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How do I add a wheelchair to my flight booking?

Need to add a wheelchair request to your flight booking? We’d love to assist you. Please send an email to us at [email protected] with your booking number and a CheapAir Travel Advisors will reach out to you and help you with this request.

Additionally, you can also add a wheelchair to your flight booking by calling the airline and requesting wheelchair assistance as soon as your reservation is booked. The airline customer service representative will put a “requires special assistance” note in your reservation record and tell your departure, arrival and transfer airports to provide a wheelchair.

Upon arriving at the airport, you will need to inform the airline airport staff that you have requested for wheelchair assistance.

Wheelchair service is available if you need it:

  • To and from your gate (Once at the gate, wheelchair assistants will bring you near one of the gate agents for assistance in boarding.)
  • Between gates for connecting flights
  • To baggage claim