UPDATE: This Airfare Study has the most current information on the best time to buy international flights. When you travel internationally, you want the best value for your money. This invariably leads to the question “when should I buy my international airline ticket to get the best deal?” We previously published a comprehensive study on domestic flights which indicated that 54 days in advance is, on average, the best time to buy. But for international flights, the data (and our advice) is different.

when to buy international airfare

To identify the best time to buy that international airline ticket, we crunched the numbers and examined fares for 1,219,825 trips in 2015 from the U.S. to 74 popular destinations outside the country.

Here’s what the data tells us: International flights are an entirely separate, sticky ball of wax, with a lot of different variables at play. From one destination to another, you are hard pressed to do an apples to apples comparison, so we don’t even try. This should come as no real surprise, since every market is unique across the globe. When we break the study down by region, it quickly becomes apparent that there’s no “one size fits all” approach, though the data does show some international destinations benefiting more from long-term planning and others not needing that kind of lead time. Central and South America show the best time to buy at 70 days out from travel dates, which is closest to the domestic 54 day average. Canada and Mexico are also similar to the U.S. market, with 75 days out being the optimal time to purchase airfare to either of our closest neighbors, on average. The best fares to Europe can be found at 4 months out (120 days), and Asian destinations come in at 160 days from travel dates. From here, there’s a jump to 215 days for the Middle East and Africa and then a bump to nearly one year to secure the best fares for the Caribbean (320 days) and Australasia/South Pacific (320 days).

international travel

Now that we’ve given you the hard data, there are a few other considerations you should keep top of mind that might cause you to book earlier (or later) than we suggest.

1. Is there a seasonal component to your trip?
You should always be aware of seasonality when booking international airfare. Unlike domestic flights, with international flights there is often a huge disparity between the price during the low tourist season and the high tourist season – high season flights might even be double the price. For most destinations, the high season is our summer and the low season our winter, although for certain sun destinations like the Caribbean and parts of Mexico our winter is actually the peak. One example: European destinations are in high demand during the summer, when U.S. travelers typically make their international plans; so if you’re planning to travel to Italy in August, you might want to start your search even earlier to get the best deal. Flights fill faster in the summer when demand is higher and the “best” itineraries (shorter connection times) and most desirable seats will sell out earlier. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to be able to land an amazing last minute deal to Europe, if you are traveling during the winter when fewer people go.

2. How many people are in your party?
If you’re booking travel for a small group or family, you may want to book especially early when sitting together is a requirement. You might pay a bit more, but you’re more likely to have this luxury if you get the booking in early. If you’re flying solo and have some flexibility in your itinerary (let’s say you’re planning a backpacking trip around Europe), you might be more willing to gamble on nabbing yourself a last minute sale. For example, if you can fly into any European city and have some flexibility with your dates, you might snag a good deal at the last minute, especially out of larger gateway cities like New York that have many daily flights going to the region. Once again, this is really only an option if you’ve got a very loose itinerary to play with.

3. Are there extenuating circumstances that might affect demand and pricing?
This year, Brazil is going to be an interesting case. Typically, Olympic cities see a huge surge in interest and bookings. Therefore prices tend to be higher much earlier. The Zika virus is putting a bit of a damper on plans for American travelers, who do tend to be more conservative and focused on safety when traveling abroad. Turkey’s recent political problems have once again made Turkey a bargain, after years in which it wasn’t.

booking international travel

So there you have it. The best time to buy international airline tickets, broken down by region. Keep in mind, you should always do your homework and check airfares. You can also refer to our When to Buy Flight research which covers a few thousand cities. Although international flight prices tend to be somewhat less volatile than domestic flights, a serious bargain hunter should still be checking fares at least a few times a week to increase the odds of finding a great deal. But we also want to point out that if you’re the traveler who cares more about your airline, times, routing, or in-flight amenities than saving a few bucks, we recommend booking even earlier, when choice is more varied.

For more information on airfares, you can read about how airlines create airfares and why airfares change all the time. You can also read about when to buy domestic flights.



  2. Hi: I came to your site upon learning of this study today.

    It would certainly be neat if you, or someone like you offered a service (for a fee) to rebate value regardless of the airline chosen up to full savings from price paid to better price found. I’d certainly pay $10 per ticket for that. As it is, if I understand your site, you’ll refund any difference that I alert you about up to $100 per ticket, which is still pretty darn good. I’m thinking of using your service next time.

    • Hi Cynthia, It looks like our best fare for that itinerary right now is about $1,5000 on American. This would be for a flight leaving midday on the outbound flight and late in the evening on the return.

      • Hi i am looking for a good deal on a ticket.. it’s for my father in law he lives in Leon,Guanajuato( Mexico )and traveling here to.Charlotte nc .. it’s a round trip from sep 29 to oct 3 of this year (2016)

        • Hi Sandra, I do see flights available from Leon at around $650 round trip for your uncle on United. There are flights slightly cheaper if you’re willing to add an extra stop but the United flight is a good one, with just one stop in Houston (for an hour and a half).

    • Hi Alfredo, It looks like the best fares today for your dates are on Turkish Air from Los Angeles. The fare is $1012 per person as of this morning. The best fare out of San Diego looks to be on Air France for $1,357 round trip per ticket. Please let me know if you would like additional information about either of those options. The San Diego to Madrid option is more expensive, but has better connections. You typically will find better fares out of LAX, which is going to have more flights than San Diego.

  3. I am looking for a flight anywhere out of MSP leaving June 25th, back the next day. Cheapest wins. Any suggestions?

    • That is a very wide open plan. 🙂 Las Vegas always offers good fares. Phoenix is also very cheap in the summer. International flights? I would look at Canadian or Mexico destinations. Flying back the next day doesn’t allow you a lot of time on the ground anywhere, so I would go with Vegas (since the culture there is completely set up for quickie trips).

  4. I’m looking to buy tickets for 5 people for trip to Rome. There are 4 adults and one teen. The travel dates are in the beginning of March 2017. When would be the best time particularly for Rome? We don’t care if we are seated together really as long as two people at least can be together.

    • Hi Jenny, It is quite early to be purchasing for 2017, especially since you’re not traveling in the summer high season. Our 2015 data suggests buying flights to Europe around 120 days out from your travel for the best rates: https://www.cheapair.com/blog/travel-tips/when-to-buy-international-flights/. There will likely be some good fares published around the Christmas holidays. I would sign up for some fare alerts and plan to start seriously shopping toward the end of summer.

  5. Love the site. In your research, is Belize considered Central America or the Caribbean? We will be heading there in March 2017 and I have book international flights in ages, I have no idea when a good time to start seriously looking would be.

    • Hi Todd, we consider Belize part of Central America/the Caribbean. We recommend buying tickets to Caribbean destinations about 320 days out from travel. Based on that advice, it isn’t too early to start looking now. Good luck to you.

    • Todd, have you been tracking the Belize flights, or did you book already? I’m just now starting to look for a trip April 8 for about a week.

  6. I have been watching airfare from CLE to MCO since Jan ’16 and I am not seeing any real decrease in cost and I am looking several times weekly! I have received many, many emails for flight deals from Frontier and Spirit, but not for July! If there are any for July, it isn’t for my time period of 07/14 – 07/23. I am set up on different websites for email alerts on price changes for the flights. Is there ANY advice that you can provide to assist me in finding the best prices for my travel dates or how to find cheaper airfare! Two of the folks flying down to meet us are college students and the other is an adult family member!

    • Hi Natalie, The prices going right now between Cleveland and Orlando seem to be pretty standard for July. Orlando is one of those evergreen destinations, with summer being some of the busiest times (because it’s a family destination and people are off of work in June-August). I’d love to be able to tell you that $150 was going to be a possibility, but for the time of year I think you can probably expect to pay $200-300 a ticket.

  7. Great study! I’m Flying out of Tampa FL to Venice Italy shortly after Christmas (27th or 28th). I’m finding one way fares for about $550 right now. Do you think or have seen in the past that rates will be even better than this once we’re 120 days away? I’m nervous about waiting and never finding better pricing. Thanks!

    • Hi Rico, There’s always a possibility that fares will go down, but it is much more likely that they will rise. $550 is definitely a great price to Venice. If I were you, I’d snap it up. Christmas week is always more expensive than other times of the year, but $550 sounds very reasonable for any time of the year. Don’t wait!

  8. I’m looking to travel to San Miguel de Allende (flying from ATL to BJX, QRO or MEX), departing 10-28-16 and returning 11-3-16. Flights are running above $500 today. Is there any hope that the prices will drop between now and departure? Also, some itineraries connect, the connections are about an hour on the way there in IAH, and on the way home 1.75 hours. Will that be enough time to 1) change gates and 2) clear customs on the return?

    • Hi Dari, Great questions! I agree – you do need to allow a bit more time for connections. An hour seems quite tight, though 1.75 hours is probably doable. It’s certainly possible that flight pricing will, drop though probably not likely. We recommend booking about 2.5 months out for the best prices to Mexico from North America, but the best fares are almost always going to be for the less attractive itineraries (long connection times OR very short connection times, nonstops will sell out first at a higher price, etc.) By coincidence, I have been looking for myself and we would be flying from Los Angeles around the same time of year. Our flights are pricing out at $1,000+ right now, so it seems (to me!) that $500 is probably a good deal. There’s probably a higher demand from L.A., but my gut says buy now if you’re seeing flights for this price.

    • Hi Cristina, All of our flight data is geared toward the North American traveler, so I hesitate to tell you when to buy your ticket from Dublin to Dubai – we just don’t have the search data to support any generalizations. We can tell you to search early and often to get a sense of fare fluctuations and what a “good” fare might look like and we would always suggest purchasing early for a family of 6 – typically airlines have a very limited number of seats available at any one price point and you want to make sure your group gets the best and lowest fares. Also, if sitting together is a priority, you’ll want to book early. There are a very limited number of seats available these days for free on most flights, so to be certain you’re all sitting together without a higher price tag you’ll want to book on the earlier side. Good luck to you!

  9. Family of 6 flying from Philadelphia to St. Thomas USVI on Fri Dec 18 returning Fri Dec 23. Direct flight desired. Best I see right now is about $900 per person. Thank you for advice about when to buy!

    • Hi Catherine, I do see nonstop flights for around $700 per person on American, but not for a total of 6 travelers. Because you have 6 people to purchase flights for, I would recommend buying very soon. Prices are not likely to dip below the rates we are seeing now (because it’s Christmas week). The most prudent advice in your situation would be to buy ASAP.

  10. Hello!
    I was looking to book flight from BOI to Glasgow Scotland Sept 12-23 2016. I was literally getting ready to buy the tickets and then they suddenly spiked up by approximately $400! Did I miss the window to buy them cheap…I’m debating waiting for them to drop again but now am wondering what the heck happened and if the price will go down to the more reasonable $800 range it was before.

    • Hi Desiree, It’s possible the fares will go down, but unfortunately, not likely. Your situation is one we are very familiar with and it pains me every time I have to respond to an inquiry like this. What has likely happened is that other folks were also watching those fares and some people bought. Once that happens and the inventory starts to fill up, the available fares start to climb. You may very well have missed your window and if you continue to wait, the fares are likely to continue to climb. Our best advice is always conservative so we don’t gamble in hopes of fares going back down once they spike.

  11. Hi! We are planning a trip to Cancun Mexico from April, 7th – April, 13th 2017. It will be for 2 adults and one 9 year old child. I’m not sure if buying the tickets 75 days before the flying dates would be too risky. Thank you in advanced for your help.

    • Hi Claudia, Thanks for the question! I wish I had a definitive answer for you. Basically, the 75 day number is based on averages over the entire year. You are looking at a sort of busy time for Cancun (spring break) but it’s hard to give you a specific number of days to buy for your specific itinerary. We always suggest people start shopping early and often so I would do that if I were you. You’re probably safe waiting to start a serious search in the fall, but it doesn’t hurt to start checking fares now. Cancun is popular for Californians so don’t underestimate the demand. Good luck to you!

      • Claudia/Cheapair, I am watching flights to Cancun for that same time period and have been for a couple of months now. Right now, for the lowest prices, the airlines seem to be trying to force people into unpopular time slots (early am the day before you want to travel, etc.) I had read in August that limits on flights to Mexico were going to be lifted and the new competition would drive down prices, but I have seen no evidence of that yet. Will keep watching daily and hope something breaks our way in the new year.

  12. This is Claudia again. I forgot to mentioned that we are traveling from Sacramento to Cancun.
    This was my previous comment:
    “Hi! We are planning a trip to Cancun Mexico from April, 7th – April, 13th 2017. It will be for 2 adults and one 9 year old child. I’m not sure if buying the tickets 75 days before the flying dates would be too risky. Thank you in advanced for your help”

  13. Family of 5 traveling to POS Trinidad July 1st- 11th 2016. From Baltimore, DC or NJ. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    • Hi Stacia, It looks like BWI is going to give you the best fares right now. While there is not a nonstop available at this price, you can get a one-stop round trip fare for $552 on United at the moment.

  14. two flying to Mexico City from Augusta or Atlanta, GA or Columbia, SC the first or second week in August – best price for a weeks stay.

    • Hi Beverly, the best price is going to be just under $600 if you travel from Atlanta on Wednesday, August 3 and return on Wednesday, the 10th on United with one stop. The nonstop flights are about $100 more on Delta. Leaving from Augusta is nearly $1,000 for the same set of dates, and Columbia is almost $700 round trip.

  15. I’m looking to buy tickets for two from Atlanta to Edinburgh sometime in August. One way tickets! In need of advice of when to purchase the tickets.

    • Hi Flowers, You should buy now for sure. We are well within the comfortable range for “good fares” to Europe right now. In August, the best fares are in the last week (there are a few days where you can get a one-way ticket for right around $1,000 toward the end of the month) but the first half of the month has very expensive fares.

  16. I happened to stumble upon this Web site and it has a lot of info. I noticed that you guys are great at replying back to the peoples comments, which is awesome. OK I’m looking for a good deal for a flight for 1 person from El Salvador to Ciudad Juárez México for about 6 months. Thanks for the help. 🙂

    • HI Gabriela, Do you know when you would like to leave? I see flights for around $700 (in October). Can you narrow down when you might like to travel? That will help me narrow the focus for a search.

  17. Family of 4 traveling from MSP to MBJ March 6-12. Fares right now around $750. When do you recommend purchasing.

    • Hi Susan, We do recommend buying quite a ways out for Caribbean destination, I know. In your case, we have to double down on this advice, mainly because you’re going to be traveling over Spring Break next year. Prices are not likely to dip much lower than what you are seeing, and are very likely to climb higher. Don’t wait too long! Good luck to you!

  18. Does this information apply the other way around? I need to buy a ticket FROM Asia TO the USA over Christmas.

    • Hi Kathleen, Great question. We are a U.S.- based company serving mainly North American customers. Our data is based on outbound flights from the U.S. and Canada. We can offer general advice for international travel inbound to the United States (buy during the week rather than on the weekends and avoid major holidays/high season to get the lowest fares), but in terms of the specific time to buy, it won’t really apply in your case. Maybe we will offer more for inbound travelers as we see demand rise. Good luck to you!

  19. Do ya’ll do cheap last minutes deal from LAX to Manila, Philippines for under $1000 round trip?

    • Hi JD. Not sure I understand your itinerary. Are you traveling to San Diego from Boston on 10/5 and returning home on the 5th of October? If so, at the moment the best nonstop fares are on Jetblue for $417 round trip with a morning departure on both legs of your itinerary.

  20. One person traveling Philadelphia to London evening nov. 1 – returning nov 7 – should I look to buy now? Or wait a bit?

