We’ve been selling flights to Cuba online now for about six months (we’re still the only show in town), and advising people the 12 reasons authorized by the U.S. government for U.S. citizens to travel there. In this time, we’ve collected some interesting data that give insight into why U.S. citizens are making the trip. Here’s the CheapAir breakdown of reasons U.S. citizens are traveling to Cuba.



By far, most travelers going to Cuba are doing so for “educational activities” at 27%. The second most popular reason for travel to Cuba is, somewhat unsurprisingly, professional research and professional meetings at 23%. “Visiting family,” “journalistic activities,” and “support for the Cuban people” round out the top 5.

Cuba is arguably the most exciting emerging destination for U.S. travelers in recent memory. We’re thrilled to be facilitating the continued progress and helping interested U.S. citizens make their inaugural visits to the island nation. On offer are a variety of available charter flights including nonstop options! Just a reminder that you do still need to be licensed for travel (on the honor system). If you qualify, you’re authorized under a “general license” and do not need to qualify under a “specific license.” You’ll need to declare your reason for travel at the point of purchase. We’ve put together a post that gives additional information for U.S. citizens wondering which authorized reason/license umbrella he or she might be able to travel to Cuba under.




This is still a crucial requirement for U.S. citizens since travel for leisurely pursuits is not presently allowed (it’s coming soon, we promise!) Until then, we hope this graphic helps you identify the potential your specific trip may have to qualify. Happy travels!

Loads of other questions for U.S. citizens can be answered in our comprehensive guide/FAQs. And if that doesn’t cover it, please feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected]. You can also tweet your travel questions to us @CheapAir.

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