Will we ever be able to leave our shoes on?

Here are two phrases you don’t offen read in the same paragraph:  “TSA” and “Good News”.  But if a USA Today report is true, there may finally come a time when we can stop taking our shoes off when we walk through airport security.

Will we ever be able to leave our shoes on?
Photo courtesy of www.glittarazzi.com

Apparently, the TSA plans to purchase 100 “shoe scanning” machines next year and test them at airports across the country.  The machines are designed to detect metal and explosives that someone may be hiding in their shoes.  If they work, they will be expanded to more airports.

Here’s hoping.


  1. Can’t wait for that day! I am an 85 year old with aching feet! Walking on cement in stocking feet is “torture!”

  2. Good Lord! Now we have the underwear bomber. Will we be allowed to wear our underwear on a flight?