    • Hi Julia, Our most recent airfare study earlier this year recommended waiting about 120 days out to get the best fares to Europe, but Brexit has thrown an interesting wrench into the works. It might be worth it to wait a bit longer to see if any fares come down further. There have also been a few “Brexit” sales, one of which through British Airways, so there could be more in the coming weeks. It may be that sales sell out quickly, especially as the dollar is suddenly particularly strong and it’s possible that many people will choose to capitalize who might otherwise not have traveled. if this happens, demand could spike and prices could rise again. Our best advice in this climate is to watch and be prepared to buy as soon as a good price presents itself.

  21. Our daughter is getting married in Provence next summer. I need to fly from LAX or a nearby airport to someplace nearby (Marseilles???) leaving in the afternoon or evening on 5/25 and arriving by late afternoon or early early evening on 5/26 – pre-wedding festivities on the 5/26 and wedding on 5/27. We have never traveled to Europe before and need help on where to fly, when to buy flights, etc. We think we will flly one way to France and fly home from another airport… thanks!!!

    • Hi Randa, This year we are recommending purchasing flights to Europe around 120 days out from your travel dates to get the best prices. I’m not sure where is going to get you the best fares coming home, but I do know you have lots of options. If you can narrow down the cities on your short list (as well as the time you plan to spend in each city), I can offer some more detailed options. Also, are you open to flying into Paris or is that not an option for the outbound. It may save you a lot, but then of course you’d require a car to get you to Provence.

  22. When is the best time to book flights to Honolulu from Glasgow Scotland for the end of September 2017, We would be joining a cruise in Honolulu 2/10/2017. Would the flight be via another US city to Honolulu to get the best price.

    • Hi Nancy! Thanks for the question. The best prices from the U.S. to Honolulu are out of LAX (Los Angeles) or San Francisco (SFO). you can routinely get flights for $500 return USD, and sometimes even less (if you’re watching for sales). However, when I plug in dates at the end of September, I see flights from Glasgow for under $1000 USD. I don’t think you can do better than that by purchasing two tickets. I would definitely plan to purchase the whole itinerary on one ticket from Glasgow.

  23. Hello
    Could you please tell me when would be the best time to purchase a ticket to the dominican republic for christmas/ new years

  24. Flying to London mid-June 2017, returning 30 days later. Was thinking of buying when the window for the return flight opened up. Should I wait? Does the type of ticket matter? (Thinking of traveling business/first.) Thanks so much!

    • Hi William, Yes this is a great question as our data is based on economy fares. To be honest, our advice is normal times would be “the earlier you can buy your Business Class/First Class tickets the better.” I’m not sure if the sale is still going, but a couple of weeks ago BA was running a “Brexit” sale on their Business/First Class seats. Normally, I would say buy early for 1st or Business Class, mainly because those fares do not tend to fluctuate the way economy fares can, there are a finite number of seats on every flight AND sales are rare. Brexit has thrown a bit of a monkey wench into the works so if you are flying from a major gateway like JFK or LAX especially, it might be worth waiting a bit to see if any sale fares pop up.

  25. Looking to get two tickets MSP-DUB in January for a family wedding. We want to go through ORD preferably on Aer Lingus. Should I wait the 120 days out or buy the tickets now, they’re $560 each.

    • Hi Kaye, There’s no guarantees in airfare prices unfortunately. I can tell you that $560 is a good price for an airfare from Chicago to Dublin. It may be this is the best fare you will see. It would not be a reckless move to buy now. Of course, there’s always the chance that a fare will go down. But a more likely scenario is that a fare will start to rise.

  26. Hi, I am really stressing out because me and my family of 4 are trying to find a good deal for flights next year in June to Copenhagen! We are looking at the prices right now, the ones with a good schedule are at least around $1,000 and the total $4,000, we think this is a little too high for us, do you think we should wait a little while more?

    • Hi June, It’s hard to say whether or not $1,000/ticket is a good price without knowing which city you would be flying from. For example, flights from the New York area are often less than this – sometimes a lot less. But flights are usually more expensive out of more suburban areas with less flights (or connecting flights into larger, international airports). Also, you mentioned a “good schedule” which can definitely impact affordability. Since people usually prefer nonstop flights, you’ll find the nonstops are often at a premium. If you’re willing to take an itinerary with less convenience, it’s true. Those flights are typically more affordable. You’ve definitely got some time to decide. I’d say aim to start looking seriously in late fall, especially if you decide the schedule is the most important factor. Those flights will sell out first.

  27. Heading to Cabo for 10th anniversary Nov 26th – Dec 4th. Best time to look shows approx. 75 days for Mexico. Any advice?

    • Hi Jason, The good news is that you’re not traveling on Thanksgiving week so you should be getting some good fares for those dates 9historically, the days after Thanksgiving and on into the first week in December offer reasonable airfares). Use the 75 days as a suggestion rather than a rule. It’s not too early to be looking right now. If you see a good fare pop up, we always suggest hopping on it quickly. Watching how airfares are trending is a good way to gauge when to buy. Good luck toy and happy anniversary!

  28. Hello, we are planning a trip for 2 adults to UK ( flying into London Standsted airport). This is for 2017 so I know it’s quite early but I just need some advice on how to & what to look for to get the best prices. Thank you!

    • Hi Elissa, Can you share what month you might be traveling and the airport or metropolitan area you’d be departing from? As you’ve probably already surmised, the Brexit decision has made short-term travel to the U.K. more expensive than normal. It’s hard to say at this point whether the complications that might befall the airlines under the new border agreements might impact your ability to get a good fare. However, most experts do think any increase in airfare will likely come 2-3 years into the new agreement. The dollar will most likely be strong against the pound through much of the year. We’ve been recommending folks buy flights to Europe about 120 days out for the best fares, but the time of year and where you are flying from might impact our advice a bit. Please let us know. We’d love to give you more detailed recommendations.

  29. Hello,
    I would like to go from Houston to Colombia or Nicaragua for Xmas and New Year from the 16/17th of December until 8th of January.
    When would be the right time to look for the best prices?

    • Hi Mo, We’re currently recommending people buy flights to Latin America about 2-3 months out from your travel dates. Usually, the Christmas holidays can be much more expensive and therefore we recommend shopping a bit earlier. The good news is that you are traveling on dates that are coming in a bit less expensive than other, more popular travel dates. If you take a look at our Holiday Flights page and calendar, you’ll see what I mean: https://www.cheapair.com/blog/holiday-flights/. Our conservative advice would be to start looking soon, but you likely have a little bit of time to watch and wait before you buy.

  30. 320 days out! I sure missed that window. If you miss the window does that mean the price will no longer flux or should you purchase ASAP?

    I’m looking to book 2 round trips for Christmas vacation to Japan. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Alicia, It is quite possible this close to travel that the prices will not go down, but will continue to rise. Our “When to Buy” studies are based on averages and historical data, but it’s hard to say whether your specific flights will get more or less expensive. Typically, this close to travel, the prices trend up, not down. In addition, you are traveling for Christmas which is always a very expensive time of year to travel. I would definitely recommend buying sooner rather than later.

  31. Hello, I will like to know the price of air ticket from Lagos to New York by December 27th 2016 which is for 1 adult, a one way trip. Thanks

    • Hello, I see one flight on Royal Air Maroc for under $1000 USD. It is not the most convenient itinerary (total travel time is nearly 30 hours), but it is the least expensive. There is also a nonstop available on Arik Air for about $1800 total. There are other options in between in cost and convenience.

  32. Hi there…I need 2 adults and 1 teen. From ATL (or other east coast city if that’s the best option)..to Paris, France. Departing 9/21 – 9/23, 2 adults will return 10/1 – 10/3 to ATL. 1 teen will return FROM Milan, Italy 10/14 not flexible. For the adults’ return, we can fly from Paris or Milan. I have a good friend who travels often telling me to wait one or two more weeks since school is starting, but this trip from ATL has doubled in price in 2 weeks, and I’m getting antsy. Also, not comfortable with Turkish Airlines due to political climate and layover in Istanbul.

    • Hi Wheeler, this close to travel we really can’t recommend waiting. Prices are not likely to go down at all (and your own research bears this out for your travel dates and itinerary). Waiting even one week puts you at just about 4 weeks out for your plans, and that close to travel it’s really quite unheard of for flights to decrease to reasonable levels. The one caveat to this “rule” might be if you were traveling from the NYC metropolitan area. There are so many flights to Europe on a daily basis from New York, that you might snag a low fare closer to travel. However, it’s quite a risk and you’d still be paying a premium to get yourself there from Atlanta. Our most prudent advice at this point would be to buy as soon as possible. If you were to buy with us, we do have a feature called “Price Drop Payback” that protects your ticket up to $100 each if the price should drop after you buy. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you’re covered. Good luck to you.

  33. Hi there,
    1 round trip ticket from NYC to Madrid for September 23-29. I have been tracking the ticket for over a week now and the prices have not drop. Any chance that they will?

    • Hi Liza, It’s hard to say with 100% confidence, but this close to travel I can say with good confidence that it is not likely to go down, and is much more likely to spike. This is quite close to your travel dates and it’s a gamble to wait. I wouldn’t advise it. The one caveat is that very occasionally, because of the number of flights out of NYC, there can be a value in waiting. We’re not big gamblers over here ;). Good luck to you.

  34. Hi there. We are three people wanting to go to Amsterdam in March 2017. It’s around $670 roundtrop at the moment (with a one-stop itinerary not longer than 11.5 hours each way). We usually book only 6 months in advance but that seems to be a good fare. Do you still recommend waiting until 120 days out? Thanks.

    • Hi Anita, You’re spot-on. That is a great fare from Chicago. To be honest, our “When to Buy” study should be used as a guide as individual itineraries and demand for particular routes are always in flux. We always err on the conservative side and suggest “buying when you find a good fare.” Out of Chicago, this definitely is a good fare for the Netherlands. You are looking at off season pricing so it’s possible prices could dip further, but we don’t recommend waiting when you see a fare this low. Usually, the opposite scenario happens – people think they can wait and then the fares get snapped up by other, more assertive shoppers.

  35. I love that you guys take the time to reply!

    I’m hoping to travel from B.C, CA to Cuba around Dec. 17th to return on the 31st of that month or perhaps in the first couple of days in January. I see that I’m already well within the 320 days where I would have found the cheapest flights. Would you have any other recommendations as to when to buy? I’ll be traveling with my 4 year old so I’m trying to save money while also not doing over 20 hour flights!

    • Hi there, Thanks for the compliment! We’re glad to help. Cuba is actually a bit of a special case for us (we are U.S. based and our data is based on overall trends but since most U.S. citizens don’t travel there, we have very limited data and what we do have is based on the charters that are currently available from the U.S. – which are essentially fixed in pricing and not subject to regular airfare trends). I wouldn’t feel comfortable with you using the 320 days even as a guide for that reason. Once the commercial flights are available (this fall), I would have better fare data to share. Sorry we can’t be more help to you on this at the moment.

  36. I appreciate the information, but what if you are flying from an international departure to the US? I live in Korea, and will be flying my wife and step daughter to the US around Christmas. When is the best time to buy a flight from Korea to USA? Is it still 160 days?

    • Hi there Joshua, Thanks for the very good question! At the moment, our study is centered on the North American (i.e. Canadian and U.S.) traveler. It’s a very good point you’re making, however and something we should might address in the future. For now, some of the general travel advice does apply – for example, you might avoid traveling on a weekend for better pricing and search early and often to get the best prices. Good luck to you.

  37. Hi,
    I wonder if “the best fares to Europe can be found at 4 months out (120 days)” applies to fights from Asia (e.g Bangkok) to Europe or not. I would like to go to Europe in May. I started finding tickets but found several articles say that it is not a good idea to book too soon. I found a reasonable price for one airline, but the timing is not the best. I would love to know if this recommendation applies to other countries besides US. Thank you so much!

    • Hi there, Thanks for the very good question! At the moment, our study is centered on the North American (i.e. Canadian and U.S.) traveler. It’s a very good point you’re making, however and something we should might address in the future. For now, some of the general travel advice does apply – for example, you might avoid traveling on a weekend for better pricing and search early and often to get the best prices. Good luck to you.

  38. Hi, Ive been tracking flights from San Diego to St. Maarten for the 2nd week of October 2016 for about 3 months now. the expected price dip is reversing. Am I looking on the wrong day? or is there something else at play? Appreciate your input.

    • Hi Jeff, What do you mean by the “expected price dip”? We recommend purchasing tickets to the Caribbean about 320 days out for the best average fare. If you usually see a dip around this time but you don’t see it this year, it could be any number of factors. More people may be traveling than expected (driving up demand and prices) or sometimes the airlines make changes to their flight schedules that affect demand. If even one airline cancels a flight, the other airlines serving that destination could see an uptick in interest (which could then cause them to raise their prices). If you have the flexibility, it does sometimes pay to search for flights during the week rather than on the weekend.

  39. We would like a price to Cancun on November 20 and returning November 25th. We can either leave from Harrisburg International or BWI. If it is BWI, we would like a non-stop flight.

    • Hi Peggy, It looks like the nonstop flights on Southwest are not available (sold out for your dates). The best prices available for your dates are on Delta. There is a one stop itinerary available for around $475 round trip. Please let me know if we can answer any other questions for you. If you are flexible on travel dates, there are fares available for a bit less (under $400 from BWI, but not a nonstop).

  40. Hi,

    I have a travel blog. I wanted to use your article as a guest article on my blog. I am asking permission to reprint it. Please let me know. Thanks

  41. My family of 4 is planning to go to Asmara ,Eritrea for June to the end of July 2017 when is the time to but tickets ?thank you

    • Hello, Can you share what airport you are leaving from? That will help me give you more personalized advice.

  42. Hi there,
    In your breakdown of destinations, did you analyze specific airlines and their trends? We are a family of 4 flying to India March 2017 out of either JFK or DC looking specifically on Emirates or Etihad. There is a 72 hour sale for business class that’s enticing to buy with Emirates, but don’t know if we should wait and see if there’s another deal a few months from now. Thanks

    • Hi Brian, We did not analyze specific airlines and their trends, though that’s a great idea for future studies. Our advice is always conservative and to strike while the iron is hot, so to say. In your case, we would probably recommend booking a sale fare if the deal seems enticing right now. It’s too hard to predict what an airline may or may not do in later months. We do know that airfares tend to go up rather than down the closer we get to departure dates. Of course, there are a few gateways where taking a risk MIGHT be worth it – JFK is one of them. Because of the numbers of flights into Asia out of the NYC area, you can at times see sales at dates closer to your travel dates. When we were younger and traveling solo, these are the kind of instances in which we might roll the dice. But for a family of 4? Seems a bit too much of a gamble. We’d buy now.

  43. I’m wondering if now is the best time to buy for San Diego to Argentina at Christmas (Dec 14-27)? Or should I wait and keep checking?

    • Hi Tina, Though we have specific recommendations for when to buy based on the post you read, the holidays are definitely a separate entity. Our conservative recommendation would be to search now and plan to buy as soon as you see a flight that looks good. The best fares for your dates right now are on United for around $1,500 and I don’t think you should wait long to buy. Flights in November are hovering in the $750-850 range which is normal for November, but you can’t expect to see that for Christmas dates. Good luck to you.

  44. Hello looking for best air fare to Zanzibar. Tentative date June 21-June 30. I am in Baltimore, MD and will to leaving from DCA, IAD or BWI. Thank you

    • Hi Danielle, of the airport options you shared the best airfare at the moment is going to be out of IAD. Ethiopian Air has a round trip flight for about $1,800 which is almost $600 less than the least expensive option out of BWI. If that fare is attractive to you, let us know and we can arrange to send you the details. Good luck to you on your search.

