CheapAir data shows that Memorial Day Weekend is the start of summer travel planning for many eager vacationers. People will book their warm-weather getaways with gusto starting this week, so get those deals while they’re hot (no pressure)! To help you with decision making, for the second year in a row CheapAir has compiled a handy-dandy Summer Flight Trends Report that will take aggravating guesswork out of the planning process and ensure that you score the best summer flight deals at the right time! How do we do this, you ask? Well, we got all of our best data geek minds together and tracked 11,000 airfares for flights each day between June 1 and September 15, 2015. Then we uncovered the best days to fly and crafted some nifty airfare charts for you to browse. Summer brings out the lazy in all of us, but look alive, dear summer traveler! To nab the best deals you’ll need to strike while the iron is hot, because these deals won’t last!

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The Best Days of the Week to Fly
Here’s one simple tip that most passengers overlook. CheapAir data shows there are better days during the week than others to fly. During the summer months, vacation planning often includes a Sunday return to ensure the most time off (Saturdays and Sundays are the traditional weekend days for most work schedules). You’d better believe that the airlines know this and generally increase the cost of flights on those days. Not to mention, many business travelers travel on Sunday to reach their destination by Monday morning. For your summer trip, consider flying back on Saturday instead and you’ll save money.

CheapAir Average Fare by day of the week

A much more economical plan is to fly midweek. On average, our summer flight data indicates that flying on a Wednesday is $74 cheaper than flying on a Sunday. That may not seem significant until you start examining the typical family vacation. A family of four will save nearly $300 on average for their summer vacation flights just by traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s the cost of a couple hotel rooms, or a fancy dinner for four! Seems to be a no-brainer when you can swing a midweek departure and return. The money you save might be the difference between taking a vacation this summer and thinking you can’t afford it!

Late Summer Gets the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
The best fares for Summer 2015 can be found in September (followed by late August). As you might imagine, the most inexpensive rates tend to relate to how far in advance tickets get purchased, and the data bears this out. This year, we found the optimal time to buy an airline ticket was 47 days in advance, on average. However, the lowest summer airfares are usually found 100+ days in advance. Use our tips and start planning now, and you’ll be lounging poolside at your destination in no time!


    • Hi Enrique,

      What are the dates you’re looking for? To search flights from Caracas to Madrid you can use this link: (Just enter your dates.) Keep in mind, when you purchase flights with CheapAir if the price for the same itinerary goes down any time before your trip, we’ll pay you back the difference in the form of a travel voucher for up to $100 per ticket! Please let us know if you need any help with finding flights.

  1. Looking for flights to Aruba for four adults from Chicago. Leaving July 29th and returning August 1st. Would like to fly early morning on July 29th.

    • Hi Jason, It looks like there are flights on American and Avianca for around $600 round trip out of O’Hare but the best prices are for mid-day flights. Early morning (6am) on either American or Delta are running around $700 and $800 respectively. This is typical. For these sorts of flights, people want to get out early to maximize their time in the destination. You’re not likely to see flight prices come down for this reason. We recommend purchasing flights to the Caribbean around 90 days out to get the best price, so you could wait until March to make sure you get the best price if PRICE is the only factor. Since you’re looking for an early morning flight, if that ultimately trumps price – I might book now.

      • I’am Planning To Go To BBWCON 2016 In Las Vegas This Year.The Dates I Need Dates For July 22-24.But The Flights Are So High Right Now.If I Buy A Flight From One Of Them,Can They Change My Fare Rate Or Should I Wait?

        • Hi Benjamin, There are quite a factors that go into fare pricing. Can you share which city you plan to fly from? That may help us with advice.

  2. I have a family of 6 3adults and 3 kids under 6 want to find the best rate for a trip to Hawaii this summer. We are a military family is there any discounts. Want to stay for a week and is it cheaper to add car rental with the flight.

