Like the rest of the world, the team has watched the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine unfold in real time. Here are some ways to help.

World Central Kitchen – Meals for Refugees

World Central Kitchen, founded by celebrity Chef Jose Andres. WCK’s entire mission is to provide meals to communities in the wake of disasters. The organization quickly puts boots on the ground and food in people’s mouths quickly, sans bureaucratic red tape. In fact, WCK was on the border of Ukraine days after the war began, serving meals made by local chefs. You can donate using a credit card, Paypal and even using cryptocurrencies.

Happy Paw – Pet Adoptions

Happy Paw is a Ukrainian nonprofit organization dedicated to finding homes for displaced dogs and cats. There are many orphaned pets who need a home, and the need is only going to rise. Your donations can help.

Doctors Without Borders – Medical Supplies and Refugee Assistance

Doctors Without Borders ramped up their efforts to support hospitals in and around Ukraine, providing essential medical and surgical supplies in wartime. The organization also prioritizes medical care for refugees – and estimates that 3 million Ukranians have already been displaced. Your donations contribute to these and other humanitarian efforts around the globe.

CARE – Humanitarian Relief for the Most Vulnerable

CARE offers emergency response humanitarian efforts to the most vulnerable Ukrainians – specifically single mothers and their families, as well as the elderly.

Airbnb – Money Direct to Ukranian Citizens

A unique way to get money directly to Ukranians these days is to book an Airbnb in one of Ukraine’s cities. You can attach a note that tells the host you will not be staying, but just want to offer direct support. Initially, people were booking with hosts in Kyiv, but the outpouring of support can now be felt in many cities across the country. Book an Airbnb in Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, etc. Airbnb now waives all booking fees for stays in Ukraine, so all money goes to the people most in need.

Help Fund Free or Low Cost Accommodation for Refugees

Airbnb has also begun to facilitate housing for refugees through their platform, so hosts can donate their properties in other countries. You can also donate and help fund those stays.

Social Media

Finally, a great IG influencer to follow: @quentin.quarantino has a up-to-the-minute roundup of humanitarian organizations available on his home page.

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