  45. I am in Cape Town South Africa and looking to fly to Holland in December closer to Christmas time. When can I find the tickets cheap?

  46. Heading to St Maarten from Sea Feb 23 2017 to Mar 4 2017. Saw fares yesterday for 600 rt p.p.and didn’t jump on them?. Today over 1100 p.p. Will it go down again or should I book now in case it goes up more? First time flying to Caribbean!

    • Hi Judy, It’s hard to say. Where are you flying from? That does seem like a huge jump. If you are certain you are doing an apples to apples comparison from yesterday, I think I’d wait to see if the fares go back down a bit. I would also search on fares for all airlines (in case you were searching on one airline) since trends in the marketplace do tend to affect all air carriers. If your preferred air carrier has seen a jump, but others are still on the lower end, it may be that your carrier had been offering an in-system sale that is no longer available or it may have been a system error (it happens!) It is also possible (though less likely) that the customer demand on a certain flight meant that the low fares available for that flight (or even set of flights) might already be sold out. Again, the fact that the fares have nearly doubled seems a bit strange.

  47. I’m flying from Portland, Oregon to Puerto Vallarta from March 11 to March 18. Flights with decent departure and arrival times are a bit under $500 right now. Should I expect to see those prices drop much over the next 6 months? Arriving and leaving my destination at optimal times is more valuable to me than $50 but if it were a significant price difference I would consider other options. Thank you!

    • Hi Erin, We’re currently recommending about 2.5 months out for booking flights to Mexico, though you’re looking to purchase at a pretty busy time because of Spring Break. Our best advice will be to start searching early and often (which you seem to be doing already). Anything under $500 from Portland is pretty reasonable. I wouldn’t expect you see flights drop much, but if you keep an eye on flights and they start to rise slowly, that is an indicator that the lower fare categories are selling out. Good luck to you.

    • Hi Darlene, Thanks for the question. Yes, airlines publish their fares 11 months from the current date. If you’re looking for flights in December of 2017, you’ll be able to start looking in January 2017. You can get a general idea of fare ranges by using an airfare tool like google flights, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see flights for winter 2017. Good luck to you.

  48. My family plans on travelling to Puerto Vallarta from Jan 3-Jan 7, 2017. Airfare right now is about $500+. Should I wait to purchase flights or is that about the best price I’m going to get? Thanks!

    • Hi Kay, From what airport are you departing? It will help me give you some more personalized advice. $500 or so is pretty reasonable for some/most gateway airports. You are traveling after the busy holiday season so these fares are probably good, but may not last as we get closer to your departure dates. Very rarely do fares go down or on sale, but if you’re leaving from a gateway like Los Angeles or New York it may be worth waiting a bit and watching to see if any autumn sales pop up that you can take advantage of. Good luck to you.

        • Hi Kay, From Chicago you might do better than $500. I see fares from just under $400. Are you looking at nonstops only? If so, then yes. $500 is a solid (and not likely to decrease) fare. People prefer nonstops so they are a bit more expensive. If you’re willing to do a stop with a layover, you might be able to get a flight on the $300-400 range. Hope this helps!

  49. My family is traveling from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta Jan 15-Jan 22. Airfare is about $450 now. Should we wait or buy tickets now? Thanks

  50. Just stumbled across this article the while trying to figure out when to book our flights from IAD (Washington DC) to SGN (Vietnam) for next June/Aug. I am loving all the personal feedback to questions, so thought I would put mine out to you. We are 2 adults, 2 kids and I see a price on ANA that seems reasonable. The price has increased slightly since it became available. I’m just cringing that if I book, that I will then see a significant price drop afterwards. I’m set on the exact flight/days. Just wondering about price fluctuations with air travel to Asia in the summer. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Rob, That’s always the balancing act that consumers struggle with – will the fare drop if I buy now? The overwhelming data suggests that once a fare starts even incremental movement (either up or down) it is not likely to reverse. So, in your case, once the fare starts to inch upwards, it is not likely to reverse itself. Instead, the other people watching this route/fare start to buy which then bumps the fare a little bit higher, and so on, and so on (as each fare category sells down). This post takes an even deeper dive into the science of airfare pricing if you’re interested: https://www.cheapair.com/blog/travel-tips/what-the-airlines-never-tell-you-about-airfares/. If you were to buy with us and the fare should decrease, we do cover tickets up to $100 each. It’s a nice little perk. We call it our “price drop payback” and its a little bit of extra insurance should you be hesitant to pull the trigger. Not many people are lucky enough to collect on this policy though, for the reason I mentioned before. This year, we are recommending close to a year out to purchase tickets to Asia. That was the recommendation last year as well, so I wouldn’t wait too long to buy. You could also look at flights from LA or SFO (if you’re more the gambling type). You can frequently see flights in the $500-600 range (right now I see fares for under $500 in some cases), and you’d then just have to buy your cross country fare at a later date when you see a nice price – frequent from the DC area). But keep in mind if you go this route that you’ll be responsible for picking up your bags in LA or SFO and then rechecking. For some people, getting the cheapest fare trumps everything. For others, convenience and minimizing the hassle wins out. You have to decide where your personal sweet spot is on that one. For me personally, I might opt for the cash savings if it was BIG – say cutting the price in 1/2. Then again, I have been to Asia and the jetlag on the return can be brutal. If you have the budget, you might not want to deal with the airport slog. Hope this helps.

  51. I am traveling solo from Indianapolis to Zihuatanejo in January. I looked at flights a couple of weeks ago and there were plenty under $600. Went to book one today and everything is at least $100 more with less flexible travel times. Is this likely to change in the coming weeks?


    • Hi George, I wish I had a definitive answer for you. But the fact that you’ve mentioned incremental movement is concerning. That’s always the balancing act that consumers struggle with – will the fare drop if I buy now? The overwhelming data suggests that once a fare starts even incremental movement (either up or down) it is not likely to reverse. So, in your case, once the fare starts to inch upwards, it is not likely to reverse itself. Instead, the other people watching this route/fare start to buy which then bumps the fare a little bit higher, and so on, and so on (as each fare category sells down). This post takes an even deeper dive into the science of airfare pricing if you’re interested: https://www.cheapair.com/blog/travel-tips/what-the-airlines-never-tell-you-about-airfares/. I think it might have some good rationale for not waiting. Good luck to you!

  52. Thank you for such a great service. One person to Canary Island, Spain(La Palmas) Around June 2017 for 3 weeks from Orlando Fl. Overwhelmed by fares right now. thank you, Danny

    • Hi Danny, It’s not too early to be looking at flights since June is high season for European trips. Because the fares seem quite high right now, it may be a good idea to wait a bit. On the other hand, you might also want to look into flying to London Heathrow and pricing a flight onward to La Palmas using one of the low cost air carriers (either RyanAir or easyJet) who routinely offer roundtrip airfare from London’s airports for under $200 round trip. Piecing together an itinerary like this should get you a fare for much less than the $1,700-1800 fares I’m seeing. The one caveat is that you’d have to schlep from London Heathrow to one of the regional airports around the city (Gatwick or Luton are good options).

  53. My family of seven is traveling from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta Jan 15-Jan 22. Airfare is about $409 now. Should we wait or buy tickets now? Thanks

    • Hi Chris, We are recommending booking about 2.5 months out for Mexican destinations in 2016, but the number of tickets you need suggests you might start looking earlier. It may be that there are not 7 tickets available (even in September) at the same price, so I would definitely start looking now and plan to buy tickets soon. I can also add that $400 is a good fare from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta, and it’s not likely to be dipping much lower (if at all). Good luck to you!

  54. Hello! My friend and I are going to Stuttgart, Germany, for 3 weeks in May 2017 (from Kelowna BC), 3rd-21st. When would be the best time to purchase airline tickets? Airfare right now is about $1100 and we are both flexible with dates and time.

    • Hi Jess, It’s not too early to be looking at flights since May starts high season for European trips. Because the fares seem quite high right now, it may be a good idea to wait a bit. The other thought we have (which I’m sure you’ve also thought about) is whether you’d like to save a bit more by traveling to Vancouver for your flights. At the very least, if cost is a big factor, it cant hurt to search both. If a very low fare from Vancouver should pop up, it may be worth the drive!

    • Hi Bola, Our best advice is to search for flights early and often in order to get the best fares. You should be prepared to buy when you see a fare you like because the fare that appears in October may not be there in January (if this is when you are ready to buy). Flying during the week instead of on the weekend is usually another way to get a better priced ticket.

  55. I am trying to book a flight from NY to TIA for November 4rth to the 12th. I did see pretty good prices last weak but they went up and now I don’t know what to do. Will they go down again?


    • Hi Jenn, It’s pretty close to your travel dates. I don’t think you can bank on them going down. Our conservative advice would be to buy now in case the fares continue to climb (as this close to travel, they probably will).

  56. We have 6 people traveling to Prague from Detroit in mid May of 2017 for 8 days, return flight will be from Budapest to Detroit. Should we book now or will prices come down?

    • Hi there, We are suggesting travelers book out about 120 days to European destinations for 2016. Mid-May is just the start of the heavier U.S. travel season that hits it’s apex in July every year. If you were only looking for 1-2 tickets and/or you were traveling from the NYC area (which has many inexpensive flights to Europe), I would say you could wait until after Christmas to really start your serious search. Now, the problem with that tactic for you is that you have six people traveling (and I assume you want everyone on the same flight). I would definitely be pricing things now – if only because the airlines often only have a very limited number of eats at each price point (10 is typical) and there may be 30 different fare categories for essentially the same seats on the same flight. So when you go to buy, if there are not 6 seats available at the lowest fare, the algorithm is just going to spit out pricing for the lowest price for all 6 tickets. For this reason alone, you could end up overpaying. Searching earlier and often gives you the best chance of finding the best fares. You might also search for just 1-2 tickets at a time to find out the lowest price available on a given flight. Good luck to you.

  57. Hi! Thanks for the post.
    I am flying solo from NYC to Brazil (either Brasilia or Goiania) to Christmas and New Year’s, round trip. Ideal dates would be from Dec 20 to Jan 10. Is it too early/too late to book these tickets? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Gabriel, If you are looking to purchase tickets for this year, you should not wait any longer. You’re looking at a very busy time of year to travel – the prices are almost certainly going to climb should you wait. We recommend booking about w months out for international tickets this year, but that is an average for the year. The holiday flight schedule for Christmas and New Years weeks are usually much more expensive to begin with and get more and more expensive the closer we get to these busy travel weeks: https://www.cheapair.com/blog/holiday-flights/. Good luck to you.

  58. When is the best time to purchase round trip tickets from DFW to St. Lucia departing on or around 6/25/17 returning on or around 7/3/17? Is it better to to purchase airfare as an all inclusive package through a resort or price airline tickets and accommodations separately? This is for a honeymoon.

    • Hi Trish, It’s probably best to shop around. We don’t do packages on our site. I think if you do your homework, you’ll score a deal. Sometimes an online travel agency will have the best prices and other times packages can also be the best deal. There’s no one hard answer, but on the positive side, you’re looking early and there are definitely good deals out there for those that search early and often.

  59. Planning a trip to Italy from June 23 to July 10. I’m traveling to a yoga retreat in Tuscany. Need to fly out on June 23, return date is flexible. Should I purchase the ticket now or wait.

    • Hi Ana, Thanks for the question. For 2016, we are recommending that customers book about 4 months out from their travel dates. You are planning to travel at the start of the busy summer season, so I might add a bit more lead time into your search. Other ways to try and get a good fare – look into flying to Rome rather than Florence for a better airfare (and take the train to the Tuscan countryside). If you really want a bargain, you might also look to fly into a major airport like Heathrow and then price flights on the low cost European air carriers like easyJet or RyanAir to get you to your final destination. If convenience trumps cost for you, fly into Florence and book early for the lowest fares.

  60. I’m planning to go to Germany for 10 days from 26 dec 16 to 5 Jan 17 . Is it too early to purchase my flight tickets now ?

    • Hi Paula, Certainly not. You are traveling at a very busy time of year. I would plan to buy very soon before prices get any higher.

  61. I was a planning a trip to the philippines around May 2017. I wanted to see if i can buy tickets early so it would be cheap. What would be the average price? or is there like tickets under 1000? from boston to davao philippines.

    • Hi Christine, It looks like booking today for flights to Davao in May that the flights are hovering right around $1000-1100. We tend to suggest people buy international flights quite a bit out from their travel dates to get the best available fares. This year (as you read) we are recommending buying flights to Asia about 5.5 months out from your travel dates. So you do have a bit of time to watch and wait, but I wouldn’t wait too long after the holidays in order to grab the best price. Good luck!

  62. Great info. thanks. Is it safe to say these estimates are reversible? If I were trying to purchase a ticket from South America to come to the states would I shop 70 days out or would it be 54? I assumed these figures are for purchasing tickets from the U.S. and traveling to other destinations. Thanks.

    • Hi John. Our data is based on outbound travel from the U.S. We do think some of the general information can be extrapolated out to other origin countries (weekends tend to be more expensive travel times than weekday – particularly midweek, and holidays will drive up prices), but the data itself is U.S. based.

        • Hi Jason, Yes! On average, 70 days out is the best time to buy flights to central and South American destinations this year. Keep in mind, these are averages, so if you;re looking to travel Christmas week or during high season you might want to look a little bit sooner since those flights go faster.

  63. Hi! I tried using your flight rate tracker but unfortunately it doesn’t support my trip…are you able to tell me when the best time is to book a flight from Phoenix, AZ to London, UK is? We are traveling in September 2017. Does the 4 months out rule apply here?


    • Hi Angelina, It’s actually pretty hard to say right now. Brexit has rendered the typical historical data for London a bit irrelevant. I would wait a bit and watch the fares. We will have another “When to Buy” study that comes out in late January that should tell you with a bit more accuracy when the best time to buy might be. In the meantime, you should look at the fares and plan to buy if you see price movement in either direction you should buy sooner.

  64. Hi, When is it best to purchase a return ticket for a flight from JFK (NY) to EBB (Uganda) for a January trip.I plant to depart 4th Jan 2017 (-/+3 days flexibility) and return early Feb (around 3rd Feb).

    • Hi Ivan, We are presently recommending purchasing flights to Africa about 7 months out from travel dates, so you’re already well within that range. Of course, our recommendations include an average of all African destinations and Uganda may be a destination with a relatively smaller number of tourists. At the same time, there may also be a lower number of flights out of JFK. The good news for you is that fares out of JFK will be the best in the country. You may want to do a little bit of research on flights now and even call the airlines directly to inquire about the best time to buy). Sometimes agents are a candid source of information. In any event, I would be watching the fares closely right now, and plan to buy very soon. Good luck to you.

  65. Have been watching fares from New Orleans to Johannesburg for May next year….with a 1 stop itinerary both ways. Have found a rate of $1840 which has remained consistent for several weeks with the exception of an brief increase to $2400! What are your thoughts on the possibility of a significant drop in fare? Seats on the 2nd leg out to JNB are tightening up, so afraid to wait too long since 1 stop flights to JNB are rare! Thanks for any help!

    • Cathy, a significant drop is not likely in the situation you describe. We are recommending purchase to African destinations about 7 months out so you’re really pretty much right there now. I’d plan to buy soon to avoid that incremental creep upwards or even another large leap that doesn’t reverse.

  66. Boston to London – April 16 (night-time) to April 23rd via American Airlines. Any good deals? When to look?

    • Hi Michael, You are probably a bit early for searching for flights – you’re not looking at shoulder season for London travel so prices should be good for you. In addition, you’re going to be looking for a nonstop flight out of Boston which will also have good fares (only New York might have better). You might start looking now just to get a feel for the fares, but waiting until around Christmas or just after should be fine for getting you the best fare. I would start watching the fares and checking periodically. Once fares start to rise they rarely reverse and this year might be a unique situation (with Brexit making the dollar so favorable, there may be more travelers than customary, even in shoulder season). Good luck to you.