    • Hi Katrina, Since you have a large family I might recommend looking a bit earlier than we normally recommend (1-4 months is typically when you can get the best fares domestically). We do not bundle car rentals with air fare on our site, but car rentals are usually quite inexpensive in Hawaii. It also somewhat depends on which island you are planning to travel to where you will get the best fare. Honolulu is typically the least expensive island to fly into. We do not offer discounts for military personnel but sometimes the airlines do if you book directly. Good luck to you.

  3. Hi, I am from Winnipeg, MB. I would like to go to Vancouver, BC between July 19-August 8 with 3 other family members. When is the best time to buy flight tickets. Thanks!

    • Hi Amy, we generally recommend purchasing domestic tickets around 1-4 months out from travel to get the best (i.e. lowest) fares. That’s an average recommendation and does not take into account things like the popularity of a particular destination at certain times of the year or special events in a market that can affect relative pricing. If there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on during these dates, I would say the 1-4 month rule will hold up in your situation. Hope this helps!

  4. I am wondering when a good time to book for flights from Salt Lake City to Paris is for 6/11-6/25. The biggest thing is we are trying to do a stopover in Iceland for a week 6/11-6/18 or 19. All flights I am finding are $1700 or more. Is that typical for that time? Thank you!

    • Hi Emily, If you’re trying to book with IcelandAir for their “free” stopover, yes I think these prices will be on the higher side, mainly because June is high season for all of Europe. You might try to piece together an itinerary on your own flying ion and out of Paris and use a European low cost carrier like RyanAir or easyJet to get you to Iceland and back. I can pretty much guarantee a cheaper itinerary that way, but the low cost carriers do have strict luggage requirements so it might cost you extra on bags. good luck to you!

  5. Hello, I’m trying to get a roundtrip ticket from lga ny to san francisco from June 14 to July 12.
    So far I was finding $338+ to now about $350+. I found a $285 one a few weeks prior but they’re all gone. 🙁
    Do you recommend I keep waiting until it gets closer to the date or do you recommend I buy a flight asap? What time frame would you suggest?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Taylor, It’s hard to say with complete confidence but any trend in either price increase or decrease is a good indication that it is time to buy. While there is always a chance that trends in increases will reverse themselves, it’s not a good gamble to wait. We always suggest purchasing when a flight fare starts to go up or down. Good luck to you.

  6. Looking for best time to book fights from buffalo to west Palm beach from July 30th-August 6th. Southwest doesn’t have their extended calendar posted yet. Is it best to wait until summer is closet or should I book now for best price?

    • Hi Bev, As you know, West Palm Beach is very popular in the summer. I would probably watch for another month or so and then pull the trigger if Southwest hasn’t published and you see movement in the prices. If you see the fares start to climb (even slightly) or dip (even slightly) it is also an indicator that it is time to buy. Remember there are many people likely looking at your same itinerary – some of them will bite as soon as fares go down. It’s a major mistake to hope for deep discounts or to see an itinerary go down and hope it will continue to fall before buying. We always recommend people aim for a “good” fare rather than the “best” fare, which these days can be something of a unicorn.

  7. Hi, I was looking to go to Lahore, Pakistan from Washington Dulles International Airport in June of 2016 and then coming back in August of 2016. Cannot find tickets less than 1200+. We are 5 adults. Can you help us. Please?

    • Hi Ali, unfortunately these prices are pretty standard right now from the east coast and we recommend booking to Asia almost a full year out for the best rates. You might try searching for 1-2 tickets instead of all 5 in case that is affecting your flight results. It’s possible you could get one or more ticket fro much less (but not all 5). Just worth a look. Good luck to you.

  8. Hi, I’m looking to fly from Minot, ND to Anchorage, AK. My travel dates are a bit flexible but am looking at leaving June 28, 2016 and returning about July 19, 2016. Any advice?

