Why is it taking so long to process my refund?

Oof. Yes, that’s a good question. Well, the short answer is that many factors may be influencing how fast your refund gets to you. If your refund requires airline approval (as they sometimes do), it may take a while to go through the individual airline’s “process.” If you paid for your flights with a debit card, your bank a hold on the release of your funds. We can’t control that. If you paid with a credit card, the issuing credit card may also go through their own internal process before making funds available.

In recent years, we’ve found that most debit/credit card refunds are processed more quickly (sometimes in as littleĀ as 24 hours). But unfortunately we can’t make any promises in this department. If it’s been more than 5 business days and you’ve not received credit, please reach out to your bank or credit card company for clarification on their policy. If that doesn’t resolve things for you (i.e., the bank does not assume responsibility for the hold), feel free to get back in touch with us.