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I have a car rental discount code. Can I use it with

If your company is part of a corporate discount program (e.g. the Hertz Business Account Program or the Avis Corporate Rewards Program) and you have a corporate ID code for that program, check the box marked “I have a personal or corporate discount code with one or more rental companies” on the Car Search page to take advantage of any savings you are entitled to. Some associations (e.g., an automobile association) also provide car rental discount benefits. If you are a member of such an association and they have given you a discount code, you should enter that code where prompted. For corporate or association discount codes, select “Corporate” as the discount type.

If you have an individual frequent renter program number that may entitle you to a discount (e.g., a Hertz #1 Club Number or Avis Wizard Number), you can enter those numbers too by selecting “Individual” as the discount type.