    • Hi Teresa, We are recommending an average 54-day advance for airfare purchases this year. That is an average estimate taking in all of the various domestic routes. You might take a look at our just-published article that gives you a more detailed breakdown on when you might purchase tickets, depending on your needs: Basically, if you value choice as well as cost, buying earlier may be your best option. If a good price is most important, we recommend booking during the prime booking window. One other thing to keep in mind is that June is cruise season for Alaska and Anchorage so flights might be more expensive overall and you should take that into consideration when you’re weighing when to buy.

  9. Hi, I’m looking for a flight to Muskegon, Michigan, flying out of San Antonio. My schedule is pretty flexible but I’d like to leave late June or early July and get back mid June. It’ll only be one person, any advice?

    • Hi Callie, Have you seen our new study on the best time to buy? You should have a read: The short answer is that “on average”you can expect to find the best fares available about 54 days from your travel date. Our post gives more of a deeper dive into what you can expect if you buy very early (better choices primarily – but at a bit of a premium) and what can happen if you gamble a bit and hope for last minute sales. Good luck to you!

  10. Is there any best time guideline or suggestion to buy cheap tickets for summer travel from North America to Middle East like Dubai

    • Hi Ghufran, We recommend booking flights to the Middle East about 7 months out on average. You can read about some tips for booking international travel here: Some other factors to consider are where you are departing from and whether you can take mid-week flights rather than flying on the weekends. In addition, if you buy earlier, you can guarantee yourself greater choice in flight options but you will pay a bit more for the flexibility. Keep in mind what is important to you – some people need more options and are happy to pay for them while others just want the cheapest ticket. If you are one of the latter, stay flexible on dates, flight times, connections, etc. Good luck to you!

  11. My family of three is traveling from Palm Springs, Ca to Ft Myer’s, Fl the beginning of June. We are looking at flying on Thursday on both the departure and return. What are the chances that airfare will come down between now and then? It seems quite high for it being off season on both ends.

    • Hi Ellen, I’m not sure what prices you’re seeing, but part of the problem with the fares you’re seeing as high may be that you’re looking to book on a Thursday (which is often the most expensive day of the week to travel). In addition, it could be that the flights you’re looking at are the most popular flights (nonstops, for example are always going to be more expensive than an itinerary with connections). One more tip might be to weigh convenience and cost for your group. If you fly from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale, for example, I see flights for about half of what the Palm Springs to Fort Myers itinerary costs. I wouldn’t bank on fares coming down, but you could wait and see how it goes. We just came out with our annual study that can help you choose when the best time to buy is for your situation. I think you’ll find it helpful:

  12. I am trying to figure out the best time to plan a trip for my two children and I to BDL from PDX, any insight/advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Hi Andrea, because you posted on a “summer flights” post I’ll assume you’re looking for summer fares. I would definitely plan according to what is most important to you. If you check out our just published study on this very topic:, you’ll see that there are different “zones” that have different benefits. If you book very early, you have the most options available, but they usually come at a premium. In addition, we have a tool for individual markets that may be able help you make this decision: Good luck to you!

  13. I’m trying to book a 2-week round trip from London to Puerto Rico in July. I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous. We wound up passing up $800 flights a week ago to watch them go back up to $1300 this week. Any chance they’ll drop back?

    • Hi Julio, It is really hard to say whether prices will go back down though, once they start to rise, they don’t often dip again. Now, on the other hand, some people do like to wait until the last minute in hopes of scoring a deal. You might peruse this recent study we did on domestic airfare to get a general sense of what buying early versus gambling on a late sale will get you. There’s trade-offs to each. Check this out and pay close attention to the zones., You’ll see that there are different benefits. If you book very early, you have the most options available, but they usually come at a premium. In your case, you might decide to wait longer – but our research shows that buying now is probably going to be the best chance for you to get a good price. Good luck to you.

  14. Then a follow-up question; what does a late sale look like? How dramatic is the discount and about when should I fold? They are currently at a steady $1300 and I need them to come back down, even if it’s not all the way to $800.

