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How do I book flights with multiple destinations?

Above the boxes where you enter your city of origin and destination, you will see the option “Multiple Destination.” Click this and the site will take you to a new page where you can enter the individual legs of your itinerary.

Use this option when you have a trip that is not round-trip (round-trip is origin to destination and back) and you don’t really want to handle multiple one-way bookings. You can add a new leg by clicking “Add Another Flight.”

Since the website search must condense these options to find the lowest fare, there may be significantly more flight options than you will be given. You may see a flight in one option you like, another flight in another option, but no options that combine the two! Before you pull your hair out trying to find the perfect flight combination on the website, contact our Travel Advisors at any time since they can piece your perfect itinerary together for you.

Book Flights with Multiple Destinations