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How do I get exit row or bulkhead seating?

The emergency exit path offers a deeper row and offers desirable seating for additional leg room. By federal law, no one under 15 may sit in an exit row, and infants are not permitted in the rows immediately behind or in front of an exit row. Bulkhead seating is directly behind the physical barriers (such as walls, curtains or screens) that separate cabins. A note of caution: not all bulkhead rows are created equal—on some aircraft, the first bulkhead row may be cramped and uncomfortable. Since there is no seat in front of this row, all items must go in the overhead bin.

Exit and Bulkhead seats are not widely available for pre-assignment. Some airlines offer these seat for an a la cart fee at the time of booking/check in; others are on request basis only for assignment upon arrival at the airport. Exit seats may be prohibited for some travels for safety reasons as young children, infants, and passengers with limited or restricted mobility may not be able to open the emergency exit door. To claim a seat in an exit row, arrive at the airport early and check with the airline representative.