With the news focusing on price hikes at the gas pump, we thought it time to check in with travelers on what the rest of 2022 might look like for consumers – from airfare to cruises and even car rentals. Brace yourselves – it’s going to get expensive. The experts say that jet fuel prices have already increased 50% in 2022, and those prices are only going up.

Jet fuel surcharges may make a return

It hasn’t happened yet, but we might need to prepare to see the return of jet fuel surcharges. The airlines usually stockpile surplus fuel in a process called “hedging,” so they can buy fuel at the best price and not subject themselves and their passengers to the oil market volatility. But the pandemic caused the air travel demand to plummet, and a lot of airlines now find themselves in a situation where they’re more at the mercy of the market.

The airlines historically pass these increases on to passengers in the form of a fuel surcharge, though many airlines have stopped short of committing to this strategy thus far this year. We still feel the need to prepare travelers for the price hike that’s almost surely coming for the travel industry.

We have some suggestions so you can avoid or mitigate sticker shock.

Buy your 2022 flights early to avoid price hikes later this year

Even though jet fuel prices are already up, travelers aren’t likely to see the results reflected in ticket prices for about four months. Airline analysts are forecasting this delay in steep price hikes, though people are already seeing prices rise.

Our advice for 2022 travel has been to book on the early side, and we’re going to double down on this strategy now. You must prepare for flight prices to rise, and if you already have set travel dates you should buy now to avoid the price hikes coming soon.

Consider a road trip for shorter distances (but proceed with caution)

We had to throw this option out there, especially since it’s tempting to avoid flying when the airline ticket costs rise. But this year we have to also issue a warning to go in with eyes open and make sure to do an apples to apples comparison.

After all, people are already feeling pain at the pump and if you choose to rent a car, those costs are also rising. People seem to be willing to tolerate the inconvenience right now – will be interesting to see if that attitude continues as long as prices stay high.

Take the long view in travel planning for 2022

Knowledge is power. Leveraging that knowledge is key for travel and flight planning in 2022. Anyone who is certain to take a trip this year might seriously consider buying flights sooner rather than later, while we know prices are on the reasonable side.

CheapAir.com has Price Drop Payback to protect the price you pay

If you do choose to buy early, CheapAir.com has your back. We offer Price Drop Payback, a feature that protects the price you pay up to $100 a ticket. Should the price actually drop after you buy, we’ll give you that money back as a credit for future travel.

We certainly don’t want to alarm travelers. Rather, we’re hoping to share important information to help keep your travel costs in check in 2022.

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  1. We are planning a trip to Australia Jan – Mar 2023, when would be the best time to purchase airline tickets?

    • Hi William, we recommend you start monitoring fares soon to get a sense of the airfares for the market. You can track your searches on CheapAir.com. Typically for the South Pacific flight, you can get the best airfares around 4 months out. Also, keep in mind that we have a Price Drop Guarantee if the airfare drops for your itinerary after you purchase we will credit you,so that you can have some peace in buying early. You can check out our when to Buy International Flights here: https://www.cheapair.com/blog/the-cheapair-annual-airfare-study-international-flights/ for more insight. Thanks

  2. I like to know prices to go to Holland in the
    Fall or next year spring.
    Also specials to go to Philadelphia and
    Austin tx from Salt lake city Utah
    Or st.george Utah
    .thank you.

    • Hi Suzanna, What city are you flying from? Fares depend on your departure city, when you purchase and when you travel. We can take a look at some of the current fares for this fall. We can also help you track some of those routes on our website. If you would like assistance you can email us at [email protected]. Thanks

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