Would you pay to have your bags delivered after a flight?

  • August 10, 2012
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Are you tired of waiting around at the baggage carousel every time you fly?  Then here’s some positive news:  American Airlines will now deliver bags to your door.

Would you pay to have your bags delivered after a flight?
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American is the first major carrier to offer a luggage delivery service. Starting this week, you can have bags sent directly to your home, office or hotel—for an additional fee, of course.

The new service is a partnership with BAGS VIP Luggage Delivery, and can be ordered during check-in. If you sign up, your luggage will be collected from your destination airport and dropped off at your specified address within four hours of your arrival.

Delivery of a single bag costs $29.95. Two bags is $39.95, and up to 10 bags will be delivered for $49.95. Note: this is an additional cost on top of American’s existing checked baggage fees. The base price covers delivery to any location within 40 miles of the airport. For destinations between 41 and 100 miles, there’s a surcharge of $1 per mile. The service will be offered 7 days a week, including holidays, at around 200 airports across the country.

If you’re a business traveler rushing to important meetings you may find this service appealing. The same goes for traveling families who want to take the stress out of flying. Others may view this as a gimmick, since the last few years have seen a boom in airline fees, for everything from reservations and checked baggage, to in-flight entertainment and “premium” seating.

Over to you: What’s your take on the new American Airlines service? Would you pay $30 to have your luggage delivered?

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