Remember that incredible family vacation you had planned for spring break 2020? Remember how Covid-19 fears made you shelve that trip “until further notice”? Well, some people are harnessing all that pent up vacation energy and considering epic travel plans. Some are calling it “Revenge Travel.”

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Revenge travel is this phenomenon that trend watchers are predicting might sweep the states once the caution around Covid-19 subsides. In a nutshell, revenge travel is taking extra trips or splurging more than you ordinarily would, all because you’ve been deprived of travel for so long. 

Does it make sense? Should you put revenge travel on your to-do list for later this year or 2021? The CheapAir Team has compiled a few tips for you on how to get back into travel the smart way. 

Spend Your Vacation Dollars Wisely – Hotels!

While the jury is still out on whether rock bottom flight fares will materialize post-Covid, the hospitality industry has great room rates right now and will for the foreseeable future. You might decide to take the extra money you’ve saved on your hotel room and give yourself a nice upgrade – splash out at a 5-star instead of the 4-star you originally planned, or grab a suite at your booked property for a song. The extra savings might also be an incentive to stay a few more days. 

Be a Flight Booking Ninja (HINT: Qtrip)

While many of us feel the impulse to book travel as soon as we can, it still makes sense to have a strategy for booking flights. If you want some extra space, the price difference between a Main Cabin Economy ticket and an upgraded Main Cabin Premium ticket can be small, and well worth the extra bump in price. Using, we show you all of your choices including the better seats. This way, you know exactly what you’ll get with each ticket, which makes booking your flight simple and straightforward. We’ve even seen travelers score deals on Business or First Class tickets on CheapAir – sometimes a small price difference can enhance your travel experience. 

Have A Contingency Plan

If your revenge travel is of the “go big or go home” variety, make sure you’ve done your research and have contingency plans in place. When you’re planning a bigger, more extravagant vacation than normal, you’ll want to make sure the logistics are rock solid. You can take advantage of airline change policies right now by planning a backup should your first choice start to look less attractive as your travel dates approach. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with attractions opening and closing times, as some destinations have modified schedules and procedures to help keep people safe. 

Get Help From Others 

Once you’ve booked a flight or two, you’ll want to know that someone has your back. At CheapAir, you’re assigned a personal travel advisor to help you if any problems should come up, before you leave or during travel. It’s a little bit of extra confidence you can count on from us when traveling in 2020. 

Is revenge travel in your future? Where are you planning to go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Uma

    OMG People are still dying, all you think of is capitalizing? and calling it Revenge Travel? how capitalist, privileged, and deaf-tone. I want no business with you…people need to get better how about that, surges are happening everywhere, especially in the USA where the pandemic has poorly managed by the federal government and the European Union has considered closing entry to USA citizens. Please unsubscribe!!

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    • cheapair

      We definitely respect your opinion and agree it is wise to wait and avoid hotspots. Some people are starting to plan for future trips and picking places where social distancing is easier to do.

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  2. Bruce Wells

    I need a direct flight from Phoenix to Madison Wisconsin

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    • cheapair

      Hi Bruce, I don’t think any airline currently offers a nonstop on that route. You can take a look at and use our filtering on the result page for the most convenient flights for your needs. Thanks

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