    I guess my question is: when should I make the call? What price should I consider as “it’s not going to get better than this”? And how late is a late sale usually?

    • Hi Julio, Unfortunately there’s just no surefire way to predict the circumstances that call up a sale. We published a really handy article last week that may help you with these questions (it won;t be comforting, but it will help you see how complicated pricing is): The best way to get a very good price is to just watch the fares for a while. If they start to slowly rise or, on the other hand, take a sharp dip? Those are both strong indicators that it is time to buy. I wish we could tell you exactly when the best time is to buy, but the truth is that it’s a moving target.

  15. I want to travel from New York to Kingston, Jamaica Aug 24 to Sept 4 with my 2 kids under 10. The tickets are really expensive now eg. $1500/$1600 for 3 of us. I noticed in Spring we could get 3 tickets for $1200. However, I could not travel at that time. Is it best to buy the tickets now or do you foresee summer sales that could possibly see us getting 3 tickets for less than $1500? As a full-time student, I need to get the cheapest fare possible. Thanks!

    • Hi Monique, Honestly it’s hard to say if the prices will stay high or might drop the closer we get to travel. The airlines use a complicated algorithm to setup pricing and they can change from hour to hour, let alone week to week! Here’s a post you might read to get an idea about pricing overall: In addition, we have a domestic study that was published a few weeks ago that discusses buying now or waiting for “the best deal” as a strategy. Obviously, there are benefits to booking early as well as late. You might find it interesting: Good luck to you!

  16. Hi. I want to travel to Vegas from EWR on Aug 25 – Aug 28 with my wife. Any suggestions on which time would be the best to book these tickets to lock up a good deal? Thanks!

    • Hi Sandeep, Vegas is one of those destinations that – lucky for you! – is pretty much always affordable. In the summer when weather is scorching hot, the deals can be even better. The one caveat I can share with your dates is that you’d save HUGE if you could avoid the weekend on hotels. You could save a little on airfare too – mainly because the weekends are more popular in Las Vegas.

  17. We are flying from SC to Oakland, CA. Rates have gone up over the past couple of days. What is the likelihood fares will drop back down?

  18. I would like to book a flight from Keani Alaska to Portland Orgeon pay pay for it May6th and depart onJune 6th cheapest fare please flight hours dont matter Thank You

  19. I would like to book a flight from Keani Alaska to Portland OR.on May 6th 30 days in advance depart on MondayJune 6th cheapest fare please any time is ok please reply soon so I can figure out if your the best source this is 2016 summer

    • Hi Karen, I’m not seeing flights in our system from Keani and I’m not familiar with the name. Do you mean Kenai? At the moment, I see flights from Kenai to Portland on June 6 for $300 one way on Alaska Air. Now, I can’t promise those fares will be available 30 days out. Typically, you can get the best fares anywhere from 2-6 weeks from your travel dates.

  20. Looking for the best time to purchase one round trip from Chicago to DC August 3rd- Aug. 11th, and one one way trip from DC to Chicago. Preferably leaving out of Reagan. I have to pick up my daughter from Summer camp on August 11th. I’m having a hard time coordinating the best round trip with her one way back with me.

    • Hi Alexas, Our most recent “When to Buy” study indicates that 54 days our from travel is the best time “on average” to purchase your tickets: Based on that data, I’m wondering if this could be one reason you’re having trouble finding a one way to coincide with your round trip ticket 9it’s just a bit early to be shopping). In addition, the idea that one-way fares are less economical is not really in play anymore – most of the airlines don’t ding you for one-ways the way they used to.

      Also, I am seeing very reasonable fares ($150 RT and less than $100 one way) if you fly O’Hare to BWI on either Spirit or United. Flying in and out of DCA does look to be much more expensive (around $275 RT and $210 one way). I know you prefer DCA, but it may be that you have to sacrifice a bit in savings for convenience.