      • Thanks for the response. I found $550 roundtrip per person to Heathrow last week. That’s now up to $900 per person. Hope that doesn’t stay constant!

  67. $365 is the constant right now for costa rica for feb.3-7. Is it still going to go lower than that or is that a pretty fair price for costa rica?

  68. Hi! I have a pretty complicated itinerary, we’ll be flying from any DC area airport (BWI, DCA, IAD) to SJU June 1, 2017 and then flying to Naples, Italy June 4th, 2017, and leaving from Athens, Greece on June 15th, 2017 towards the DC area. The current flight pattern I’m seeing is DCA -> SJU, SJU -> JFK -> DUB -> NAP, and then ATH -> DUB -> IAD. Thats all for around $1600. I’m less worried about the trip to Puerto Rico and more concerned on when we should buy our tickets to and from Europe, or if you have advice on buying multi city airfare.

    • Our international flight data is based on round trip tickets outbound from North America. So yes, multi city airfare is a bit of its own animal. It’s frankly very hard to say when is the best time to buy when you’re looking at booking what amounts to a bunch of one-way fares. It’s no longer necessary to book with a travel agent to get you a deal since most airlines don’t ding you for the one way fare, but it can take a fair bit of research to cobble together a proper custom itinerary. Our best advice in your case is going to be to shop early and often, and be prepared to hop on a good fare when you see it. Waiting a few days or a week might not work when you could be looking at a very small number of seats at an attractive fare.

  69. im looking for flights from Pittsburgh to Puerto Plata, 06/20 to 06/27, the amount jumped from 588 last week to 800 this week, how is that possible??

    • Hi Aleen, Are you looking for specific airlines or flights? I see lots of flights in the $600 range on American Airlines. If you’re looking for nonstops only (or one-stops) if nonstops are not available, the seats on those desirable flights will sell out first, leaving the higher priced seats the longer you wait.

  70. hi i would like to go to mar del plata argentina from december 27 to january 15 with my son and his 9 years old if u can paz give me a price on that

    thank u

  71. I’m planning a trip to Riviera Maya, flying from ORD or MKE into Cancun for 3/25/17 – 4/1/17. I’ve been watching flights and they’ve sky rocketed over the last month in addition to filling up. In past years we didn’t by tickets until January. Will more flights become available at the beginning of the year?

    • Hi Jacqui, The flights from MSP look quite expensive but the flights out of ORD look pretty reasonable. I see lots of options for around $300-400 if you’re willing to forgo nonstops. If you’re only looking at nonstops the prices do jump quite a bit. It’s always possible that airlines will add flights, but they usually do that when the existing flights sell out so it’s quite a big risk to bank on that happening. It may not be your first choice (to take a connecting flight), but I’d rather do that than have to purchase an extremely overpriced nonstop (which you very well might have to do anyway, should no additional flights open up). And the longer you wait, the more prices will go up. You are looking at spring break flights so it’s possible that more will open up due to demand, but there is no way to predict that now. And if no new flights open up, there will be consumers willing to pay a premium simply because it’s spring break.

  72. I subscribed to airfarewatchdog. It would send me alert that flight from msp to bkk is $700 something. However, when I check it, it’s not $700. What is a reasonable airfare from msp to bkk from 12/12/16 – 1/5/17?

    • Hi Steve, At the moment, I don’t see any fares available to Bangkok with those dates from Minneapolis for less than $1,500. In February-April, I see flights as low as $800 butI just don’t think you’re going to find fares for $700 in December. The holidays make the prices quite a bit higher, plus we are already very close to the travel dates and we recommend people purchase tickets to Asia about 7 months out to get the best fares.

  73. BOS to LHR in April 16-23 I found for $540 per person, lowest I’ve seen so far. Any chance that goes lower or should I book?

    • Hi again Michael, That’s quite good. We are not big gamblers over here, so would probably suggest you scoop it up!

  74. Hi I’m traveling to Chihuahua Mexico on April/8/17 from San Jose/San Francisco CA round trip, 2 people. When is the best time to book to find a good deal?

    • Hi Maria, We are recommending 75 days to Mexico for 2016 (as you know). The report for 2017 will not be out until late January, 2017. I don’t think it is too early to be watching fares and getting an idea of what the fares are right now from San Jose or San Francisco but you might be able to put off purchase until around the Christmas holidays. If you have specific flights or times of day that you want to fly, or if you have specific connection times, you might want to look at buying sooner. The most attractive itineraries tend to sell out first (and for more money). Good luck to you!

  75. Looking for one way from Rio, Brazil from Jan 4th until the 11th. Or the same from Santiago, Chile on Jan. 18th 2017. To Anchorage, Alaska. I’ve been watching and see the fares jumping around quite a bit. Should I wait until the 70 days out to continue my search? We are getting off a cruise in one of these places.

    • Hi Al, You’re looking for a one way ticket? The cheapest one way fare from Rio is on January 9, 10 or 11 ($1,069). The fare is $1,085 from Santiago on the 18th. Both of these itineraries are a bear (3 stops in each, the Santiago flights are a total of 25 hours while the Rio options are the same (25 hours) with the exception of the Monday flight which is a close to 35 hour slog. So it’s really pretty much a toss up for the little bit that you save. I would not wait long at all – though you’re avoiding the bulk of the Christmas crush of travelers, there are still a decent number of cruise and holiday travelers who will also be shopping. Fares drop off quite a bit even just two weeks later, but the first 2 weeks in January rarely come down in price, and almost certainly will will continue to climb.

  76. Hi. I would like to travel one way from Austin to Dakar on June 8, return with 2 adults and 2 children on June 29, to Austin. When would be the best time to purchase the tickets at the best possible price?

    • Hi Nini, In 2016 we have been recommending purchasing tickets to Africa about 215 days out (about 7 months on average). Of course, you are looking in 2017, so it’s hard to say for sure if this will affect 2017 flights. I’m not 100% sure I’m understanding the flights you need. If I understand correctly, it looks like you need a flight for one on June 8 and a return flight for 4 (kids do not usually qualify for a discount – but if you share their ages, I can see if there would be any discount for those tickets). I see a very good price for the June 8 ticket ($604 on TAP and Jetblue). The return on June 29 are also pretty good. I see flights (2 stops) for $797 on TAP and United. At those prices, I might not wait too long to purchase.

  77. Aloha, we will be traveling to Europe, CLJ is the airport code from Honolulu from May 25 , 2017 – July 27, 2017. The prices now are more than $2000 and it’s 5 of us. When we should start seriously looking. Thank you for your reply.

    • Hi Daniela, It’s a bit hard to say exactly when to buy for 2017 just yet. The Brexit controversy has implications for travel volume and cost across Europe, but we won’t have our new study out until closer to the end of January. Because you’re traveling at the busiest time of the year for European travel, I don’t think you can expect the prices to go down much (for comparison, you can get a flight from Honolulu in March for $1,500 round trip. One way you might cut costs would be to fly into London or Paris and then use one of the low-cost European carriers like easyJet or RyanAir to get you to Romania. Good luck to you!

  78. I am looking to travel to Japan in June 2017 from LAX using an open jaw ticket from LAX to NRT and KIX to LAX on the return. I just missed a 634 fare last week and now it is up to 834 non stop JAL. Should I wait or buy now? Depending on what you look at it seems that you should be waiting 160 days which is Dec/Jan, but I regret not getting the 634 as we were not ready to buy last week.

    • Hi Dilbert, We feel your pain. It is hard to say right now whether you should have bought last week. Our recommendations are averages so may not apply specifically to your itinerary. We always recommend you be ready to purchase when you start your search. Otherwise, there’s not really much point in searching (it can make you a little crazy with seat cost being so volatile). You should aim to get a “good” fare rather than the BEST fare, because unfortunately there is no foolproof, 100% guaranteed way to know what that best fare is going to be. Because you are flying during the popular summer months, I might look sooner rather than later. And be prepared to buy when you see a good fare.

  79. Hi there, it’s nice that you answer people’s specific questions after a blog post, even for as long as this one’s been going.

    I am planning a flight from Japan to the USA (specifically ATL and AEX) as a multi-city in late March of next year, returning early to mid April. I want to fly from TYO to ATL, stay for a few days, then fly to AEX and leave from there (usually back through ATL) to Japan.

    My question is when is the best time to get the cheapest fare? I read the original blog post but is it really 54 days out for international flights to the US? Seems too late. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Hi Anne, The 54 days out is for domestic flights. In 2016, we are recommending 160 days out to purchase flights to Asian destinations. You may have already missed the rock bottom fares for your itinerary, but you should certainly be doing a serious search right now to get the best fare possible. The closer we get to your travel dates, the more likely fares will continue to climb.

  80. I am looking to fly from Salt Lake City to Genoa on May 19, 2017 for two weeks. The price right now is hovering around $2,000. Is it still too early to buy? It’s been the same price for like three months.

    • Hi Frank, In 2016 we recommended buying tickets to Europe about 4 months out (on average) to get the best prices. It does look like prices are a few hundred dollars cheaper if you travel in April. Mid-May is the start of Europe’s high season, so I would definitely plan to start the search now and by soon. Prices are not likely to go back down, and in fact, may continue to rise. Good luck to you.

  81. Hi , were looking to fly from Denver to Toulouse , France in October 2017. Two tickets – what would we looking at in price?

    • Hi Bee, You’re a skotch early. The airlines post flight schedules 11 months out so all we can see right now is the first week in October. Give it a couple of more weeks and we should have the entire month published. It looks like the published fares for the first week in the month vary quite a bit – I see one or two options under $1,000 but would definitely wait because flights in the spring are hovering around $400-500 which is a much better deal.

  82. I have looked and looked – can’t figure out best flight. Going from either Roanoke VA or Greensboro NC on Dec 28 2016 to Mumbai, India and returning on March 1 2017. Thanks

    • Hi Sandra, It looks like the cost from either Roanoke or Greensboro is about the same. $1,600-1,700 is the range for the best priced flights, but those are also the flights with the least attractive itineraries (2 changes of plane and long layovers). If you spend $1,800 or so, you can get one plane change and a bit better total flight time. Not sure if either of these are options, but you can also save a bit more by leaving from Charlotte or BWI.

  83. Hi,
    My family is travelling to India next summer (June), is this the best time to get tickets or we should wait for a few more months? Thanks.

    • HI there, We recommended purchasing tickets to Asia about 160 days out from your travel date in 2016 but we have not published our report for 2017 yet. Because of the timing of your trip and the timing of our report (which comes out at the end of January), I would recommend you begin looking for flights now rather than waiting until later. Our very best conservative advice would be to start shopping as soon as you can afford to buy and purchase as soon as you find a “good” fare. And don’t wait – when you see a good price, jump on it. It may not be there when you come back later. We don;t generally advise people to look for the “best” fare (it’s a pretty common impulse, but very hard to achieve), whereas a “good “fare is one in which you can be happy to have booked at that price and can be reasonably sure you aren’t going to see prices go lower.

  84. Hi we are planning to go to Rome in October 2017 ( family of 6). When is the best time to buy a flights? ?
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Agnieszka, This year we recommended buying about 120 days out to get the best prices to Europe. Of course, Europe is a big continent and a lot of factors come into play. You are not traveling at peak season, but you do have a large number of tickets to purchase (relatively, speaking). If price is the deciding factor for you, you might take a wait and see approach to your ticket search and search in groups of 1-2 tickets instead of all 6 at once. This is because there can be 20, 25 or even 30 different prices for the same seat on a plane. If there are only 2 seats available at the lowest price, you’ll be forced to buy all 6 at the tier where 6 are available. If you search for just one or two, you might get 1-2, or even 5 at a lower price (purchased separately).

  85. I’m looking for bargain tickets to KTW or KRK from YYZ. I live in Buffalo NY and I’ve been going to Poland from Toronto because the tickets are a little cheaper. I would like to leave in the 2nd half of May and stay for 2-3 weeks. I’ve been quoting tickets for the past 3 months and noticed there was a nice discount from KLM. It was roughly $590/ticket round trip YYZ- KRK. Also, in Sept, my friend found a ticket to Poland for $560 from LOT to go in April. Are you aware of when the airlines have similar promotions?

    • Hi Janek, You might have a hard time finding such good fares in late May and early June. Summer is historically when Americans go to Europe, so the airlines tend to hike the prices up a bit in May and then quite a bit more in June. I do see fares from Toronto for around $800 and I wouldn’t expect to see them much lower than that. I do also see fares in April on LOT for around $500, but those fares are not available in May. You might watch and wait a few weeks. If fares aren’t selling, you may see a similar dip in fares from LOT. But watch closely in case of the reverse – the flights start selling and you miss out on even the $800 fare. Good luck to you.

  86. Family of 5, travelling to philippines on july5-aug5. When is the best time to purchase a ticket to get the best deal? Thank you.

    • Hi Cathy, This year (2016) we recommended purchasing tickets to Asia about 160 days (4.5 months) out from your travel dates. Next year it may be the same, but it is hard to say at this point. The best conservative advice would be to start a search for tickets early and often – it’s probably not too soon to be looking for flights now. Then you can get a sense for what a reasonable fare might be based on ticket price fluctuations.

  87. Hii, I want to purchase tickets from Amsterdam to Hanoi in July and August, 2016. What is the best time to purchase one?

    • Hi Phuong, Our advice is based on the North American outbound traveler, but (and I say this cautiously), we do look at historical data to come up with our suggestions. Lots of factors impact ticket prices. Our very best conservative advice would be to start shopping as soon as you can afford to buy and purchase as soon as you find a “good” fare. That may not be 6 months out or 10 weeks out, you might actually see a sudden dip in prices in December. And don’t wait – when you see a good price, jump on it. It may not be there when you come back later. We tend to recommend buying tickets TO Asian destinations quite early – about 5 months out from proposed travel dates in 2016.

  88. Hello – the data here (120 days for flights to Europe) seems to contradict an earlier post of yours.


    There it is suggested that summer flights to Europe should be booked over 300 days in advance.

    I’m looking to book a flight from Toronto CAN to either Venice Italy, or Ljubljana Slovenia, for July 8 2017.

    The earlier post suggests I should book immediately (as prices start to rise beyond 220 days), while this post suggests I should wait til roughly 4 months before my trip.

    I have been tracking the price since October and it hasn’t moved much since then

    What do you suggest?

    • Hi there, Yes while we do offer suggestions for purchasing international flights in our flight studies (in 2016 we recommend 120 days as an “ideal” number of days out to buy), this is an average over the entire year. Travelers to Europe in July would be wise to start searching sooner (though there is no “magic” number for when to buy). July is historically the most expensive month for European air travel from North America. Our advice is always conservative and we aim to get travelers a “good” fare rather than the “best” fare. The best, conservative strategy would be to search early and often (as you have been doing) and plan to buy as soon as you see either a spike or dip in pricing. Venice is generally going to be a few hundred dollars cheaper than Ljubljana (though VERY occasionally LOT Airlines will offer deals). Finally, if you have your eye on a very attractive itinerary with the best connections, those seats will sell out first at the lowest fares. I wish there was a simple, “Buy Now!” directive, but air travel pricing is pretty volatile right now. Good luck to you!

      • Much appreciated! LOT is currently offering a price of $1330 CAD (~$1000 USD) for our preferred dates and times. Are you familiar with the rates on that route for July? Would that be a “deal” I should jump on?

        That price has been steadily decreasing from about $1350 a month ago, but I suspect this is just the Canadian dollar appreciating slightly since then.

