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How can I ensure I will make my connecting flight?

To ensure you make your connecting flight(s), follow these helpful tips:

• During the flight, check the magazines in the seat pocket. Often times, those will have maps of the airports that the airline serves. Use those maps to determine where your arriving and departing gates are located, and what path you must take to get from one to the other.

• Determine how much time you have to make it onto the connecting flight.

• Listen closely to the announcements going on as the plane you’re on is taxiing to the gate. If there have been any gate changes for your connecting flight, you’ll hear them now, so long as the people around you haven’t started up all their loud cell phone conversations.

• Collect all your carry-on items and take them off the plane with you. Baggage handlers will take care of transferring your checked bags from one plane to another; you usually do not need to visit baggage claim. The only instance where you will have to visit the baggage claim is if you are flying internationally, and you have arrived in your country of destination, but have another flight to connect with.

• Make sure that the boarding pass for your connecting flight is on your person.

• After you leave the airplane, you can always ask a gate agent to look up your flight. Many times gate agents are standing just outside the exit door as you enter the airport. If no gate agent is present, check the monitors for gate information.

• If there is an unreasonably short period of time between your connecting flights, contact the airline. It is their responsibility to see that you arrive at your final destination. If they are unable to put you on a later flight the same day, don’t be timid in demanding compensation and to be put up at a hotel.

• If you don’t have much time to get to the connecting flight, run.

• If you’ve got plenty of time to kill, lolly-gag around, get something to eat, use a restroom that isn’t 18″ square. Another thing you could do is to go to the ticketing counter and see if any flights that are going to your destination leave earlier than your flight; if there are, see if you can be placed on a standby list for one of those flights.