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How can I pay for my tickets in cash using Western Union?

If you would like to pay for your tickets in cash, you can do so using our Quick Collect Service through Western Union. Payment can be made at any of their 3000 locations nationwide. We will provide more detailed instructions when you complete the payment process if you select “Pay Cash at any Western Union Office” as your form of payment. Please note that Western Union does charge a fee for this service.

Western Union payment instructions:

Contact Western Union at 800-325-6000 (to locate a local office) or go online at
Western Union accepts “CASH ONLY”
Payment Type: “Quick Collect Pay”
Western Union will ask for the account and city code
Account: ATA
City Code: California
Western Union will ask for your account number: Please provide your booking number
Be advised that Western Union charges an additional processing fee not included in the quote you received at the time of booking.

Due to fares being based on availability and subject to change without notice, we are unable to guarantee airfare until the actual time of ticketing.