are we all just talking about a vaccine when there is another option how many people have the antibodies they don’t need a vaccine. If you had chickenpox as a kid you wouldn’t go down and get a chicken pox vaccine you’re already protected

  30. I chose not to have a tracking device,
    Biden is a scare mongrel/dictator. Not to mention he iss as incompetent/ a embarrassment to the U.S.A. Even his dog hates him.

  31. Read peer journal research. People who have had the virus don’t need the vaccine. Vaccine passports are dreamt up by politicians who want more government control. I’ll stay grounded if I have to but no vaccine passport for me.

  32. A vaccine passport will be the best way to identify travelers that pose a low risk of spreading the disease. I don’t like the idea of another travel requirement but I like that it ultimaty curb the spread of the disease. Over 100 million people worldwide have already been fully vaccinated. We are on our way to some normalcy. 🙂

  33. I will not take the vaccine. What is the purpose if I can still get the virus. If I can still get it then I can transmit it to others. This vaccine is just a way for the government to control people and their ability to move around, next it will be that you can work buy or sell without it. The devil is a liar straight out of hell and he has his 2 demons doing his work.

  34. Time will tell if good reigns over evil, but it is not looking promising! I travel often but will give it up rather then
    join the sheep on their way to “Reset” slaughter. Has to be something more powerful than fear that has infected the rationale of people. Have given up trying to share information with “the blind”. I am much happier and less stressed hanging with like-minded people.

  35. A passport and fee charge in any shape or form is a military document and violation of the basic rights of mankind to freely live, travel and work on the land called earth and own his her OWN manner of identification. I do not need any app from any entity to tell me who I am and what I should do. I own my own documents from e.g. or can design my own ID card as living soul if need be. It is a crime against mankind NOT to acknowledge our rights.

  36. No! Absolutely Not… this passport is a violation of our rights. Nobody needs to know our personal information especially medical. If it wasn’t done for more serious conditions such as Tuberculosis (2019) – why on earth do they insist Now for a flu? This is all political nonsense! Myself Family and Friends will NOT take part in this nonsense!!

  37. While I am not anti-vaccine believer, I have difficulties with a vaccine that has be foisted on public so fast. No long-term studies, no guarantees and too much financial interest by big Pharmas, and individuals with ulterior interests in vaccinating the World. Also, the big Pharmas cannot be sued for causing potential health problem associated with the vaccines. Just plain wrong.

  38. I think having a vaccine passport is good. I have my vaccination card. I plan to go to Italy as soon as their people are vaccinated. I want to be able to show that I am a responsible traveler.

  39. I will need to travel to Italy in July and feel like I’m being forced to get vaccinated for COVID-19. Being I still have COVID 19 antibodies in my blood since being hospitalized with Covid-19 a year ago in March of 2020, I donate my plasma monthly to help those fighting COVID. At each donation, I’m tested for the antibodies which I still have after 13 months. Why shouldn’t recent or monthly documentation of having natural antibodies be acceptable for international travel? If and when I get vaccinated, my plasma is no longer acceptable for donation.

  40. Where there is a risk, there must be a choice. Since the new CV-19 shots don’t keep you from catching CV-19, don’t stop you from transmitting the virus and are only designed to lower symptoms, then vaccine passports don’t make any sense. The shot only gives the person receiving the shot reduction in symptoms, but doesn’t build immunity to protect others. When a medical product has death as a side effect, there must always be a choose. Restricting travel for the unvaccinated infringes on personal liberties and freedoms. For a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate and a 0.4% death rate, the need for a shot is not necessary. There are treatment options for CV-19 that have been suppressed. Coercion is not informed consent. Telling people that they cannot fly without proof of vaccination is Coercion.

  41. That is a no for me. Forced vaccination for a flu virus with a 99.98 % survival rate. What’s disturbing is that they don’t inform you of the survival rate that is clearly on the CDC website and people are just going with the fear mongering. The count on our ignorance and many are being led to the slaughter like sheep.

  42. My medical records (including information about vaccines) are no one else’s business but mine and my physicians. It is my right to chose who I give that information to and should not be forced to do so. I thought HIPPA was meant for that reason. Are we just throwing that out the window? This is about control. Even after fully vaccinated, you can still have Covid and you can still spread it. In fact, those who are vaccinated are less careful and, in my opinion, they are more of a risk of spreading as they are supposed to experience less symptoms after vaccination. At least that is the hope–however this theory has not been given enough time for testing.

