Where Can I Travel to Avoid the Cold This Winter?

With record low temperatures pounding the U.S. this winter, people all over the country are looking for some relief from the chill. We’ve got some helpful tips and hot spots to help you turn up the heat and escape the cold!

Explore Your African Dreams

cape town south africa
Remember, any destination south of the equator is in the middle of their summer while we’re shivering through the winter months. Why not use these colder months stateside to consider a trip to South Africa, a fascinating destination with rich culture, amazing beaches, Table Mountain and sunny skies in our colder months?

Take a Deep Dive into French Polynesia

french polynesia
Situated equidistant from California and Australia and made up of 100 islands spread over 12,000 miles, French Polynesia is a tropical paradise par excellence. Come for the mesmerizing beaches, stay for the temperate waters (averaging close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit all winter.

Beat the Heat

thailand beaches
Thailand is a stunning destination, but it’s summer’s are brutal (unless you’re into sweltering temperatures). Winter is legit the perfect time to explore it’s cities and countryside, and with average temperatures in the mid-80’s, you’ll not want to miss the legendary Thai beaches in the southern coast!

Stay Close to Home

merida mexico
Mexico is a quick hop from the continental U.S. and the Yucatan Peninsula in particular has some of its best weather during our winter months. The dry, warm season runs from November to April with temperatures in the daytime reaching mid-80’s. Tulum is fantastic for ecotourists, history buffs and people who just want to unplug while the island of Cozumel is a diver’s paradise. Cancun has long been the best destination for resort-lovers and fans of an all-inclusive vacation. And up-and-coming Merida is our pick for travelers who love delicious food and a more sophisticated city break!

Go Against the Grain

bali indonesia
Bali is one of the most exotic and naturally beautiful places on the globe, and its prices tend to reflect this rarefied position in travel circles. But if you’re on a bit of a budget and you want to live the sweet life, winter is the right time to make the leap. The rainy season is in full swing, but the showers pass quickly, the tourist season is over, and the surfing season is in full swing (the best waves are in the winter).

Selfie Central

the maldives
Because of it’s remote location off the coast of India, not many people make the long journey to this island nation. But if it’s not on your bucket list, it certainly should be. The Maldives might be the most photogenic place on earth and if you’re someone who likes a cool photo-op (or 100!) this location is perfect!

Discover the Saharan Life

morocco sahara africa
South Africa is one way to take in the continent, but Morocco is a completely different taste of Africa. Most people wouldn’t miss a Saharan trek, but the summer temperatures in Morocco make this idea off limits for everyone put off by temperatures north of 100 degrees. Go in the winter to immerse yourself in nomadic culture with more temperate weather (70 degrees, on average).

Lean into the Cold

lake tahoe california
This may sound a bit counterintuitive, but bear with us on this one. Take a ski vacation and plan to stay at a lodge with spa services. That way you can ski and snowboard all day, and then cozy up to a spa menu and all of the luxurious après ski activities your heart desires. Lake Tahoe is a fantastic spot that includes casinos (on the Nevada side of the lake). Why not embrace the cold weather and just go with the flow?

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