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When choosing flights, how can I know what the fares are for each flight that an airline offers?

Once you select an airline, our flight selection screen will give you the ability to build your itinerary any way that you choose, using an almost unlimited number of flight combinations.

Most travel web sites offer only complete, pre-built itineraries for you to choose from. But that can be frustrating when you want to combine a departing flight from one itinerary with a return flight from another.

Our exclusive flight selection technology lets you instantly mix and match any set of outbound and return flights and quickly see the prices for each combination.

It works like this:

At the top of the screen, you will see the heading “Fares on [your airline] from…” indicating the lowest available fare for that airline. On the rest of the page, there will be a window with a list of flight options for each segment of your trip. A one way trip will have just one window; a round trip itinerary will have two. Use the scroll bars in the flight windows to see all of the possible flight options.

The least expensive flights are displayed in red; other more expensive options in black. To get the absolute lowest fare, simply select one of the flights in red for each direction.

If there is a more convenient flight that is not blue, you will see listed with that flight the lowest fare that applies for any itinerary which includes that flight. If you select that flight by clicking the button next to it, and assuming you are traveling round trip, the fares displayed for each flight for the other direction (in the other window) will instantly adjust…you will now be looking at what the total round trip fare would be if you select each of those return flights in combination with the outbound flight already chosen.

Try as many flight combinations as you would like. As long as you have one flight selected for each trip leg, the total fare for the combination you have chosen will be displayed in the upper right corner of each flight window where it says “Selected Fare”.