        • It’s hard to say with full conviction Jean Marc, but to be honest that does sound pretty like a reasonable fare. At that rate, I might be tempted to take a “wait and see” approach, but July is always popular. The odds on the fare going down are not great.

  89. We are vacationing in Tuscany, Italy from August 5-12. We are 4 people flying out of MSP.
    We would like to visit either Germany or Austria for a few days before the 5th….whichever one has cheaper fairs. We will be staying in Italy after the 12th near the Naples region so would like to return to MSP from the Rome or Naples airports if it is not too cost prohibitive.
    I have been pricing fairs for the past month for round trip pricing in/out of various airports in Italy and found an $865 round trip airfare MSP-Milan thinking that we could easily drive to Austria from Milan but I hesitated to book it because of the long drive from the Naples region to Milan on the outbound.
    1. Any advice for how to get the best fairs? We are obviously flexible on the European airport we fly into and out of.
    2. Should I wait for better fares following the 120 advice provided, or should I book now thinking prices will go up given August is peak travel season?

    • Hi Maria, Yes your flexibility is great (and will likely get you better fares). Of course, the flip side of this is that flexibility in your destinations means a lot more research to do on your part. There’s no easy way around this short of hiring a travel agent (which is not a bad way to go by the way), especially if you don’t like travel logistics. Travelers to Europe in July and August would be wise to start searching sooner than the 120 days though there is no “magic” number for when to buy. July is historically the most expensive month for European air travel from North America, but August is a close second. Finally, if you have your eye on a very attractive itinerary with the best connections, those seats will sell out first at the lowest fares.

      As for the cities to research – my advice would be to start with the larger cities. Frankfurt (like Milan) is a big business hub so sometimes offers cheaper flights, and Berlin and Munich are very popular with leisure travelers (so might also be good options). Vienna is historically a more expensive airline ticket from most U.S. cities. Good luck to you!

  90. I am planning to visit Chile in South America in mid February or early March in 2017. if you have
    If you provide me if you have very good deal, it would be very much appreciated.
    I plan to stay their 2-3 days there and fly to South.

    Thank you,

  91. I am planning a trip to Tokyo, Japan from Los Angeles, CA from the end of June to the beginning of July, about 15 days, and was wondering if there were any cheap flights available
    It’s a party of three
    Thanks, Denise

    • Hi Denise, Singapore Air has the best nonstop fares right now from LAX. It looks like you can get tickets for just under $800 if you choose to fly mid-week rather than on the more expensive weekend. I looked at Tuesday, June 27 to July 11 and came up with this rate.

  92. We’re looking to travel to the US from May 13 to 27 2017. We’re looking at MNL-NYC/LAX-MNL and seeing a USD 720 price from EVA Air. Is this a good price? Can prices still go lower? Should we buy now? Appreciate your help! Thank you for still answering questions.

    • Hi Kristine, Yes that is a very good price. I see that price as well as being the lowest. I don’t think it’s likely you’ll see fares go any lower.

  93. Hello!! we are looking trip from New York or Newark to Lviv, Ukraine Aug begin for 3 weeks for 3 adults, and 2 kids 3, and 9 years, price is around 5k, price can go down or the best time to buy??? Thank you!!!

    • Hi Mariana, You are looking in August, 2017 and the fare is right around $1,000/ticket? That’s not a terrible price but I have seen it for cheaper. August is a busier time for Northern European travel, so it’s hard for us to say that the prices will go down. I see prices later in August for $700 or so round trip – is it possible to leave in the second half of August and return in September? You could save $1200.

  94. A friend and I are planning a trip from LAX to Singapore from 5/1-14/17. We originally found prices as low as $420 round trip through China Eastern, but now on Saturday night I’m seeing $434. Is this part of a normal shifting in price throughout the week, or should we now expect to see the price continually going higher? I’m keeping in mind that we’re now 5 1/2 months away from the trip, and that the price is abnormally low anyway and carries risks.

    • Hi Kelly, It’s really hard to say for sure. We do recommend buying tickets to Asia about 5 months out to get the lowest prices in 2016. Honestly, you’re correct that those flights seem extremely low. I would buy now as they are not likely to go back down. Once fares start an incremental climb, they rarely do.

  95. Hello, two buddies and I would like to go to Amsterdam during our spring break starting April 11th. I been watching the prices all year and I been told to wait till four months before. This week would roughly be four months and just last week the price jump $273 dollars from what it was. Do I buy or will it drop next week possibles?

    • Hi Derrick, Your best bet is to watch fares and plan to buy when you see a bump in the prices or a decrease. Any speculation about when to buy is based on averages and demand. If there are people willing to pay a specific price, you’ll not likely see the fare go back down. How much was the ticket you were looking at and from what gateway? I can give you an idea of typical fares based on your departure city.

      • We are flying out of DC. The price was 700 and jumped to $978. We are looking for direct flights this year, as there are bunch of flights that have layovers for cheaper. Thanks for your help.

        • Hi Derrick, You are, unfortunately, going to find this to be the case. Everyone wants direct/nonstop flights and because of this, those flights sell out of the cheaper seats much faster. If flying nonstop is a deal breaker, buy soon. The prices will not likely go back down if you’re inside of 6-8 weeks.

  96. Hello,we are a family of four,2 adults and 2 children looking to travel to Orlando by august 2017.kindly assist on the best time to book the flight and your suggestions please.

    • Hi Florence, Our advice is based on the North American outbound traveler, but (and I say this cautiously), we do look at historical data to come up with our suggestions. Lots of factors impact ticket prices. Our very best conservative advice would be to start shopping as soon as you can afford to buy and purchase as soon as you find a “good” fare. That may not be 6 months out or 10 weeks out–it’s hard to say. And don’t wait – when you see a good price, jump on it. It may not be there when you come back later.

    • Hi Kelsey, You’re traveling at a very popular time for U.S. to Europe travel. It would be a good idea to start shopping now for sure.

  97. Hello, My fiance and I are wishing to travel to Jakarta Indonesia from LAX sometime in March or April. Because it can potentially be a long flight, we wish to travel business class. What are the best deals for business class to Indonesia during that time of the year? PAL has a system where you can offer more $$ for business class, after you’ve booked your economy flight. But there’s a chance it won’t get accepted. Can you help us with this?

    • Hi Alba, If you are trying to book business class for a good deal, this idea you have with PAL might be a good gamble. Otherwise, you will just have to buy the published fares for business class which are not “deals” really at all. Upgrading once you have an economy ticket is a good way to avoid the extra expense but there are no guarantees. I might reach out to the airline before purchasing to see if they can help you and give you an idea if upgrading will be an option.

  98. Hello! I am watching flights (for 2 people) from MSP to CDG from April 6th, 2017-April 17th, 2017. The prices have increased in the last month. Do you think they will go back down, or should we purchase now? Do flights typically decrease in price after the holidays? If I could get your thoughts on flight prices to Madrid, Spain for that same time frame, that would be great as well. Thank you!!

    • Hi Laura, You’re not likely to see flights decrease between now and April for either Paris or Madrid. While it’s not high season for Europe, travel to Europe is up slightly already for this time period over last year and we already recommend buying about 4 months out to get the best prices. Our best conservative advice would be to buy very soon.

  99. hey i want a round ticket from detroit to islamabad in feb march
    suggest me air line and lowest possible rates and when to book ?

    • Hi Anna, can you share the specific dates you need? If you are flexible, would need to know how long you plan to stay.

  100. Hi there,

    Looking to book a ticket from DC to Zagreb (Cro). Departure is feb. 14th returning march 14. We have 2 adults and a lap infant (my daughter will be 20 months). Do you think there will be xmas and new years sales like there was one for Thnaksgiving (I missed that one). Please let me know what you guys have as well.

    Thanks In advance

    • Hi Adnan, We really wish we could predict these sales. If I had to guess, I would say “don’t bet on it” though traveling to Croatia in February is obviously going to be less expensive than traveling in the summer months. If I were you, I’d probably keep a close eye on the fares now and plan to buy as soon as you start to see an incremental increase (which would indicate that fares are starting to sell out at lower economy prices).

  101. Hi! I’m trying to book flights for me and my three children over their April 2017 school vacation from Boston to Cancun. The dates are 4/15-4/22, since Easter falls on the 16th this year it seems flights are outrageously expensive. I go every year and typically can get roundtrip tickets (with a 1hr layover) for around $550, but right now they are up around $850! Would you recommend booking now or waiting until 75 days before?
    Thanks – Kelly

  102. Hi again, I was just wondering why a NYC-MNL-NYC ticket (USD 504) is cheaper than a MNL-NYC-MNL (USD 736) ticket? Technically they cover the same distance. Because of the low US to MNL price, I’m still hoping that the price for the MNL to US flight can still go down? Does that make sense? Or are the two unrelated?

  103. Hi,
    A couple friends and I are planning on going to Italy in June 2018. We are flying out of Chicago and I was wondering if the price is affected by the airport or region you fly into. Or, is there one airport that is “better” to fly to. E.g. Is it better to fly to Rome or Venice or Lamezia Terme, etc. Any advice on traveling/flying to Italy is welcome.

    • Hi Amanda, Great question. In general, flying to a larger city like Rome will give you the best price. Milan may also be a good option because they see a lot of foreign travelers being a financial hub in Italy. Venice and Florence are smaller airports and tend to be more expensive. In addition, if you’re not flying in high season the smaller airports might be a good bet. But because you are flying in high season, it’s probably best to go into the larger airports.

  104. I intend travelling to New York in early July 2017 with my 5yr old child, I want to know the best time to purchase our ticket.

    • Hi Rita, are you traveling domestically or internationally? We are based in the U.S. and our airfare intelligence is North American centered at the moment. If you are traveling domestically, I can tell you that you might want to start a search pretty early. New York is quite popular in the summer months as a destination, so we always recommend searching early and often. If you are visiting from abroad, there may be better intelligence based on the country you are traveling from.

  105. Hi, am looking to travel to Kenya in Dec 2017 with 4 kids and 4 adults. When would be the best time to purchase the tickets?

    • Hi Shiro, You will be able to start searching for flights very soon. Airlines publish fares about 11 months from the travel dates so this is why December 2017 is not available just yet. If you are looking to book the last week in December, it might be wise to start your serious search very soon after the rates show up. Christmas week travel is typically quite busy and expensive, so you don’t want to risk the already high fares going up because those seats will start to sell. On the other hand, if your flight is in the beginning of the month, you might want to wait and see a bit. Early December is typically a reasonable time to travel because demand is not so high. You could see better fare fluctuations in your favor.

  106. My husband and I intend to travel to Germany (fly into Munich) July, 2017. When can I expect the best pricing on flights?

    • Hi Paige, We will be coming out with our annual Fare Study that estimates the best time to buy to various international destinations by the end of January. But just knowing that you are planning to travel in the busiest month for U.S. travelers to Europe (I am assuming you are a North American traveler), you should definitely start looking now. July fares will not go on sale – and will very likely continue to rise – the sooner we get to travel. At a minimum, you should be tracking fares now so you can get a feel for what the fluctuations look like and when it might be time to buy.

  107. Hi
    I know that your study focuses mainly on outbound travel from USA, but do you perhaps know the best time to buy tickets to Cancun, Mexico from Europe (specifically Denmark) during the summer vacation (July 2017)?

    • Hi Helena, I would probably start searching no later than March or so. July is somewhat shoulder season in Cancun so you might find decent deals available.

  108. Just booked a flight from NY to osaka in august returning from tokyo to NY in mid september for 700. Just wondering if this is a good deal or should i wait longer? I did get insurance so i can cancel.

    • Hi John, This is a definitely a good fare to Japan. I see options around this time in the $900-$1,100 range. I would snap that up.

  109. Hi, I’d like to book a multi-city flight from SFO to Rome (June 23 evening or June 24 AM) Paris to SFO (July 22). What’s the best fare we can get for this itinerary and when is the best time to buy the tickets. There will be 4 people. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kristy, this itinerary is about $1,500 per person at the moment. That is a decent fare for your itinerary – I’m not sure if this price will go up or down in the next few weeks. If it starts an incremental, steady climb you should buy as soon as possible as you are traveling at a busy time and fares will likely trend upwards.

  110. I’m looking to buy flights from Orlando to London at the end of June through July, possibly 6/24 – 7/22, but our departure date is flexible (we actually live in Atlanta but flying from Orlando is so much cheaper). Flights were at $750 in early Dec but went down to $698 on Dec 23, but are slowly creeping up. Do you anticipate another decrease (a sale maybe?) or should I buy ASAP? Do I need my kids passports to buy?

    • Hi Zoe, At the moment – the best price is on Air Canada for $1,393 round trip. To get this fare, you will have a 4 hour layover (total flight time of 14 hours, 20 minutes) and would have to adjust your departure date to Sunday, June 25 and the return to Monday, July 24. If you keep the travel dates in your query, we can get you there for about $1,615 on United (one layover with a total flight time of 11 hours and 45 minutes). Let us know if you need further detail on either of these itineraries and we will do our best to provide it.

  111. Hi, me and my husband would like to go back to Toronto from Karachi Pakistan. need one way tickets economy class some where in mid March. Please let me know the best deal

    • Hello, Rakhsh. It looks like the best prices in March are on Saudia Airlines at the moment. You can buy one way flights to Toronto for just over $1,615 USD on Saudia for most dates in March at the moment.

  112. Hi Guys!

    My wife and I are migrating to the US and we’re looking for the best prices to fly from Dubai to Chicago O’Hare. Our travel dates are flexible between February to March 20th. From my research the cheapest flight available is Turkish airline for around $544 or so. I wanted your help in determining when would be the best time to purchase the ticket and most importantly we will be travelling with our pet cat as well. Can you shed some light on what would be the best and cheapest option for us. Thanks!

    • Hi Faraz, Let’s start with the cat (we don’t usually start backwards, but anyone traveling with animals have special considerations). Turkish Air does appear to be the best price at the moment. I would call them BEFORE YOU BOOK to find out specifics about flying with your cat. Most airlines have limits as to the number of pets that can be accommodated on any particular flight so you should determine if there is space available before buying your ticket from anyone.

  113. Hi. I’m looking to fly out of Des Moines, IA to Cancun, Mex in June. (June 7-11 to more precise.) I’ve never booked international before. I’m aware the 75 day “rule” to Mex is more of a suggestion than a rule. I guess my concern now is does Cancun have an influx of people flying in around this month? Trying to see if I can hold out for something cheaper at this moment. (currently finding prices at $500).

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Hi Romo, I see the same price (on United and Delta). That fare is actually pretty good for Cancun in June. You could hold out for a better fare, but the data doesn’t suggest that fares will go down. Instead, the likelier scenario is that the fares will start to climb in small, incremental fits and starts. June is shoulder season for Cancun – firmly out of high season, but not yet in low season (August and September when rainy season is in full swing).

    • Hi Karen, for your dates it looks like Alaska Airlines has the best prices on nonstop flights, coming in just under $400 a ticket inclusive of all taxes and fees.

  114. Just want to let you know that since I retired from flying airplanes (and now need to buy ID90’s or worse) I have discovered that R/T tickets from Europe are easily $400 cheaper than from the USA,.and have been that way for years. I buy the ceapest ticket I can find from the US and then buy Round Trip tickets from there.
    I guess I am making a case for US Airlines colluding in pricefixing.
    Even ticket advertising in the USis crap compared to Europe. There is no honesty in advertising to be found in the US.
    Everytime I chase a $25 ticket or-so in Europe, I am dumbfounded that it is REAL, as opposed to the click-bait in the US.

