Want to know which flights have WiFi or Live TV?

It’s a great feeling to find an awesome deal on a flight, but what’s even better is finding that awesome deal on a plane that has cool technology like personal video monitors or internet access so your flight can be more enjoyable or productive.  That’s why we’re proud to be the first on line travel agency to let you quickly and easily compare — not just the various prices of each flight — but also the in-flight amenities.

Now, when you search for flights on CheapAir.com you will see next to each flight, in addition to all the other information like price, times, and number of stops, icons to tell you which flights have in-flight internet, live TV, or personal video monitors with movies-on-demand.  Just look under the “Service” column.  And if you hover over one of those icons, you will get even more detail, as we’ll break down for you which legs of a connecting flight have which features.

CheapAir's new Flight Results Shows Onboard Amenities for Flights
CheapAir’s new Flight Results Shows Onboard Amenities for Flights

This is all part of our effort to make shopping for flights as easy as possible on CheapAir.com. Previously, to compare all of these features you would have had to go to each individual airlines’ web site — a long and tedious process.

We’ve also added a new ranking feature where certain flights are labeled “CheapAir Top Picks” with a big star by them. These are the best value flights based on a number of factors including price, travel time, on board amenities, airline ranking, and average on-time performance.

We hope you find this new feature to be useful and, as always, we’d love to hear your feedback.


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  2. Cheapair is the only travel website from which I will allow emails. It actually listened to me when I told it my home airport. I don’t care about flights to and from anywhere else, for heavens sake! Thank you.

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      Thrilled to hear your feedback. We have lots of exciting things ahead for 2012 that will help you find even more deals from your home airport. We’ll definitely keep you updated, and we’ll also be announcing making the announcements on our Facebook page and to our Twitter followers. If you are on those sites, you may join us at http://www.facebook.com/cheapair or http://twitter.com/cheapair – but either way we’ll certainly keep you up to date with the latest via email as well! How can we help you spread the news of CheapAir to friends in your city? Thanks for taking the time to write.


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