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How can I compare airline checked baggage fees?

Most airlines now charge fees for checking bags. Depending on the airline, checked baggage fees can range from free to over $200 per bag. So how can you compare the airline’s checked baggage fees? When you search for flights on, we’ll show you the baggage fees each airline charges. Just click on the “Details” of the fare class to view the baggage fees. Baggage fees can vary based on airline, route, fare class, and whether you are enrolled as a frequent traveler. If you have any questions about baggage fees, email us at [email protected].

Oversize/Overweight Checked Bags:

Please be advised, airlines can also charge fees if the baggage is ‘over sized’. Over sized luggage is defined as any bag over 50 lbs. and larger than 62 linear inches (height x length x width).

*Excess baggage Embargo Rules may apply. Please see details by viewing the baggage policy on airlines official website.