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How can I cancel a flight I just booked?

In many cases, you can cancel an airline ticket yourself online using “My Trips” if it’s been 24 hours or less!* This self-serve option works like this:

  1. Bring up the ticket you want to cancel under My Trips in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  2. You can “Search by Booking Number” for your ticket.
  3. Enter your 10-digit booking number and last name.
  4. Then click on the Find My Trip green button. That will pull up your Trip Details and Trip Summary.
  5. On mobile, scroll down and select the red “Cancel Itinerary” text. On desktop, this option will be on the right side of your screen. When you make this selection, you’ll bring up a box that asks you to select the itinerary you want to cancel.
    Remember, at this point, you still have a reservation! Once you cancel this ticket you won’t be able to retrieve it. Once canceled, you’ll have to go back through the entire booking process to see if that exact itinerary and price can be duplicated. You should be certain before you cancel.
  6. If you’re sure, select the itinerary you want to cancel.
  7. Click on the Cancel Selected Items red button to finalize your cancellation.
  8. You’ll see a notice that your ticket has been canceled on the screen.
  9. These steps are also outlined in below.


That’s it! Your ticket has been canceled.

If you are outside of the 24-hour period, some tickets may qualify for online cancellation. Just check under “My Trips” to identify your options. Remember, if you cancel for future travel credit, the airline ticket must be booked with the same airline, and issued to the same person.

If you’d like to book another flight, you can start your search now!

*There are 3 airline carriers that will not issue a refund even if requested within the 24-hour grace period,  if the flight is departing within 7-days of purchase. These airline carriers are, Spirit, Frontier and Sun Country.

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