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How do I find my terminal and gate information?

Ok, so you’ve booked your flight with us and it’s the day of travel. If you are wondering “How can I find my terminal and gate information,” you are not alone. Most tickets issued will include terminal information on the email confirmation page we provide. Large international airports with multiple terminals almost always have designated areas for major airlines. If you search for your airport online you can usually find a terminal map that shows where an airline is designated. Also, many airlines already have apps with way finding features and maps included. If you’ve got a SmartPhone, we highly recommend downloading the apps for any airports you might be visiting pre-trip. This can help you, especially if you have tight connections. Anything to help keep you on schedule!

Specific gate information is generally not available until the day prior to travel and may change several times until your flight. Don’t stress too much about the gate assignment until you get to the airport and are checking in.