Why I Travel: New location, new motivation

By Jennifer B.

I travel to a new destination every year for my birthday…Paris, Bora Bora, SoBe (South Beach Miami, FL), and Niagara Falls, ON to name a few.  The really fun part is the winning motivation/marketing to settle on my destination:

 Why I Travel: New location, new motivation
Photo courtesy of FranceTourism.com

Paris: Moulin Rouge (History and the “rumors”) and The Eiffel Tower (historical monument)

Bora Bora: (A commercial I saw on TV from The Washington Post newspaper)

SoBe: (I dig the NBA Miami Heat team; could’ve seen game #1 of 2010 – 2011 finals)

Niagara Falls, ON: (although I’m originally from The Midwest with a tornado history…water is both awesome and beautiful as well as vicious and destructive.  I sat in my window for hours at a time, just watching this “beast of nature”)

I appreciate the uniqueness, beauty, vibe of each destination.  I appreciate different destinations like I appreciate different people.  What a boring life and world if everyone I knew was just like me!  Nope, no thank you.

I like viewing commercials/marketing to see how destinations “talk to me” and entice me.

This is a guest post from CheapAir customer Jennifer B. We love hearing about what motivates and inspires our customers to travel. Share your stories at Stories@CheapAir.com!

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