  21. Today is June 03. 2 adults flying from San Jose,ca to Kona , ha. Sept. 26 returning Oct. 01.
    What is your suggestion on when to book this flight (the lower fare) ?

  22. I am looking to find when would be that best day to fly my fiancé and her 6 year old son from Manila to Seattle in July.

    • Hi Jeremy, I see very reasonable one-way fares from the 4th to the 9th (flights for around $875).

  23. Hi Im looking for a cheap flight from trinidad go new york for my family. 2 adults and child age 4. Can you advise what is the best deals i kay get and what is the best time to travel. Anytime between end of july and start of august.

    • Hi Mindy, We are based in Los Angeles and most of our airfare advice is geared toward the outbound U.S. or Canadian traveler but I think I might be able to offer some general advice. We always advise purchasing about 1-4 months out to get the best fares domestically. Now, you definitely aren’t going to see fares drop to New York, so our best advice is to buy as soon as you can. It is often cheaper to fly mid-week (Tuesdays or Wednesdays) rather than on the weekend as well. Also, the more flexibility you can offer, will usually shave money off the ticket costs. Good luck to you.

  24. I need to travel to Cancun leaving June 23, 2017 red-eye and return July 1, 2017. when do you suggest is the best time to book for the best fares?

  25. Hey, I want to go to New Jersey This summer on June 8th through June 15th. I usually go to O’Hare to travel but I’m traveling alone this time and I’m wondering when it would be the best time to buy tickets.

    • Hi Irene, Though you are traveling in the summertime which is a busier time to go to the east coast, you probably want to fl;y to Newark which is almost always the cheapest of the New York area airports and you have a bit of time before you need to worry about buying. I think you’re probably okay to start a casual search now, with the intent to purchase soon after the first of the year.

  26. Hi, I needed to fly from Orlando Fl – London England with my 10 year old daughter. Need to be in the UK by the 6th June 2017 and return 10 days after. When would the best time to purchase the tickets for low economical direct flight. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Hannah, In 2016 we recommended purchasing tickets about 4 months out from your travel dates to Europe: It’s too early to tell if those number will hold, especially since the UK has become a busier destination for Americans hoping to take advantage of the exchange rate ushered in by Brexit. I would say that it probably isn’t too early to be starting your search now, especially since June is really the start of the high season for travel to Europe. Good luck to you.

  27. Hi, could you help me what month is the best for ordering flight tickets for the term in July 2017? Either from England or Czech republic..


  28. Hi! I’m planning on travelling to Chennai, India sometime in June, depending on which dates are the cheapest.

    I’ll be flying from Washington D.C (IAD). When will be the cheapest date to fly from?


    • Flights to Chennai are cheaper earlier in the month. If you travel (for example) on June 1 and return on the 10th, right now there are flights for under $1,000 available. If you leave later in the month and stay for 10 days, the fares go up about $300.

  29. Hello, I am looking for an advice which could help me choose the best time to book 2 tickets from Bey to Acc in august. any help? and what is the advantage of booking through cheapair?

    • Hello Aki, Well, we are based in the U.S. but if you have a U.S.-based credit card we offer something called “price drop payback.” It’s a feature that will allow you to recoup the difference in fare if your ticket price should go down after you purchase. It’s hard to say exactly when the best time to buy might be, but we do always take a conservative approach and assume that the closer we get to departure dates, the less likely it is that fares will go down.

  30. Looking for a good Caribbean package. We visited Punta Cana and Cancun in the past so preferred Jamaica (adults only, all inclusive) but open to go back to the same places we went in the past. Able to fly out from CVG, DAY or CMH; Dates to fly June 25/26th for 5-6 days. How can I find best packages ? Thanks !

    • Hi there, AE. We do not sell packages at all, so I’m afraid we can’t help you with the all-inclusives (though that sounds delightful!) You could sign up to receive our newsletter on our home page though ( – sometimes we partner with companies offering cheap packages to Caribbean destinations and our airfare is very competitive.

