We have a winner!

Last week we asked for comments on how we can improve our web site and we offered to give away a free flight to one of our customers who participated.   We received 132 comments during the week and today we randomly selected one of them.  We’re please to announce a winner — Mary Clark from Jamaica, New York.

CheapAir Winner

We appreciate all the feedback we received — both the compliments (which were really gratifying) and the suggestions for how we can make our site even better.  We’re studying the comments very carefully, and here’s what we’ve taken from them so far:

Among the things that you like about our site are:

– the fact that it is straightforward and easy to use;
– the fact that we include tax with all of our initial fare quotes;
– the generally low fares that we are able to find;
– the ability to mix and match outbound and return flights, instead of having to select from a pre-determined combination.

And some of the improvements you’d like to see:

– upgrading our FareTracker alerts so that they can include international destinations;
– making our flexible date search more powerful.  Many of you find it frustrating that we indicate on which days a low fare is offered, but we require you to click on each date to see if seats are actually available.  You would rather we just show right off the bat the dates that the fare is offered and available;
– adding maps to our hotel search results so you can see where each hotel is located;
– indicating on our flight selection page how many seats are remaining on each flight.

Rest assured, we are taking this feedback seriously and going over these requests with our development team.  The good news is that, regarding the flexible date search issue, that is something we are already working on.  Flexible date searches are tricky from a software development standpoint and right now no one (including us) really does it well.  But we’re aiming to change that and will have something pretty exciting to say about it later this year.

We’ll keep you posted about our progress and, in the meantime, keep the feedback coming!


  1. YOU for got to mention a link for Vacation Packages like everyone else has !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to see the winners comments , why are they not posted ?

  2. “Amen,” to your endeavors to improve the user-friendliness of the site’s current distinction between “fare offered” and “fare available.” Right now, it’s very time-consuming and frustrating. If you can make that enhancement happen, I’ll be back!

    1. Marcia:

      We appreciate feedback but, of course, this isn’t the kind we like to hear. Although it is ultimately the airlines who set prices for each ticket, we take a lot of pride in our ability to ferret out the lowest available fares and present our customers with flight options that are equal to or lower than that which is available elsewhere. Did you find a lower fare for your itinerary on a competitors’ site, or are you just frustrated with the generally high cost of flights to your destination? If you can provide more information about your search (origin city, destination city, travel dates) we can do what we can to help you get a good fare.

  3. I just had my reservation today. I was able to speak with your Customer Rep. and all I can say is he’s very accommodating. Now the status of my flight is pending. I already paid for it thru my credit card. I just wish It’ll go smoothly. This is the first time I did booking online, and so far I think they CheapAir is credible

    1. Ms. Clark wrote:

      I have been a customer of cheapair for a few years now. I am very happy for the most part with the services. I like the fact that your site is user friendly. At times I find some fares seem a little high. But for the most part you have great offers. I am a senior with limited income. But I do like to travel by plane when possible.

      The winning comment was randomly chosen from all of the comments submitted. Each comment, regardless of its content, was given an equal chance of winning.

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