Here to Help

Can I split my reservation into two forms of payment?

We’re all about making things easy for you. So the short answer is yes, of course! Keep in mind there is an additional fee to split payments on a single booking, as it requires a more manual process (we have to have a real, live human put everything together for you). If you’d like to split your payment on one ticket, please contact a Travel Specialist to set this up for you at 800-243-2724.

If you’re traveling with a friend or two and you’d like to each pay for your ticket separately, you can also call in to get help. In this case, you would not be charged a fee. However, we do prefer separate bookings made through the website and here’s why. Down the line (should someone in your party require additional assistance, need to cancel, or need to reschedule), it just makes things more streamlined and less cumbersome if the bookings are separate. But again, we’re here for you. So we’ll help out with whatever makes the most sense for you. We’re easy like that.