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How do I book a reservation for passengers with disabilities or special needs?

If you are making the reservation over the phone with a Travel Advisor please advise them of any special requests or services the passenger(s) will need. They will then notify the airline so that everything will be ready when the passenger(s) arrive at the airport.

When booking online, after receiving your email confirmation, please email us at with the confirmation number and the type of assistance you are requesting. We will notify the airline and then contact you back to confirm the request.

You are not required to advise us (or the airline) of any special needs the passenger(s) may have prior to travel. However, it is recommended, as your request can then be more readily accommodated. You can also always call and speak with a Travel AdvisorĀ at 1-800-CHEAP-AIR (1-800-243-2724) if you have any specific questions or concerns with the reservation.