What a difference a day makes for spring break flights

Now that our Spring Break Fare Index has taken a turn for the worse it might be time to start thinking about Plan B if you haven’t already bought your tickets. With the most popular spring break weeks fast approaching the index has been on a relentless climb upward for the last few weeks, with average fares increasing by about 15% during that time. The effect is more pronounced for the most popular destinations, like Florida, and on the most popular travel days, like the weekends.

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Which brings us to our point:

If you can adjust your schedule by a day or two to avoid the busiest travel days, you might be able to save a lot of money.

Here are the average fares during the spring break weeks to the most popular spring break destinations, broken down by travel day:

Average Fares by Travel Day
Sunday $614
Monday $492
Tuesday $448
Wednesday $455
Thursday $531
Friday $608
Saturday $653

Don’t worry too much about the fares themselves; these are averages across 2,850 markets so your cities might skew higher or lower. But what is important is how different it is to fly on the cheapest day, Tuesday, versus the most expensive day, Saturday — a $205 difference per ticket!

These rates assume a 7 day trip going and coming back on the same day, but even if you can fly on a better day in just one direction, it will help.

So before you give up and pay top dollar for that Saturday to Saturday trip, give some thought to adjusting your travel days. It might be worth your while if you have a little flexibility.

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