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How do I book infant fares?

In general, airlines don’t charge a parent for one infant under the age of two (if the baby doesn’t get a seat of her own) to travel domestically. Most U.S. based airlines don’t charge an infant fare between the US and Canada, but do charge the same tax as the adult fare.

International fares for infants are around 10% of the adult fare plus the same taxes and fees the adult pays. Most airlines don’t publish international infant fares. To book an infant fare, you will usually need to contact us or the airline to get the proper quote.

Most airlines will allow you to book your infant in advance. The 10% fare is based on what’s available when you book the child, not 10% of the fare you actually paid. So it’s in your best interest to book the infant ticket the same time you book the adult ticket.

When an airline won’t allow you to pay the fee in advance, get a quote from an agent on the telephone, and take his or her name. That gives you a little negotiating power when you get to the airport. You don’t want to end up paying 10% of the full adult fare at the time of departure.