We’re giving a big , heartfelt “welcome back” to our Litecoin (LTC) friends and family.

piles of litecoin illustration

We lost our original Litecoin processor a while back, but we’ve worked out the kinks. Now, we’re proud to be able to once again book travel with Litecoin using Bitpay!

All you need to do to book flights with Litecoin and hotels with Litecoin is shop for your flights and hotels on CheapAir.com.

When you get to our secure payment page, you’ll select “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.” Then, on the next page, you’ll select Litecoin and send payment for your travel booking. That’s it!

We’re so pleased to be able to once again offer Litecoin to customers. So, basically we’re super amped to get the momentum going with LTC again. We’ve met a lot of cryptocurrency investors over the years and can confirm that LTC people are good people.

If you have a diversified digital currency portfolio, please check out this post to see other coins we support.

We hope we make Charlie proud and do a solid by all the Litecoin investors who’ve kept in contact with us through the years. Look to this space in the months to come. We’ve got plans to share more content tailored to our digital currency audience. We’d like to hear what you’re interested in reading about from our team of travel experts. Let us know in the comments below!

Shop for flights with Litecoin

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