In past years, the beginning of November could mean a huge jump in airline ticket prices. This year, prices aren’t so volatile.

family at airportWe know people are still deciding whether or not they’ll travel this year, but the cost of an airline ticket shouldn’t be a factor. Our Holiday Flights page tells the story.

At the same time, your best chance of getting the lowest price for a Thanksgiving airline ticket are already behind you and the prices are only going to continue to climb.

Thanksgiving airline tickets were projected to be $283 on average in September, but they actually ended up $254 on average. The projected average price for airline tickets in October was $308, but the actual average price has been $316, only about 3% higher than what was projected.

In November, the projected average ticket price is $340 overall, but daily prices are already getting quite close to this threshold (Thursday, October 29 the average fare was $336). Please don’t wait to buy your ticket. If you have concerns about Covid-19, keep in mind the airlines all have generous change and cancellation policies in place so you can be confident that booking now still affords you the flexibility you need.

Please visit the CheapAir 2020 Holiday Flights page for the latest news, tips and strategies for booking holiday flights.

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