  43. The devil is really in control right now! Politicians are trying to enforce all these travel laws and have the population injected with this vaccine that’s not been fully been proven. Who ever started this pandemic should take the responsibility to take action to end it! The world is so beautiful, it’s the people that ruin it!

  44. I strongly agree with vaccine passports and feel that airlines are within their legal rights to require them. If someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated, then they can drive to their U.S. destination. Anyone who doesn’t get vaccinated is not being responsible. There is absolutely no proof that the vaccine will cause death or severe illness; COVID-19, however, can and has caused over half-a-million deaths!

  45. No experimental shot for me…it’s not a vaccine, its an experiment. Vaccine passports is totally Unconstitutional and if I have to give up travel, I will. We’ve travelled international every year for 20 years, I will not be forced to put ingredients that I don’t know what it is in my body just to fly. So sad there are so many intelligent sheep that just follow anything…including an untrustworthy government.

  46. My medical is my business there is a thing called Hyppa which basically states you cannot ask any questions regarding my medical. You know it’s all about control this virus is a step in controlling the population. The documentation that some in the airline industry want is no different than the old Nazi statement let me see Z papers. No I will not submit

  47. Will those of us that have recovered from Covid need a separate letter from our doctor or will they not count the massive amount of people that have antibodies in their system from previously contracting it be required to be vaccinated from something we are already immune from.

  48. First and foremost, this vaccine is NOT FDA approved so how can this passport be approved. By having the vaccine, it doesn’t prevent you for spreading or contracting the virus, it only reduces the risks of hospitalization or death which people have died from the vaccine itself. Biden wants everyone to get the vaccine but he opens the southern border and allows illegals into the Country without Covid testing during a PANDEMIC! Wake up people!

  49. Am not supporting vaccine pass because even though you’re vaccinated it doesn’t make you 100 percent secured of covid 19 therefore no need of restricting people of traveling if they don’t have covid 19 pass.

  50. Absolutely will NOT get a vaccine and if that means I will not be allowed to travel or even to certain places then I guess I won’t be traveling to places that will require a VP. The vaccine is not even FDA approved!! I will not fly or visit anywhere that will require it. I refuse to wear a mask or be policed for a 1%.

  51. Only fools will travel again, or to these places. Coronavirus has existed for thousands of years. The science behind it is so basic and fundamental that is has been taught in high school biology class since the 1950s. It spreads faster than it mutates, so our immune systems reduce it to an occasional sniffle. It’s the flu, and a rather mild one compared to the usual. Several million people on the verge of death are finished off by the flu every year. Anyone who paid attention in high school biology class knows this.

    Truth is treason in the empire of lies.

  52. Boyfriend is a Covid long hauler and the first vaccine shot from Pfizer gave him very bad side effects that lasted for a couple weeks. He’s literally scared to get the second shot. There’s a lot of long haulers in the same boat. Originally Dr Fauci said long haulers only needed one vaccine shot; then they changed recommendation to make it consistent for easier record-keeping.
    I know bf will not want travel restrictions, but he’s supposed to risk his health to get a second shot he doesn’t even need? Ughh.

  53. I think a vaccine ID or pass is a great idea to get the world back to normal. Instead of closing down the hotels and cruises until the positivity rate goes down, it’s better to allow the vaccinated people to access those places and generate some business. Why should the vaccinated people suffer because some people just don’t want to be vaccinated just to prove a political point and find themselves 6 feet under.

  54. I’m old enough to remember when we didn’t have to have it to travel within this country, but we DID have to have a yellow little booklet that listed all the vaccines we had taken in order to visit certain countries in Africa and Asia, and more importantly to come back to the USA from those places — I don’t know what happened to those little yellow booklets, but before I went to India (1972) I had to prove that I had taken my shots for yellow fever, malaria, tetanus (ouch!!), and a few other diseases that were endemic to the Third World — the little yellow booklet was put out by the UN I think.

    Anyone else remember that? I just figured it was what you did when you went overseas.

    The Canadians have referred to the USA as a “giant Petri dish full of COVID-19” — a bit of an exaggeration, but we might have to invade to get in there to get our bodies, vaccinated or unvaccinated, into the Canuck’s country, heh?

    Though they did agree to pull their tariffs on Wisconsin cheese when we threatened to invade over that, What is it that our first thoughts are always about taking military action, instead of just accepting that they don’t like Wisconsin cheese?

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