  31. Hi, we’re looking for PHL to LAS (round trip) on roughly 6/24 to 7/1. The fares just came out for southwest and American and are high. Would you recommend waiting for the 1-4 month out window, or does the 4th of July holiday mean these fares are going to stay high?

    • I think the fares are going to stay a bit higher that week (could be due to July 4th holiday) or there might be other events going on in Vegas (either of these things can drive prices up). It’s also possible that prices could dip if no one is biting at these rates. I would watch the fares closely – if they start even an incremental climb, you’ll want to hop on it before they go up too far…

  32. I want to travel to new york august 1-31 a family of 3 i need $300 tickets inclusive of the fees. Im travelling from jamaica. Is this possible and when do u think best to book to get these fares?

    • Hello, If you are looking for those specific dates, at the moment the best fares are closer to $500 a ticket from Kingston to JFK. If you have some flexibility on dates, I can search for better fares.

  33. Hi, I will come to Vietnam in middle of July and come back to Amsterdam in the end of August, I wonder when should I book my ticket? Thanks in advance.

    • HI Sophie, Our advice is geared toward the North American outbound traveler so I want to make clear that our data is not specific for your itinerary. But, in general (and the data bears this out), buying early is a better tactic than waiting. If the fares you are researching seem good, we advise people to buy (rather than trying to get the absolutely lowest fare). People get burned all the time with that gamble. Watch the fares for a few days/weeks and plan to buy when a good fare pops up. You can also save a bit sometimes if you avoid flights on the weekend and are willing to be flexible with connecting flights rather than nonstops, or oddly timed flights (very early, very late).

  34. Hello Cheapair

    I and going from LAX to BZE. You think the prices will get cheaper or higher for June 16 & returning on June 27? Should we wait to book or book now?

    • Hi Nina, It looks like pricing from LAX to BZE does not have a lot of volatility (the prices in March and April right now are the same as the prices in June). Because of this, it might be okay to wait a bit and watch to see if the fares dip at all. If you see any incremental increases, you’d be wise to buy as soon as those hit. It is not likely that fares will go down, but it’s not a huge gamble to wait a bit at the moment.

  35. Hello Cheapair!
    My flight should get from BUD to IBZ during Jul 10 – Aug 10 and back. Any suggestions ? Prices look horrible right now.

    • Our best advice is to fly on a low-cost carrier and book soon. Ibiza is quite popular in the summer months. Don’t wait until prices go up even more!

  36. Looking for 7 tickets to Amman Jordan from JFK.
    Departure: From June 15 to June 21
    Return: From September 3 to September 6
    No more than 10 hours layover
    Found prices at around $800. Wondering if you could get some better prices. That would be a great help.

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi KJ, AT the moment, you seem to have found the best price. Especially since you are looking for 7 tickets, I might not wait too long. $800 is a good price and you may not see it again if you wait to purchase.

  37. Hi! My husband to be and I are going on our honeymoon from June 7-June 11. We need a flight from ORD to MIA. Please give me tips on when to buy the ticket! We are looking for the lowest rate possible round trip!

    • Hi Daniela, The best plan is to start your search early and plan to buy as soon as you see a “good” deal. WE find that many perfectly reasonable people go down the “I must have the lowest airfare” rabbit hole and it’s extremely difficult to know when a fare is at rock bottom. It’s much easier to identify a “good fare.” Once you have done that, it’s a very good idea to snap it up. If you were to buy with us, we have a feature called “price drop payback” that protects each ticket up to $100 if the price should drop after you buy. It’s a great little bit of insurance.

  38. We are looking to travel to Orlando, FL from Milwaukee, WI June/July of 2018-when would be the best time to start looking for flights. I know the vacation is still a ways out I just want to be prepared when making plans for our family vacation. Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica. The airlines generally publish fares 11 months from travel dates. So using this gauge, I would probably take a look at the fares as soon as they are published in August of this year. Orlando is one of those destinations without much of a low season, so it may be a good idea to purchase early. Generally speaking, 2 weeks to 3.5 months is the “prime booking window” for getting cheap fares to a destination, but this is an average of all dates and destinations and I know that Orlando is very popular/expensive.