  115. Hi! My family of 4 are planning on going to Mexico (Minatitlan) on December 16, 2017 and returning on January 1st or 2nd, 2018. We are looking at flying out of Myrtle Beach, SC or Charleston, SC. Any recommendations on when we should purchase tickets?

    • Hi Kimberly, the airlines only publish fares 11 months out which is why you won’t find much in fares just at the moment. However, when the fares are online (sometimes in the next 6-8 weeks), I would plan to book sooner rather than later. Christmas and New Years weeks are always priced straight out of the gate at a premium, and generally speaking, do not go on sale. Every year, people ask when the best time to buy for these weeks is, and while it’s hard to say with 100% certainty, the typical scenario sees fares stay static and then start and incremental climb. It is rare for flights to go down at all for Christmas and New Years week.

  116. Are these rules reasonably parallel if flying from Canada? We’re planning Vancouver to London in mid-July–should we be buying now, or wait until 4-5 months in advance? Thanks! Fares are around CA$1300 right now, taxes in (US$950 or so).

    • Hi Tiffany, Yes, your assumption is correct. Our airfare intelligence is geared toward the outbound North American traveler. Our 2017 airfare study will be coming out in the next month or so, so hang tight for the new data.

  117. I am looking to buy a one way ticket to Lagos Nigeria (departure city is Toronto) for anytime between June 20th to July 1st. the prices I see is not great.

    I was considering Ethiopian airline, however, it seems a USA visa is required if you have a Nigerian Passport. I don’t mind any other airline but the prices are above my budget for a one way ticket.

    • Hi there, It looks like Egyptair and Ethiopian Air have one way fares for around $600. I’m not sure what the restrictions might be for your passport if traveling on Egyptair, but that might be where I would start. Royal Air Maroc has a flight for just under $600 but the total travel time is awful (nearly 30 hours with connections) so I would only look at them if you must. Good luck to you!

  118. Looking to Fly to Scotland in July from the Charleston SC. When would be the best time to look for a ticket? Any thoughts on how to avoid the jet lag from flying from the east coast?

    • Hi Heath, It’s not too early to start looking for flights now. July is a very popular time for European travel. If your travel goes into August, you’ll also need to be aware of the Edinburgh Festival (and Fringe Fest) that runs from the 4th to the 28th – most of the month. That will drive up ticket prices for sure. Luckily jetlag isn’t going to be too much of a problem for you (it’s a 5 hour difference). The best advice is always to just get on the local time. If you arrive mid-day, don’t nap, no matter how compelling the impulse. It should only take you a day to acclimate if you just push on through to adjust to local time.

  119. I’m traveling from Sacramento, CA to Liberia, Costa Rica. Found a good outbound flight but the pricing for the return flight is significantly higher. If this is a July 2017 trip, and based on the 75 day rule of thumb, do you anticipate the return flight fares to be lowest around mid April or would it be 54 days based on travel back to North America? Thanks!

    • Hi there, It looks like the best flights right now are going to be on Turkish Airlines out of Houston. Turkish Air has flights for around $1200 for those dates. The best fare is going to be on Icelandair for $898, but to get that fare you’d have to leave on the 30th of May and return on June 27th (which is a shorter trip than you’ve given us to work with). Just wanted to let you know of the significantly cheaper fare. It does require 2 stops. One of these stops is in Reykjavik, however, and Icelandair has a very cool stopover ticket that would allow you to travel at the low fare and spend a few extra days in Iceland. If that is a possibility you would entertain, you might check out their site and read about the terms.

    • Hi Edward, I see a very good fare on TAP Portugal right now of $343. If you know your plans are set in stone I would buy this fare if you don’t mind an airport change 9you would have to fly into EWR on United and then go into New York to catch the TAP flight out of JFK. If that’s too much of a hassle for you, the next best fare is about $100 more but does require a lengthy layover in Toronto (17 hours). This is also a TAP flight. After that, I see a pretty steep jump in prices to get you better connections (a 4 hour layover at JFK) for nearly $900. Let me know if any of those sound good to you and I can arrange to send you more specific information.

  120. Hi, i’m looking to go to Nuevo Vallarta from New Jersey on Oct. 6, 2017. when would be the best time to start looking for fares.

    • Hi Annie, It’s probably not too early now to start looking at fares, at least to get an idea of fare fluctuations. Last year we recommended buying flights to Mexico about 2.5 months from your dates of travel. We will have a new fare study coming out in the next month or so that should help us narrow things down a bit more for you. Thanks for your patience.

  121. Hi there,

    I am trying to book a return or one way ticket for my sister from Chicago to Lahore on departure from Chicago dates between Feb 07 – Feb 21.

    Before January several websites were showing on way ticket from Chicago to Lahore on Feb 07 for $358 but after January 14 the prices have suddenly gone up to $600+.

    What could be reason and kindly advise best time to buy now? Should I wait a week or 10 days or immediately buy at $600 if prices are expected to go further high?


    • Hi Ali, It’s very unlikely this close to travel that the prices will go back down. International flights tend to trend upward in cost the closer we get to your travel dates. If you book with us, we do have a feature called “price drop payback_ that would protect you should the fare price dip again (up to $100 USD). Good luck to you!

  122. Flying from Chicago to Venice, Italy anytime in June or July, wondering what’s the best time to start keeping my eye on dropped fares – 4 months ahead of time? Also, what’s the “cheapest” tickets I”l likely get to that destination (with 1 stop)? Fares are about $700 now and I”m prepared to book if they won’t get much cheaper than that. But I don’t know what the average good deal for a ticket from Chicago to Venice, Italy is. Also willing to wait if they’ll go down to $600 or so.

    • Hi there Zjamai, In 2016 we recommended buying flights about 120 days out to Europe on average. This year is a bit up in the air because Europe is definitely more affordable right now (and might continue to be). Prices might be lower this year, but if demand is high, it still might be tricky to get a good fare the longer you wait. I would start searching now- and keep an eye on how the fares are fluctuating. When you see them start a steady climb (or they suddenly dip), that is when you should plan to buy. We will also be putting out our When to Buy Studies (both domestic and international) in the next few weeks so check back!

  123. I’m looking to fly from Seattle to Paris or Spokane to Paris mid-July. I know it’s the high season, any tips about getting the lowest price? Thanks!

    • Fly midweek and search early and often, Alycia. Flights are going to be cheaper from Seattle. If you REALLY want to explore your options, search on a ticket from the new York area to Paris and then back in your coast to coast travel. Sometimes you can get $400 fares from New York. It’s worth it to look. But don’t wait too long. July is high season and prices will continue to climb.

  124. Hello, I’m looking for tickets from Chicago to Cancun Jun 8-Jun 11 of this year. Southwest just opened their travel dates and the fares are really high. I’m use to getting roundtrip flights for 300, but it’s usually traveling Feb or March. Can you please advise the best time to buy for this time and city pair? Can you also advise if the prices currently showing are good prices for traveling in June. Thank you

    • Hi Tami, Fares might be a bit high, especially since SW just released them. I’d keep a close eye for a couple of weeks and then plan to buy. I do see flights on Spirit for your dates for just over $300, but the other fares look to be almost twice that.

  125. For Travel on August 25 ret Sept 3 round trip from JFK,NY to Madrid Spain purchased from FinnAir but Iberian Air is carrier for $400. No seat assign from Finn is Iberia’s resp and they do not give out seats until day of flight when you check in at desk??. Are these standby tickets? I have asked Finn Air and they so no but reviews on Iberia Air stated disturbing customers complaints of overbookings and not giving people seats on day of flight. Any feedback on these great ticket prices.

    • Hi Carol, airlines can’t sell “stand by tickets” so if you have a ticket in theory you have a seat waiting for you on your travel date. It’s true that when you get a very cheap fare, you sometimes have to give up advanced seat assignments. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you’re really concerned, i would ask Iberia if you can pay in advance for a seat assignment.

  126. Hi. We are planning on traveling to Shannon, Ireland from either Washington, DC area June 14-27, 2017. When is the best time to buy airline tickets? Are the current prices good?

    • Hi Cara, There aren’t any nonstop flights from DC to Shannon, and the lowest fare for your dates ($797 on Aer Lingus) has 2 stops and 13 hours of travel time. The next best fare is $889 for one stop and 8 hours flight time (also on Aer Lingus). For high season, $797 is not a bad fare at all, and might go up, depending on the interest in Ireland this year. The good money is on Europe being more popular this year than last year, because of how strong the dollar is against the Euro right now.

  127. When would be the optimal time to buy a ticket for the following and do you have info what tends to be the lowest price point:

    – HEL-JFK 13th May 2017 (preferrably 3:35 pm departure from HEL, stopover of 1 hour at Keflavik)
    – BOS-HEL 19th May 2017 (preferrably 9:30pm departure from BOS, stopover of 1 hour at Keflavik)

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Nana, Our reports are for outbound North American travel (our average customer is an American or Canadian), so not sure if we could do much for you beyond an educated guess. To that point, the prices right now for your itinerary are very good (and I’d wager that they are not likely to get much lower). You could wait a bit longer, but you’re already less than 4 months from travel and that’s usually when the incremental climb starts to happen. Our conservative advice would be to buy now. There are a couple of cheaper options than those Icelandair flights, but they have much less attractive connections.

  128. Hello, I am planning an ORD -> CPH flight, and then an OSL -> ORD return flight in mid-October. When should I look for the best prices? Thanks!

    • In 2016, we recommended 4 months for European destinations which would mean in theory you could wait to buy until mid-summer. That may be accurate for 2017 as well, but we will be putting out a new study in a few weeks. If you see a very good fare (in the $500-600 range), I would snap that up. Fares will not likely go much lower than that.

  129. Hello! I’ve been on the search for a deal from JAC (Jackson Hole, WY) to LIR (Liberia, Costa Rica) for a few months now. Dates are June 17 – June 27. 2 adults, 3 kids in our immediate family as well as 4 more adults and 1 child in our extended family. Prices seem to be climbing since I starting looking 3 months ago. Should I buy now? Or do you think prices will go down?

    • Hi Jenny, You are looking for flights for 10? I would go straight to the airlines and get group pricing. You may have a hard time getting better pricing on your own. The longer you wait, the less likely fares are going to stay where they are (forget going down)!

  130. We are traveling from Memphis, TN to London on April 12 through May 15. The tickets have been going up and down but have been heavily discounted on Wednesday except this week. Does it look like the price may drop again in the next few weeks?

    • Hi Melissa, There’s really no sure way to predict whether prices will go back down. Your best defense is a good offense (be searching for fares once or twice daily). Then, when you see a good price, you have to be ready to buy at that moment – no waiting! Good luck to you!

  131. Hi Cheapair. We are looking to fly from Manila to LA on March 25 and come back After Easter April 17(family of 3. 1 adult 2 kids) Are the quotes by Eva air of around P713 the best ? If I’m not mistaken it appeared cheaper to book during weekdays . Hope you can advise ?Thanks

    • Hi Mike, Yes, booking during the week is usually cheaper than booking on the weekend. It does look like the EVA air flights are the best fares. Book soon. There’s no telling how long those fares will last.

  132. I am planning my honeymoon to Thailand for December 2017 – January 2018. I will be watching for international tickets as airlines release them and will jump on it when I see a good fare for a good route. However, I am now wondering when I should book my domestic flights in Thailand? I will be traveling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on December 26th, Chiang Mai to Phuket on December 29th and Krabi to Bangkok on January 5th… my travel agent recommended Air Asia (although I have read that Bangkok Airways is much better – they do not yet have prices out for comparison and I am honestly just looking for the cheapest option) for the first two flights and Thai Air for the last flight. Air Asia has fares out already, but Thai Air does not. I am wondering if I should jump on these tickets now or wait to see if they will go down at all or release more flights? The flight from Bangkok is a great price ($50/person), but the flight to Phuket seems a bit more expensive in comparison ($100/person for the early morning flight we want). I am wondering if this will go down at all or if I should get it now before it starts going up again? Thanks!

  133. 8 adults going on a mission trip from Louisville,KY to Taipei, Taiwan from July 6-July 15, 2017. When would tickets be cheapest?

    • Hi Sherry, You should really be searching now. Flights to Asia typically are cheapest close to a year out. In addition, you have a relatively large group traveling. If you hope to be seated together, you should plan to buy very soon. It’s already possible that some of your party may have to buy at a higher price.

  134. Hi,

    I am looking for 1 adult flight from Erie, PA on June 30th to either Budapest, Bucharest, Cluj, or Targu Mures, Romania. I am a student on a budget trying to get to a field school for as cheap as possible. I do not need a direct flight either but as long as I arrive by July 2nd. Which of the European cities should I arrive in for the cheapest fare? When should I start booking? Based on previous data, what is the estimated lowest fare possible? Is there other alternative airports I can depart from that would make prices even cheaper?

    • Hi Quan, It seems likely that Budapest or Bucharest will be your best bet from Erie ($1,900), but we’d recommend flying out of Buffalo because the fares are almost half ($1,003), and even more into Bucharest (around $800). Budapest is the bets bet because larger airports are a better option. Good luck to you.

  135. I’m trying to figure out the best time to buy a ticket traveling from Atlanta, GA to Rome, Italy around July 20, 2017. All the prices that I’ve seen so far seem a bit high, would it be best to wait or bite the bullet and buy tickets now?

    • Hi DeVon, You should probably not wait. Flights to Europe are always set higher in the summer, and as we get closer to the travel dates, they tend to rise. The demand is always there from U.S. gateways to Europe from June to August and you are not likely to see sales or dips in existing published airfares.

  136. Looking to book a trip to Mauritius from Toronto, Canada in November of 2017. What would be the best time to book the flight?

  137. My family and I are planning a multi-stop trip to Europe from 12/15/2017 to 12/23/2017. We’ll be flying from Chicago to Amsterdam and then returning from Paris to Chicago. Right now the price for nonstop flights per person are around $750. Is this a good deal for a nonstop flight during that time?

    • That is a pretty good fare. I see similar itineraries in November and October for about $100 less, but for Christmas week you may not do much better than $750 and the odds are better that the longer you wait, the more the fares will be. Also, you didn’t mention how many tickets you need, but if it is more than 2 – don’t wait.

  138. Hi,

    I am planning for a trip to India with my family (2 adults, 2 kids) this summer, outbound betwenn June 9th and 12th and inbound between September 6th and 15th. I am looking for good deals for MSP-COK sector and from your article it looks like I am a bit late to book the tickets. Most itineraries are showing $1700+ round trip prices per person.

    Qatar Airways has a sale going on for ORD-COK route that comes to approximately $925 round trip per person. Since I will have to buy separate ticket for MSP-ORD, I am worried about missing connection in ORD or baggage not arriving in time etc.
    Similar to above case, another option I have now is with Delta (MSP-DEL) for $960 round trip per person and then do a separate domestic in India (DEL-COK).

    Currently, I am thinking to wait for 2-4 weeks more and see if any sales popup.I would like to get some suggestions on whether to go ahead buy the expensive single ticket route or do the 2 ticket route on Qatar Airways or even wait for couple more weeks or so.


    • Hi Sujith, I wish we could tell you with 100% conviction which way to go, but it’s really a personal preference. I cobble together international tickets all the time – but as you mentioned – the risk is that if you miss a connection you’re a bit out of luck with the airlines (if your airlines are on a code share, you might have a better outcome if a connection is missed). The airlines who code share are more apt to help you out. Or, if you tend to be a stressful traveler anyway, why add to your stress if you can afford the more expensive ticket. I would ultimately make this decision based on the length of the connection and whether or not the flights are on a code share. It is a bit of a gamble, but it might be worth it for the savings.

