Spring is the perfect time to find discounted hotels and reasonable airfare value for expensive winter and summer destinations.

Why is spring shoulder season a better value?

You can choose a ski destination in spring that would have been much more costly at the height of ski season. Similarly, a lot of summer destinations (especially in Europe) price more and more travelers out of the market, as we get deeper into the summer months. Flights and hotel stays are typically much lower in the spring. Another attractive feature of shoulder season travel is the less crowded locales. Avoid high season crowds and become a shoulder season fan (like travelers in the know!)

Utah and Colorado offer great skiing well into April and May

sun behind a skiier in colorado

The beautiful thing about the weather in Colorado and Utah is that the months of April (and sometimes even into May) provide ample snow at some of the biggest ski resorts. You can have a big snow dump and then the sun comes out! This provides warm weather skiing which can be some of the best conditions for folks hitting the slopes! Consider ski resorts like Alta and Snowbird in Utah, and Arapahoe Basin and Wolf Creek in Colorado for the spring shoulder season!

Brazil offers great value just after Carnival ends

Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro with Christ Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain

Carnival is a hugely popular time to visit Brazil. But almost immediately after this world-class party ends in March, airfare and hotel prices return to normal levels as well. Looking to diversify your international destination portfolio? Brazil is an amazing country with so much natural beauty and vibrant culture to explore.

Visit Alaska before summer

Alaska whale watching boat excursion.

Did you know that Alaska doesn’t really have a spring season at all? We go from winter to a period called “Breakup” which is the time when snow is melting and you can get veritable floods of mud all over the state. Still, because more and more people are planning trips to Alaska during shoulder season, visitor facilities have started to open earlier. Cruise ship towns will be open for tourism as soon as the first cruises start to come into port, usually around May 1. Plan your Alaska trip carefully, and you can visit one of our most stunning states, for a fraction of the cost during shoulder season. You can save almost half by traveling to Alaska during shoulder season.

Visit Italy in spring to save on hotels and airfare

trevi fountain in rome with a woman holding spring flowers

We single out Italy, mainly because American tourists swarm all over the country in the summer months. As someone who has visited Italy in the summer and dead of winter, I can confirm that spring offers the best of both worlds. You can completely circumvent the astronomical airfares and hotel costs you’ll find in the summer, but still find the majority of businesses open to tourism. Sometimes in the winter months, you can still experience long lines at tourist attractions because Italian school children visit museums in the winter months. Springtime in Italy also offers balmy days without the oppressive heat of the summer months. You can expect flight savings of almost $150/ticket by traveling in shoulder season.

Visit Paris in spring to save on flights and hotels

paris with spring flowers in foreground

Yes, it’s true. Paris in the springtime even inspired a song back in the 1950’s. Now, more Americans visit the City of Lights in the summer months, but those who know the city often do prefer it in the spring. You’ll see a minimum of tourists and a maximum of spring flowers. The weather is often clear and sunny, and flights can be quite reasonable. Expect flight savings of almost $200/ticket by traveling in shoulder season.

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