What to Pack in Your Carry On

Traveling can be stressful, especially this time of year. The weather is changing, more people are flying, and there is a higher chance of spending more time at the airport.

stowing bag in overhead bin on plane

Packing the essentials in your carry-on is a must, this way you have everything you need just in case traveling doesn’t go as planned!

1. Electronics
One of the first things you put in your carry-on should be your favorite laptop or tablet. Packing this in your carry-on will not only give you entertainment, but will also limit the chance of it breaking in your suitcase during your flight. While airports and some flights provide free Wi-Fi, it can be hard to enjoy a movie or music with constant buffering. Thankfully, streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, offer the ability to download your favorite tunes and shows, so you can watch them without internet access.

2. Chargers
There is nothing worse than bringing your electronics with you only to have the battery die mid-way through your travels. A crucial thing to remember is to throw the chargers into your carry-on bag. The two main chargers you should remember are for your phone, computer or tablet. Making sure your phone is always charged is crucial, it will come in handy to keep your loved ones informed of your plans. If you are worried about finding an outlet in your travels, pack an external battery! Some of them can charge multiple devices at once and you won’t be tethered to a wall!

travel documents

3. Important Travel Documents
This one is a given, but any important documents that you may need should always end up in your carry-on. For example, make sure that you bring your passport, driver’s license and boarding pass with you as you’ll need these documents to get through security. It’s best to put these in an easily accessible pocket! For good measure, always carry some cash too. Cash can come in handy for in-flight purchases, even though most airlines now accept credit.

4. Headphones
Another major item to keep handy are headphones. After all, your electronics could be deemed useless without this accessory. We suggest noise-canceling headphones because they will allow you to hear your favorite show or song without any outside disturbances. Noise-canceling can make your flight more enjoyable by blocking out the outside noise, however, remember to turn them off and listen to the flight attendant’s instructions at the beginning of your flight.

5. Toiletries
Packing some light toiletries in your carry-on is great for freshening up mid-travel. A few items to consider are a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a hairbrush or comb. For the guys, you may want to consider bringing a fresh razor with you too, depending on how long your trip may be. Just make sure it is properly covered so there are no problems walking through security. Ladies, we suggest bringing your essential make-up in your carry-on, you never know when you’ll need to reapply! Packing these items in your carry-on can be tricky, remember to keep federal regulations in mind when it comes to size and shape of products before placing them in a zip lock bag.

Remember to pack these items to help limit your stress while traveling this holiday season. Traveling can and should be fun, so don’t spend time worrying and enjoy your festive vacation!

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