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What is the difference between “Non Stop” and “Direct” flights?

Non-stop flights make no stops. It does not visit another city, and simply takes you from your origin to your destination in one flight. You literally make ‘no stops.’

Direct flights are different. Like a non-stop flight that will travel from your origin to your destination, there may be a stop in between in which other passengers may leave and others board. Most all direct flights, unless otherwise specified, do not have you leaving the plane until you reach your destination.

Even though some do require a plane change (usually noted) it is called a direct flight because all of the flights involved share a flight number. It is like a bus that starts in one city but makes stops along the way to pick up other passengers even though your stop is in another city. Even though it is not common to have more than one stop, some direct flights will have two or more so be sure you are aware of the stops before you book.

Our website will always display this information to you before you complete your transaction and our Travel Advisors will always tell you of any stops if you book your trip over the phone with us.

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