  39. Hi there! I wanted to know when the best time to buy tickets from San Jose, Ca –> Long Beach ? As of right now tickets are $127 roundtrip and am not sure if they will go down some more.
    Departing July 7
    Returning July 9

    • Hi Kinnaly, $127 is a very good fare for your dates and city pairs. I’d snap it up! As a bonus, Jetblue has a really great reputation with consumers.

  40. Hi! I wanted to know when the best time would be to buy tickets from San Antonio to Cancun for the dates of July 8-14?

    • Hi Elsa, Right now seems like a pretty good time to buy. July is a busy travel month and the options right now for nonstops are limited. You can get a flight on United for $515 nonstop. The other options are for $200 less, but involve extremely long layovers (sometimes as much as 12 hours). For the convenience, you might opt for the more expensive flight. But act fast – with the limited number of seats, you could find yourself having to take a connecting flight if you wait too long.

    • Hi Sheilah, It looks like the best fares are out of IAH and include one stop. You can get flights in August for just under $400 if you’re willing to take a 1 hour and 18 minute layover in Atlanta on the outbound flight on Delta. If you need nonstop flights, the fares go up to $550 on United.

  41. Hi, my parents only want to fly out of MDW (I know limiting) to Houston for a trip the first week of August. Fares are much higher than usual. I’m wondering if we should wait until late May/ how long to wait to purchase the tickets? Thanks!

    • Hi Erika, Typically when fares are “much higher than usual” that is a function of lower priced fares (often on the available flights) selling out and the higher priced fares continuing to sell. It’s not a great gamble to wait. It could be that fares will hit a wall with what people are willing to pay and then stagnate, but oftentimes in the summer, fares climb and don’t ever go back down. As soon as you start narrowing your own options (specific airports, number of connections, layover times), the more likely you are to pay a higher fare. People like attractive itineraries with convenient wait times. It’s all a bit frustrating, I know. If you can give me the specific dates, we can try to give you more custom advice.

  42. I want to fly from Houston IAH before the 4th of July I would like to only have one stop and no longer than two hours prefer only one hour wait. I would like to leave early morning or sometime before 10am. what would be the best day to fly and what would be the best time to book it, I have about a month so I am thinking I should do it soon. its only a one way ticket also and would go to Green Bay or Appleton airports. thanks for any insight as to the best day to check flights

    • Hi Judy, We always recommend people with a lot of restrictions and/or must-have preferences book as early as possible. One month out is cutting it pretty close. In addition, you’re flying in a very popular month near a very popular holiday. The best priced flights (around $300) are into Green Bay, but have 2 connections. If you require one stop only, the fares jump to $500 (on United leaving at 8:45am). Book as soon as possible.

  43. Hi,
    I am looking to fly from Charlotte to Chennai next year probably in the July-August time-frame. How soon should I book these tickets?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Dave,

      August to September is considered the low season for Chennai and the summer months tend to get very hot there so it isn’t as popular as during the more temperate winter season. With that said, we’d recommend checking flights around 3 to 4 months prior to your departure. It is a good idea to check fares early and often to get a good sense of the costs as well. Keep in mind, when you purchase flights with if the price for the same itinerary goes down any time before your trip, we’ll pay you back the difference in the form of a travel voucher for up to $100 per ticket! Please let us know if you need any help with finding flights.

  44. Hello,
    I will be travelling to Incheon Airport, South Korea from SFO (May 28-June26) in 2018. Can you please help me find the best time to buy the cheapest plane tickets? Also, would the tickets be cheaper from the SJ international airport?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Charity, At the moment it does seem that San Jose is a more economical gateway to get you to Seoul. The cheapest fares from San Jose are around $100 while the cheapest fares for your dates from SFO are about $1200 into Incheon. It’s hard to say this year when the best time to buy might be – but its a great idea to start watching the fares right now.

