For the first time in 20 years, the U.S. Dollar and the Euro have reached parity. The Euro has been worth more than the dollar consistently. Now, U.S. travelers will be able to see their dollars go just as far as the Euro. What does this mean in practical terms for the Euro exchange rate?

Dining out and attractions in EU countries will be cheaper

So, when traveling to Europe the flights and accommodation are your biggest expenses. But over the course of your visit, those restaurant and attraction costs pack a wallop when you’re on a budget. Now, costs will be about 12% less than they were at the same time in 2020. That’s not nothing! And at times, the dollar against the Euro has been much worse. In the mid-aughts, a U.S. traveler could expect to spend almost 20% more to travel to EU countries. The Euro exchnage rate is optimal right now.

The parity is a bit of good news in a sea of uncertainty for vacationers

This year has been absolutely brutal for air travelers – with the airline industry struggling to staff back up and meet traveler demand. Even though the overall savings might not be huge, it’s positive news for people considering Europe for late summer or fall travel.

Shoulder season is already a great value for travelers planning for Europe

We’ll write more about this later, but the difference in costs is precipitous when you consider flying to Europe in September or October instead of June or July. Flight costs go down exponentially, and even hotels and guest houses are a better price for Americans.

In addition to the monetary value of a shoulder season trip to Europe, you also get the extra bonus of a complete lack of crowds. You might also experience a more authentic Europe, since more Europeans are at home in the fall.

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