With the presidential election less than a week away, people’s stress levels and political fatigue are through the roof! We’re all quite obviously in need of a vacation and a chilled out, politics-free zone to decompress. Well, voting citizen, we feel your pain and we’ve got you covered. CheapAir.com wants to offer you some rest & relaxation options where you’re much less likely to have to talk about either of those two people (who shall remain nameless).

sedona, arizona

Sedona, Arizona
Stunning hiking and scenery surround the little, central Arizona town of Sedona just an hour and a half from Phoenix by car. Sedona is also home to four of the world’s “spiritual” vortices – situated at Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock and Airport Road. Thousands of pilgrims come from all over the world to visit these centers and bask in their uplifting glow every year. Believers of the mystical powers of these energy centers report an overwhelming feeling of positivity and well being that last for days after a visit. In this election year even the most skeptical among us can use a little hippie dippie good vibes. Where do we sign up?

maui, hawaii

Maui, Hawaii
The good folks of Hawaii are just not that big on voting– just half the electorate bothered to get to the polls in the last presidential election. With the warm winds blowing and the big waves calling, and all that spectacular natural beauty to distract you from politics, can you blame them? We recommend tossing your bikini in a backpack with a good book and catching the next flight out of town! Maui has more than 130 miles of coastline and 30 beaches to choose from so you’ll be the envy of all your friends back on the mainland.

new orleans, louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana
Often touted as the most European of U.S. cities, N’awlins residents are famed for their inclusive and effusive nature, as well as their natural inclination to throw the best and biggest parties you ever did see. You think they need an occasion? Hardly. The city is full of characters that will sit and chat for a while, but no one is going to try and change your mind in the Big Easy. No darlin’. Just set your troubles aside, grab a drink and a friend, and ride out the election coverage in glorious style on Bourbon Street.

nashville, tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee
We’d like to choose Nashville for our readers looking for a place to lie low and ride out the election. Choose one of the city’s awesome rooftop bars to get some serious day drinking in on November 8, and don’t come down until the polls close. When they do, come on down, grab some BBQ and stumble over to lower Broad Street where you can either celebrate or continue to drown your sorrows in one of the many honkytonks and dive bars playing the blues.


Anchorage, Alaska
Anchorage makes our list of stress-relieving destinations for two reasons. First – if you’re trying to avoid conversation about politics you should head to a place with wide-open spaces and a lot less people. The stunning Alaskan wilderness is a good place to center yourself and avoid the never-ending political noise. Another somewhat surprising reason to explore Anchorage this election season is that Alaska has the most yoga studios per capita. And as a bonus, Alaska was voted the “Happiest State in America” in 2014.* Namaste, voters.

That’s how you ride out a painful election season. Choose your own adventure, keep your sense of humor if you can, and we’ll see you at the inauguration!

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