    • This year, we recommended buying flights around 2.5 weeks to 3 months out for the best prices overall (the prime booking window). If you have specific requirements (preferences for seats on the plane or itinerary), you may want to buy earlier, If your main concern is price, we recommend buying in that prime booking window. Flights in July next year are a bit far out to try and determine, but we will have a new study that will come out just after the first of the year that should give us a more specific time frame. The prime booking window does not fluctuate much, however, year over year so you can use the 2.5 weeks to 3 months as a general estimate in the meantime.

  45. Hi I’m Mackenzie. I’m trying to find a cheap very last minute one way ticket from Anchorage to Seattle for the 11th or 18th of this month. I haven’t been able to find any cheap fares under 300. This is very urgent, thank you!!

    • Hi Mackenzie, I don’t see anything close to $300 on the 11th, but I do see a fare on Alaska Air on the 18th for $314.

  46. I am looking for flights from Stl Mo to Miami for a family of 5, July 28 departure and return date of Aug 5th.

    • Hi Katie, check out our Summer Flights page for some general information about flight costs and tips: You’ll see that July is the most expensive month for travel, though your departure date is a pretty good one. The return date (because it’s ona Sunday) will likely make your overall flight cost be a bit higher than it would be if you had the flexibility to fly mid-week. Because you’re looking for 5 tickets and I assume you might have some younger kids on the flight, you should probably start a serious search as soon as you can. If you’re flying with older kids and don’t mind people being split up in seating, you can afford to wait a bit longer. Right now it looks like the best fares are on American for $372 round trip (nonstop flights).

  47. Hi I’m planning to go to Cancun summer 2019, preferably in mid August but I’m open to the idea of going June or July. I was wondering when would be the best time to purchase a flight (As inexpensive as possible) for each month; June July & August? From NYC & preferably nonstop.

    Also looking to go to Las Vegas December 2019. Preferably after the 15th but could be before or after Christmas. From NYC. How many months ahead would be the best time to purchase a flight to Vegas in December?

    Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Stephanie, Good news for you all around. The high season is winding down in Cancun by August so you will definitely see good prices in August over June or July. Flights for 2019 are not even on sale yet (they go on sale about 11 months from travel dates), but you shouldn’t have a problem getting a good fare since you’re planning ahead. We make recommendations every year for when you should buy tickets to international travel destinations. Our 2019 predictions will be out in the spring of next year. Las Vegas flights are pretty much always a good deal – even last minute. The one caveat for December travel would be if you were planning to fly during Christmas week. In that case, I would buy early – even a few months out. Flights for Christmas week are going to be priced at a premium to begin with, and then only go up from there. Hope this helps!

  48. HI there, we’re planning a trip to Cancun for a week towards end of June ’18. When is the best time to purchase tickets? If that time hasn’t already passed.
    Thank you for your help

  49. i intend to visit Newark somewhere middle of july from chennai, india and return to chennai from Newark around 25th september 2018. number of travellers 2. pl. advice me the cheapest air fare.

    • Hello Kiru, It looks like Emirates has flights to Newark around your dates for around $1000 USD. I can give you more detailed information if that prices sounds good to you. Please let us know!

  50. Hi,
    Fairly new here! I plan to travel with my wife to Pennsylvania (from Abuja, Nigeria) for a conference. We could not book well ahead and are staring at a late departure – 27 July to return 11 August. What’s the best deal we can get given it’s obviously peak of summer? Grateful to get your response

    • Hi Okahnge, Yes it’s a bit late for finding low fares. Lufthansa has a set of flights available for around $1600 USD for your dates. That is the best I see available right now, and that does require a 7 hour layover in Frankfurt. If you’d like more information about that flight pairing, please do let us know.

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