Will travel to Cuba be legal soon?

It’s been 50 years since Americans who wanted to visit Cuba could simply hop on a Pan Am flight to Havana, but some members of Congress are trying to change that.   A House of Representatives Panel has voted to end the Cuban travel ban that has been in place since 1960.

Will travel to Cuba be legal soon?
Photo courtesy of toptravellists.net

This doesn’t mean that the ban will for sure end, or end quickly.  The legislation still has to be approved by the full House, the Senate, and then the President.  Who knows if any of those things will actually happen.  This is a politically charged issue that has plenty of passionate opposition.

The ban was first put in place to isolate, weaken, and, ideally, end the Communist regime in Cuba, which has been responsible for untold human rights violations.  But opponents of the ban believe that it is the Cuban people who are hurt the most by it, more than the regime itself, and that tourist dollars could bring them much needed money to raise their standard of living.

Since the ban has been in place, there has been no legal way for most U.S. citizens to visit Cuba (although exceptions are made for those with family members there).  Airlines are not permitted to fly from the U.S. to Cuba or sell tickets to travel there through other points.  Although some Americans circumvent the ban by flying to Mexico or Canada and then buying a ticket from there, doing that is technically illegal — you could be fined up to $50,000.


  1. Re “end the Communist regime in Cuba, which has been responsible for untold human rights violations” …. you are falling for U.S. government propaganda. There are untold nations with horrible human rights violations around the world that the U.S. government ACTIVELY SUPPORTS with U.S. tax dollars. Why? … because it serves the financial and security interests of those in power in the U.S. to support those particular repressive dictatorial regimes. The ban on U.S. travel to Cuba has nothing to do with human rights; if has everything to do with making sure the U.S. status quo goes unchallenged.

  2. It only shows the stupidity of the people in Washington D.C. They have accomplished nothing with the ban, fortunately Cuba is flurishing without open US travel, since 99.9% of the other nations in the world have open travel to there. They trade with them and make money, we sulk over “spilled milk” of 50 years ago which we started to beginn with. Like everything else, it’s our supid, greedy, cheating politicians who are MASTERS in the game of “SCREW UP”! They worry about the VOTE of a bunch of Cubans in this country who made themselves FAT living here and now seem to think they own these politicians (and actually do) and this country. Just think the money that could be made with open trade relations with Cuba. Our neighbor, Canada, did not think twice!