Why you should be buying your Thanksgiving flights now

We’re hearing a common question this week at CheapAir : The price of my Thanksgiving flight has gone up. Should I buy now or wait? Our answer now for most is simple: Buy now.

CheapAir November Flights Calendar

Here’s why:

  • Thanksgiving is just eight weeks away and flights are starting to fill. Once they are nearing capacity, only higher priced seats will be available.
  • The price of a flight is largely determined by how full the flight is, and flights will be full for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • The CheapAir Holiday Fare Index remains near its three-month low, but will likely rise in the coming weeks.

When you do buy, here’s how to save:

  • For the cheapest holiday flights, use CheapAir’s Best Days to Fly Calendar and pick travel days that are not highlighted in orange (orange indicates the most expensive, and popular, holiday travel days). Look for the holiday travel dates that are marked green for the lowest fares.
  • Consider alternate airports near you and near your destination.
  • Mix-and-match® airlines on CheapAir – it could save you money or help you find a more convenient travel schedule versus just flying on one airline.

Happy holiday travels!


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  1. Dear Customer Service
    I was not happy when the airtrain landed from laguardia to Atlanta was delayed lending and My connected flight was missed. I had to take a later flight and could not attend my seminar as planed.

    Therefore I would like to reschedule my flight from midway airport to laguardia directly in the afternoon by 2pm.

    I look forward to hearing from you .


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