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How can I take advantage of the CheapAir Football Fan Guarantee?

It really couldn’t be simpler.

  • Book your round-trip ticket online with us at anytime after September 14, 2017. You’re only eligible to receive the Fan Guarantee voucher if you bought your ticket with us.
  • We need you to enter your team name at checkout as a “promotional certificate.” If you don’t do this step, you’re not signed up to participate, ergo you are not eligible to receive your voucher for future travel. Don’t be that guy.
  • After the game is over and you’ve completed the requisite period of mourning, shoot an email to us at All you need is your flight booking number and a photo of your game ticket stub. We’ll verify everything is copacetic (that your team got roundly trounced – ouch!) and then issue your credit.

A few more things to keep in mind…

  • Your travel dates and destination should line up with an actual regular or post-season game in the city to which you are traveling. This may seem obvious, but we like to cover all our bases.
  • You can travel up to three days before the scheduled game and return home up to three days post game to remain eligible for the credit. If you’re having a great time and want to extend your trip, that’s awesome! But no voucher for you.
  • You’ll also need to submit your game ticket no more than 7 days after your travel is completed. We’re a well-oiled machine over here. Let’s keep things moving, so we can get everyone processed in a timely manner. Thanks for not procrastinating.
  • Your team must lose by at least 15 points for you to be eligible for the consolation prize/ travel credit. Nope, 14 points is not close enough. On the other hand, winning by 15 points will get you a pat on the back, but does not make you eligible for the fan guarantee travel voucher. Be happy! Your team won! Jeesh.
  • You will receive your travel voucher in the amount paid for the qualifying airline ticket up to a maximum of $300.

If you’re one of those “I like to read the fine print” people, have we got a fun page for you! Terms and Conditions.

That’s it! Go forth and travel to many stadiums young warrior. Good luck to you!

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