  139. I am planning a trip for my hubby, baby and i to st maarten June 16 through 25 2017.. I am seeing an American Airlines non stop round trip flight for about $670 a person. Is that a good price, I know we aren’t a year out and I had no idea I should book that far out for the best price flying to the carribean (I’ll know for next time ;)). Thank you in advance

    • Hi there, Well, don’t despair. Our recommendations are based on an average of all flights to a particular destination during the year. We do think that it’s a good idea to be shopping now, since June is popular in St. Maarten. Not sure where you are traveling from – that would help me better be able to tel you if $670 isa good fare.

  140. hi

    trying to fly to ireland for a wedding june 24 out of ny area. prices steady around 800 and is just too much for family of four. should we continue to wait? or take the flight to iceland then dublin for 680> such a long flight too bad we couldnt have a day layover and see some of iceland. cant figure out how to do that on the website.

    • Hi Colleen, We’re always pretty conservative with our advice, especially to Europe in the summer. I wouldn’t wait for better than $800 in June. I’d either snap up the seats at that fare, or plan on the longer flight times. You’re buying tickets for the most popular time for North American travel to Europe and $800 for nonstops is pretty fair. In any other year, we’d say don’t even think the fares might drop but this year is an anomaly in so many ways. If you decided to buy your tickets with us (CheapAir) and the fares dropped after you bought, we do issue vouchers for up to $100 on each ticket to help offset costs. Bottom line, it seems like a gamble to wait.

  141. Hello –

    I’m trying to determine the best time to purchase a flight out of South FL (FLL and MIA are both options) to Cancun. June 8 – 12
    I’m not sure what would be considered a good price for that time of year. Any advice?

    • Hi RC, This is at the tail end of high season for Cancun – at the moment, your best prices are out of Miami. You’ll pay more for nonstop flights and that may be worth it for the most direct route (it looks like connecting flights are quite a bit less, but have long layovers). Is the extra cash more important or the convenience? You have to make that determination. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much volatility in the prices, so you may have some time to play around with before you buy.

  142. Greetings,
    Starting the 4th or 5th of September, We are planning a six week visit to France. The Alsace. It appears the best for us would be to fly to CDG then transfer to a flight to Strasbourg, France. I would prefer at least a two hour layover to allow plenty of time for the connection. We need to arrive in Strasbourg before noon on the 6th. We hope to fly business. So, does the four month suggestion apply or should we try for earlier?

    • Hi David, Our airfare intelligence is for economy fares. If you’re flying business class the fares have much less volatility, but depending on how many tickets you need, you should plan accordingly. 4 months out is not a bad idea to make sure the business class seats are available and that you can get them at a less inflated price.

  143. Hello

    There’s a possibility I will need flights to Phoenix from the UK, February 2018. Would the best time to book be 120 days ie the same as what it would be to book flights from the US to Europe?

    Also we may need to go on to San Francisco or Los Angeles. What would traffic to these airports and Phoenix be like in February?


    • Hi Jacob, We are a North American company, so our airfare intelligence does cover outbound from the U.S. and Canada only. I can tell you that prices to fly from Phoenix to San Francisco or Los Angeles in February will be very affordable ($80-120 rt, likely).

  144. Hi Cheaper, I’m looking for a flight with set dates the second week of august, to SLC from Seoul. Last year I was able to book similarly for one week later in august, booked in may for 1000 USD, but now flights are already 1,500 USD. I was wondering if you have any idea for the smart window in this? I’m going to a convention event where yearly about 18,000 people attend, so those people obviously also need to book flights.

    • Hi Saskia, Our company is based in North America, so our airfare intelligence is for the outbound North American traveler. If you’re looking at a time in Salt Lake where they are expecting 18K international travelers, you might not want to wait too much longer to buy.

  145. Booking a 10-day trip to Cancun in June and depart on 11th and return on 20th from Richmond, VA. We would like to arrive early and leave late. When would be the best time to purchase these tickets?

    Thank you & great site!

    • Hi Bob, you should start looking for your flights soon. Our international flight study for 2017 has not yet been finalized, but it seems that Mexico beach destinations are likely to be priced best around the 3 months in advance mark.

  146. Hello!

    I’m looking to book 3 coach seats from JFK(NYC) to Amsterdam (Netherlands) on June 29th 2017, and Barcelona (Spain) to JFK(NYC) on July 10th 2017. The flights are currently around 1000+ for nonstop and 820+ for 1 stop each way. Do you think the prices will decrease or should we just bite the bullet with buying for 820+?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Trish, We give out conservative travel advice. We might suggest you have time to wait if you were flying in the spring or fall, but since you are traveling in high season, we have to recommend you not wait. Odds are the fares will not go down, and in fact, they could go up quite a bit.

  147. Hi our family of 4(we have 2-20 year old boys) would like to go to Greece for 10 days in July, and want to mountain bike one day during our island hopping. I’m thinking we will fly in and out of Athens, and won’t have time to get to Crete. Is there a outfitter or travel agent you can recommend to help us with this. Also, when should I book these tickets-now?

    • Hi Carol, Yes! You should definitely be looking to book soon. July is a very busy time for Europe travel and we’re almost 4 months out (the best time to buy in 2016). We do not have specific outfitters to recommend, but the Internet can be a great resource for just this sort of thing. A simple google search will be able to give you options, and then we recommend looking into customer reviews for that company to get a feel for their reputation. You can also usually get great information from local tourism boards.

  148. Hello – I am looking to travel with my family to Orlando, Fl for the Cheer Summit May 3 and return May 7. I live in Baton Rouge, LA but can fly out of New Orleans if it’s a better option. When can I find the cheapest flight??

    • Hi Tamara, without a doubt, New Orleans is going to save you money. You can get tickets on American for around $150 from New Orleans and the flights from Baton Rouge are almost twice that. Don’t wait too long to buy. That’s about as good a fare as you can get to Orlando. Good luck to you.

  149. Hi, We are looking to book 4 coach seats from SFO to Paris and London in Christmas for 1-2 weeks. When should I start looking for flights and what is a good deal price? Thank you!

    • Hi Elan, Start the search early, especially if you are flying during Christmas week. Here is a good resource (our Holiday flights calendar): https://www.cheapair.com/blog/holiday-flights/. This is for 2016, but it will show you where you should start your research. The 2017 version will be up at the end of August, but that may be too late for you to start your search. The good news is that these recommendations do not change much year over year. Start your search soon.

    • Hi Kem, it depends on what city you are traveling to. If you’re going to a destination in Florida, it’s probably not too early to be looking now. If you are traveling to a destination with less of a summer “high season,” you may be able to wait until June to start a serious search.

  150. Hi, I want to go visit my boyfriend in Istanbul at the end of November and am looking at saving up for tickets already. Since this list is good for 2016, I’m wondering if it is also good for 2017 considering a flight from SEA -> IST? And is Turkey considered part of the Middle East in your map or is it more like Europe? Thanks!

    • Hi Tessa, We are currently reviewing our data for 2017 and should have that report live in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience. Turkey is considered part of Europe for our reporting.

  151. I am looking to fly to Santiago Chile on December 7th and return December 16th. On December 12th we’d like to flt to Puerta Varas and stay a few days. My first question is when is a good time to purchase the flights and should we do two separate transactions ( book our flight round trip to Santiago and do the same for PV) or buy it together. Thanks

    • Hi Lynn, These are good questions. Last year, about 70 days out was the average best time to buy flights for South American destinations. This year it should be around the same, though we do have a new flight study coming out very shortly that can confirm this. Of course, this is an average for all of the countries in South America so this number should be used as a guideline rather than a rule. It’s hard to say if buying a ticket separately or bundled would give you the better fare. There’s no one rule on this, and a number of factors that can affect price. The best thing to do is always to do the research and look into your options.

  152. Hey, i’m planning on flying to Mexico on June 18th until July 2nd, ( Juarez international Airport ) when is the best time to book? I will fly from Manchester Airport, UK.

    • Hi Kane, full disclosure we are a U.S, company so most of our airfare intelligence deals with outbound flights from North America. However, we can make a few general suggestions. WE always recommend searching early and often to get a “good deal” on flights. You know you’re getting a good deal when a fare starts to move a bit (in either direction). Should the fare spike a bit that means that the lower priced fares are gone and you should buy now before they continue to rise. If the fares dip a bit that generally means that the airline isn’t seeing the sales they want and they’re trying to incent online buyers to buy (it usually works). We also recommend flying mid-week rather than the weekend. Good luck to you!

  153. Looking to travel from SLC to SAP (Salt Lake City to San Pedro Sula), departing any time from 8 to 20 May, and returning any time from 8 to 20 August)
    Been looking since January, prices have been basically the same. Any chance they’d drop? I purchased one on Copa for $705 last year on April 28, that flight was departing May 9, so only a week and a half before. Similar flights I’m seeing from 900 to 1100$ and above right now and have been seeing those prices since January.

    • Hi Allan, It’s really hard to say. As you mentioned, when flights do not sell prices can drop closer to the dates of travel. But there is really no way to accurately predict this phenomenon. The airlines use algorithms to et pricing these days and they tend to know exactly how many seats will sell at what price point. I would keep a close eye on the fares – you can always take a wait and see attitude. But be prepared to buy as soon as you see price movement (of course, you run the risk of the prices going up, if you wait as well).

  154. I just want to say thank you in advance! It’s amazing the way you and your team are replying to everyone!

    I know I’m super early on this… but I just want to make sure I have a game plan. Taking a cruise out of Barcelona next Spring for my son’s 16th birthday. Cruise leaves on a Sunday… looking to fly in on a Thursday. This will be out first international flights. What things should I be considering?

    • Hi Miranda, Look to buy your tickets mid-week instead of the weekend if you can swing it. Weekend flights fill up first. You may be able to wait a bit and watch fares, but you should curb that impulse if you have more than 2 tickets to buy. Fare categories have a small number of seats at each price point and once they’ve sold out, you’re out of luck. You could also try searching for 1 ticket even if you need 5. That way (by buying individual tickets), you can guarantee that you’re buying the lowest price tickets available.

  155. Hi there, I am eyeing flights from San Francisco (SFO) to Athen, Greece departing August 31st and returning September 9th. The lowest price I’m seeing right now is $737 on Turkish Airlines, which seems very reasonable. Would you advise booking the flights now or is there a chance the price will decrease further within the next 6 weeks?

    • Hi Mycah, Don’t wait! You are correct. This fare is very good and typically fares get more expensive as we get closer to travel dates, not less.

  156. We are looking at two tickets from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta during the first week of October (weekday flights). Right now it seems as though the only nonstop flights are on Saturday and I’m guessing this is due to October being at the end of PV’s low travel season. I’m seeing roundtrip flights in the $350-$500 range, depending on airline, but my question is if we should expect to see nonstop flights become available in this lane? I have heard than nonstop flights can open up closer to the flight date, but I do not want to wait to long and miss out on a preferred one-stop flight.

    • Hi Jack, It’s really hard to tell and these decisions are driven almost exclusively by demand. It’s a gamble to wait.

  157. Hello and thank you for your answer in advance. Do I buy early for Vancouver-Sao Paulo in January or wait till around Black Fri in November to buy?

    • Hi Leslie, It’s looking like 2 months out should be just fine for North America to South America travel. We have a “When to Buy” study coming out in a couple of weeks that should bear this out. I’ll give you a shout and link you to the post when it hits.

  158. We want to take a trip to Nicaragua at the end of the year for about 5-7 days and our travel dates are flexible, anytime between Dec 26-Jan 13. When is the best time to buy tickets and what dates should we be looking at to get the best price? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Kelley, You should probably concentrate your searches after January 3 (when the holiday prices take a steep dip). The sweet spot for central America is about 3 months out (on average), but I would start a search as soon as you can (it will help you know the itinerary’s fluctuations and be in a better position to buy).

  159. Hi Cheapair, thank you for your informative website! 2 x adults looking at Cairns Aust. – Detroit – Boston (train to NYC) then NYC return to Cairns from 10 August – 27 August. Multicity Delta quotes us $US 1,709, sale on right now in Aust. – should we jump at that now?! It was a bit cheaper a month ago…

    • Hi Carlee, You’re booking at a very expensive time of year for Boston/NYC. I would book soon. The fares are not likely to go down, and instead, may continue to climb.

  160. Looking to book a one way flight from Europe to the Bay Area in September.
    Should I book the ticket this coming Tuesday or a few months later? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Sarah, We are a U.S. based travel company, so our airfare intelligence is typically outbound from North America. Having said that, a few things are true and can be applied to inbound travel as well. Flights on the weekend tend to be priced higher than flights mid-week. September is no longer high season for most U.S. destinations so you can probably wait a bit to see if prices go down. Keep an eye on the fares and take note of fluctuations. Once the fares start a small, incremental climb you must consider buying soon.

  161. Hey 🙂 I am planning to go to Mexico city from Europe (London, Stockholm or Copenhagen) in August for two-three weeks. I found tickets for about 500 eur round trip. Should I buy it or should I wait for better options?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Reda, Honestly $500 EUR seems quite good for August. I would probably snap it up – not sure if you’ll see anything better.

  162. I’m planning to travel to Hyderabad India from detroit US. We are a family of 5 with younger being 3 years old. My questions are
    When is the best time to travel to get cheap tickets
    How early should we book tickets
    What is the least price for the ticket per person
    Is there a possibility that my younger one get free ticket?

    • Hi there, Unfortunately you can only get free tickets for lap infants (and most of the time that free ticket only works on domestic flights). International fares are sometimes discounted for small children, but you would have to ask the airlines directly about this option. Book your tickets around 3 months out (on average) to get the best prices. If you’d like to get the best prices to India, it looks like booking for September or October this year will get you fares for around $800. Booking for the summer months will cost more – about $1200 at the moment. As an added incentive, if you book with us you can use our price drop payback feature, which protects your ticket from fare changes after you buy for up to $100 per ticket. Read more about that here: https://www.cheapair.com/help/flights/what-is-price-drop-payback-pdp/

  163. Looking for Economy flight from Delhi to Hongkong on November 2nd, Hongkong to Bangkok on Nov 13th and Bangkok to Delhi on November 17th.
    When should we book?

    • Hi Suresh, It looks like options for this itinerary are available for around $650 USD total. You have to book tickets separately but that’s a pretty good price overall. I wouldn’t wait too much longer; fares are likely to go up rather than down. Not sure how many tickets you need.If it’s just one or two, you might wait a bit and see if the fares go down. If you have to buy 3+ tickets, I urge you to buy soon.

  164. Looking for two tickets DAY to LHR. July 6 – July 16. Dates can be flexible. 1 stops. Everything is 1300 – 1400. Hopper indicates the price will drop about 170 soon. Can you help please?

    • Hi Bonnie, Been tracking these fares for a few days and I don’t see them going down. Hopper does have a pretty good track record with their predictions, but it’s definitely a gamble to wait.

  165. Adult: 2
    Child: 1 (2yrs)
    When can I get a cheapest ticket from SFO to KBL in 2017?
    Thank you

    • Hi Salar, Are you looking for one way or return? If you are looking for return tickets, can you specify how long you’d like to stay? These answers will help us find the best flights to suggest.

  166. Hi I’m looking for a turkish airlines flight on 8/17 from JFK to Istanbul .. a stopover in Istanbul from 8/17 to 8/29 then to Pakistan on 8/29. Returning 9/17 to JFK. This is a multi city trip.
    My return date is flexible. I’m coming up with a fair of 905 but it keeps changing should I book now or wait another week to see if prices change as currently the fare is 1025. Please advise. And thank you in advance

    • Hi Umar, I think $905 sounds very reasonable (I can’t get anywhere near this on my own putting together fares). I would definitely take it, even at $1025. We don;t expect fares to go down for your dates.

