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What do I do if my flights have changed?

If your flights have changed due to a schedule change, here are some helpful tips.

1. Review your updated flight itinerary – minor changes may have you leaving and/or arriving within minutes of originally booked.

2. Research new schedules online. Online schedules are as up to date as the airline can make them. That means that these are the schedules that you will have available to change to when you contact the airline. Having already looked at the schedules means you spend less time trying to work out a new schedule and doing it beforehand means that you have the chance to speak with any other people who may be on the reservation and insure that they are also going to be able to agree on a change.

3. Begin the call by letting the agent know that you have had a schedule change on your record and reviewing the schedule change policy. Every airline has a policy regarding schedule changes. Allowing the agent to advise you of what the policy is makes sure that you get the current policy and have a chance to ask questions about that policy before getting down to details.

4. Allow the agent to review the details of your reservation with you before you hang up the phone. It is required that the agent on the phone recap the reservation to you before the end of the phone call, but do not be afraid to ask them to repeat themselves. They are human and mistakes can be made. This may save you having to call back again about a mistake in the new record.

5. If you are advised to speak with your travel agent, do not argue the case. Contact your travel agent, more than likely, they are responsible for making sure that your reservation gets changed at no cost to you.

6. Verify the contact information listed on the reservation to ensure it is up to date.

7. Be aware that schedules can possibly change again. As much as airlines do not want to change their schedules, it is unavoidable that it will happen. With the current climate of cutbacks in service and changes in equipment, schedule changes are becoming less of the exception and more the rule. Do not take it personally.