  167. Hello,
    I want to book a round tripflight from milan to mumbai in the first week of august.
    The flights are really getting expensive.
    Since being a student its almost impossible fr me to book tickets.
    Reply awaited
    Thank you

  168. I am going to travel to Uganda anytime between December 10th to January 8th. I am coming back around February 5th to 10th. I am flexible. What is the best deal and time to buy? Do you think it will get cheaper later on? Thanks

  169. Hello we’re going to travel dubai from pakistan we are 4 guys could you please tell me, when to book a flight for dubai in december 20 to january 5,

    • Hi Matt,

      Based on your dates and routing, it would be good to check fares early and often. We’d recommend booking about 3-5 months prior your departure. Keep in mind, when you book on CheapAir.com, if the price for the same itinerary goes down any time before your trip, we’ll pay you back the difference in the form of a travel voucher for up to $100 per ticket! Please let us know if you need any help with finding flights.

  170. Hello, your help would be much appreciated.

    I will be flying out of NYC (any airport) on 11/8/17 to Cancun, Mexico and flying back on 11/12/17. Can you advise when would be the best time to purchase my flight for this?

    • Hi Martin, In 2017 we are recommending about 2 months out as being a good time to get the best fares for most destinations in Mexico. At the moment, you can get fares that week for right around $400 on Aeromexico from JFK with one stop. That does seem higher than a lot of other dates in October & November (I see fares for around $300 round trip outside of the dates you are searching). If you have some flexibility on dates, I recommend expanding your search. If you are tied to those dates, I might not wait too much longer.

  171. Heading to London from Seattle Nov.17-26. Do you think fares are going to wiggle up and down as they have been or do you feel as if they will only go up from here? Thanks

    • Hi JJ, It’s hard to say with 100% conviction when fares to London might start to climb. The 2017 When to Buy study for international flights suggests that a bit over 3 months out is the best time to buy fares for the lowest cost: https://www.cheapair.com/blog/travel-tips/when-should-you-book-an-international-flight/. We are getting close to that window AND another consideration to be aware of is that the study is based on averages of top markets and a range of dates throughout the year. The fares right now for your dates are quite low (some might say they will not get any lower). Norwegian Air has nonstop flights for under $600 for your dates. That’s going to be hard to beat and may not last much longer.

  172. What is the best time from for booking cheapest flights to Aruba round-trip from Chicago leaving Monday, June 25th, 2018 and returning Saturday, June 30th, 2018? Does Aruba count as ‘international’ or Caribbean?

    • Hi Megan. Aruba is definitely part of the Caribbean. It’s a little hard to say what the best time to buy for Aruba will be for next June since our When to Buy study covers the current year. For this year, we recommended about 2.5 months out as being the best time to buy ON AVERAGE for Caribbean destinations: https://www.cheapair.com/blog/travel-tips/when-should-you-book-an-international-flight/. It would be a little early to buy now, unless you’re booking for a cruise (oftentimes the best fares sell out very early when a cruise from the arrival destination is involved). Good luck to you!

  173. I need inf for round-trip from Minnesota to el Salvador from 21 of dicember to 13 of January for 3 adults and 2 kids 13/9

    • Hi there, It looks like the best fares out of Minneapolis for your dates are around $1,000 on American or Delta. Our best advice would be not to wait too long – the fares around Christmas week and into January tend to be priced at a premium and sell lower fares out faster than other times of the year. There is not a discount for kids. If you want the whole group to sit together, I would plan on booking soon, perhaps as soon as the end of the summer. Good luck to you!

  174. I need info for a round trip from sept 22-oct 22 from philadelphia to Kathmandu, nepal, i adult

    Thank you!

    • Hi Himeh, It looks like Qatar Airways has an itinerary that is only about 19 hours total with a 2 hour stop in Doha (Qatar) for around $1200 round trip. Let us know if you’d like additional information and I can send you further details.

  175. Hello! Family of 5 flying to Europe in June 2018. I’m seeing some non stop flights into Paris and out of London on Norwegian (with checked bag and meals) for around $950. A friend says to wait but am I likely to see much cheaper fares? Non stop is important because of a special needs child.

    • Hi Julie, Where are you flying from? $950 is a little high from New York, for instance, but is probably great from a lot of midwest or even west coast originating cities. If nonstops are a must, those flights will likely be higher from a lot of destinations around the country. I would probably book early if you need the nonstops. You might pay a slight premium for the tickets, but there’s a value in that if you need them.

  176. Pls when would be the best time to get the best/cheapest deal for a flight from Lagos, Nigeria to Dallas, Forth Worth going on 20th December and returning 6th January for a family of 5

    • Hi Engee, Because you are looking to travel at one of the busiest travel periods of the year (the last week of December and the first week of January), we’d have to suggest starting your search as soon as possible. You are also looking for tickets for a group of 5 – I assume that this family would like to sit near one another (especially if you have small kids). The earlier you search, the more likely you will be to find tickets seated together.

  177. Hi! I’m looking for the cheapest flight for 2 adults to the Dominican Republic flying out of Florida. We’re not set on a particular airport, just whichever is cheapest! We will be going March 4-8 2018 or March 5-9, again whichever is cheaper! Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Dakota, It’s not to early to be thinking about purchasing your flights. March is prime “Spring Break” time in the Caribbean and flight prices are generally higher than they are at other times of the year. Your best prices for flights will be out of Miami. Nonstop flights from Miami on American are available for the 5th to the 9th for right around $300. The 4th to the 8th are slightly more expensive at around $350 round trip.

  178. Hello,
    I am looking to go to Ireland for my honeymoon in Oct 2018. When do you believe the best time to book would be considering my fiance and I would like to sit together but still get the best deal. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Kelsey, You probably don’t need a huge lead time for Ireland in October. Flights for around $400-600 should be easy to snag (closer to $400 from big cities and closer to $600 if you’re booking from a smaller spot. We’d suggest you look at fares once they are published (in November or Decenber). but you can probably hold out until summer to buy.

  179. Hi. First of all this is a great site! Keep up the good work! Second, We are flying to Milan, Italy from Maryland at the end of April 2018. With multiple airports on both ends to fly into and out of do you recommend any particular one over another? And third, what is the best time to start checking flights prices for that time period? Thanks.

    • Hi Randall, Thanks for the compliment! So, to your questions. Generally speaking, Dulles seems to be returning the best fares (with a smattering of BWI’s showing up as well). It looks like I;m seeing fares under $700 from IAD and under $800 from BWI. I plugged in dates flying from Tuesday, Apr 24 to Tuesday, May 1 but those may not be your preferred travel dates. Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to offer the best fares. It’s not too early to start looking now. 2017 has been a little interesting because there’s been some new low cost trans-Atlantic players who have started selling flights and that may drive up demand to Europe. The good news is that most Americans still go to Europe in May to August so April is less likely to see a spike in fares/demand. Most of the best fares are going into Malpensa (MXP) on the Milan end. Not to overcomplicate your plans, but if you were amenable to flying into Reykjavik (nonstop) on Wow, and then catching another flight into Milan on a low cost european carrier there are nonstop flights as low as $370 from BWI.

  180. Hi there,

    Trying to book a flight for Punta Cana in DR from San Diego. Our dates are May 3-May 7. When would be the best time to book for the best deal?

    • Hi Ana, Because of the 2017 hurricane, it may be a good idea to start your search early. There is speculation that travel to the region may be down. If that is the case, the flight prices will be lower than typical. Of course, you’d still have to strike while the iron is hot – some travelers not put off, will be waiting to take advantage of low fares. Start your search early. It could be helpful to sign up for a fare tracking alert so you can set it, forget about it and then when the fares change you’ll get a notification.

  181. Good Morning,

    My daughters and I are flying from Chicago to Edinburgh, Scotland from June 26th to July 19th. Today I found non stop flights for $837 each. Do you think the price will get any better?

    • Hi there, It’s really hard to say. We have been doing this for a while though, so we can make an educated guess. If your plans were for shoulder season or low season in Europe, I might say it’s worth the gamble to wait a bit. But you are traveling at the most popular (and expensive)time of year and our best guess will be that prices will probably trend higher rather than lower. For your dates, a ticket around $800 is really pretty good actually. I see the bulk of flights in July going for well over $1,000. The best conservative advice would be to buy now (or as soon as you can).

  182. We are traveling as a split group. 3 of us from YTO – LHR in March 2018 and 1 from MSP – LHR. Thoughts on booking now or wait a little until after New Year? Thanks

    • Hi James, Buying right now is going to get you the best fares. Once you get within 2 weeks of your travel dates you can expect the fares to go up and not come back down.

  183. We are traveling from Phx to Barcelona May 26- June 10 is this considered high season. Prices have not not come down and wanted to know if I should wait until March to book airfare.

  184. Flying from philly or dulles to Budapest in early June of this year. Returning from Munich to philly ten days later. Flights at $1200 or more for non stop. Seem very high. Should we watch a bit longer?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Pat, Yes, flights to Budapest have never been much of a bargain and the summer months are at a premium. Can you send me specific dates so I can see what I can find for you?

  185. Hi…got good advice the last time, so here I am again. I’m looking at 11/21 to 11/29/18 with a multiple itinerary. 11/21 from SFO-LHR on united and 11/29 from BCN-SFO with a stop over in MUC on Lufthansa for $549. Last week it was $499. It’s 10 months ahead. Should I book now or wait? Thank you

  186. 6 adults from LAX to Paris end of June for a few days, then Paris to Geneva for about 5 days. Then Geneva back home to LAX.

    • Hi Christine, Because you’re looking to buy 6 tickets in the busiest month of the summer (July) to one of the most popular cities in Europe (Paris), we have to offer conservative advice. And the conservative advice based on all of these elements would be to start a serious search soon.

  187. We need 2 reasonable tickets to Barcelona Spain (leave 7/15/19- return 7/29/19). We have looked for similar tickets this year and they are ridiculous. When should we buy and which airline is the best value?

    • Hi Ron, Tickets to Europe in July are going to be the most expensive for you if you’e flying from the United States. You do seem to have picked some decent dates for snagging better priced flights – check out our Europe Summer Flights page here https://www.cheapair.com/blog/summer-flights-to-europe/ – it has the best days to buy on a calendar to peruse. Can you share your departure city? That would help me give you more customized advice.

  188. Hi. Two adults DEN-YXY Aug 18 – Sept 1. Currently ~$1700. Should I wait to buy closer to the travel date? Thx.

    • Hi Elizabeth, Is that price for one ticket? I see fares for around $900 round trip. I don;t think those fares are likely to go down, but we are a bit out from those travel dates. Unless there is a specific event in Whitehorse that could cause these dates to be priced at a premium, I would probably take a watch and wait strategy – watching the fares and waiting to see how they are fluctuating. There doesn’t seem to be a huge inventory of flights, so it may be that the existing schedules will simply start to sell down – if you’re locked into your dates it may be a good time to buy sooner rather than later.

  189. Hey,
    Looking to fly from Asheville, NC to Bangkok Thailand. Ideally I would leave around December 15th 2018 and return Janurary 13 2019. It is during peak season. I could also fly from Atlanta or Greenville, SC as well.

    When do you think I should buy?

    • Hi Dylan. Thanks for the question. You’re probably going to get the best prices out of Atlanta, but that may not be the most convenient way for you to go (how much is a convenient ticket worth it when you’re on the back end of a great trip and you’re tired and just want to get home)? That’s a question you have to answer for yourself. You could also look into pricing flights from Asheville to either LAX or SFO (both airports have a lot of inexpensive flights to Thailand). You’re flying right at the cusp of holiday travel too, so your flights may already be priced a skotch higher than usual – It’s not too early to start a preliminary search. If you see a great fare – snap it up! You can get flights from LAX for around $600 most of the year. It looks like your dates are already pricing out closer to $900. Those fares are not likely to go down.

  190. Hello – I’m looking for 2 adults, 1 child airfare from Denver to Santiago, Chile on December 12, returning December 26, 2018. When do you think I should buy, and what is typically the best rate? Thank you.

  191. Moving in July to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Ohio. The flight we like is listed at just over $900 per person for a one way. It was $750-$850 about a week ago and we missed booking in time. Should we book now or do you think it will go down again? Thanks!

    • Hi John, It is really hard to say. There are fluctuations in airfare all the time, and I don’t know your exact dates. Usually, if a fare makes incremental increases that means the lowest fares have sold out and you can expect the fares to continue a creep skyward. This sounds like what might be happening (if I use the $850 number). If I use the $750 number that sounds more like an airline just bouncing around prices a bit through their algorithms to try and find the best place to land. Can you send me specific dates to review? That might make things clearer (if you haven;t already bought).

  192. Looking for 2, premium economy, multi destination. Leaving 10/8/18 return 10/20/18. ATL to FCO and VCE to ATL. Seeing prices around $2,700-3,200. Should I wait or buy now? Thanks.

    • Hi Andrew, It’s a good news/bad news situation for you. The good news is that there isn’t much volatility in premium airfare (business and first class), so you could wait to buy quite a while and not see the prices spike. Premium ECONOMY is another story. Plenty of people are willing to pay a little extra for the perks of premium economy and those seats sell out quickly. I would probably buy soon if you’re looking in the category of premium economy.

  193. Hello! My sister and I will be flying to London from LAX on December 16th and then flying from Dublin to LAX on January 4th, does the time table above still apply? Do the holidays change it?

    • Hi Alex, Yes. You’re onto something. Traveling over the Christmas holidays mean that the fares are already going to be priced at a premium and also that the typical schedule we propose might not hold. Our best advice for shopping for holiday flights is always to buy early. We have a feature called price drop payback that will pay you back (in credit for future travel up to $100 per ticket if the fare should go up after you buy). I don;t always recommend that option, but it’s a good one for holiday travel. Most people don’t want to buy too early for fear that their tickets will go down – it just doesn’t happen often enough around Christmas for us to suggest that gamble. Good luck to you!

  194. Hi, looking to fly on Emirates for 2 people in Nov. 2018. They have economy seats going for $946 round trip out of Washington DC (IAD). Do you think the prices will drop even lower or should we book now?

    • Hi Dee, to be honest this does sound like quite a good fare. If we were in your shoes, we’d probably snap it up!

  195. Hi, I am looking for a flight from houston to nepal from december 19 to, 2018 to January 19, 2019. Doyou have any good deals for it?

    • Hi Trishna, That’s a long journey (best I can see is 30 hours with 2 connections). At the moment, a Lufthansa /Air India flight seems to be the best way to go. The flight is about $1700 round trip, with layovers in Frankfurt and Delhi. Let us know if we can offer you any additional assistance or answer any questions.

  196. Hello my name is Sandra and am from Ghana. I want to travel to Italy so how much is the ticket and the passport

    • Hi Sandra, Can you share what city in Italy you’d like to fly to and the dates you are considering so we can offer you some personalized advice?

  197. Looking for best time to purchase the lowest prices on business (or first) class round trip tickets TPA-CPH 02-15 July 2019. Currently looking at Delta/KLM, but am open to suggestions. Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Bill, It’s definitely not too early to be shopping for this Tampa to Copenhagen flight. Looking at what is available, it does seem as though there are a small group of flights that have decent connections (total flight time of 14 or 15 hours) and then the other flights available jump to 20-21+ hours. The good news for you is that business and first class flights tend to have less volatility so the prices aren’t likely to go up much (if at all) if you wait to buy. On the other hand, there are a finite number of decent flights available and once they are gone they’re not coming back. You’re flying at peak season for US-Europe and these tickets are certain to sell out. Our best advice is to buy soon.

    • Hi Peter, It looks like there aren’t any direct flights for your dates. There are a number of flights with connections available, ranging from $758 to $1,075 in cost. Are there any particular airlines or flight times you’d prefer?

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