UPDATE: This international Airfare Study has the most current information on the best time to buy  cheap flights. It’s hardly a secret that airfares fluctuate a lot. Knowing the best time to purchase a flight has turned into something like Russian roulette for travelers – if you don’t “win” a low fare, you can lose big and be left with a sense that there has to be a better way. That’s where we come in.

international when to buy 2018

Every year, CheapAir.com analyzes hundreds of millions of domestic and international airfares – and you can read about the results of our domestic When to Buy Flights study, where we show you the best time to buy a domestic flight. But we also track international tickets, and this year we took a deeper dive into the international data to provide our customers with the most comprehensive insights we’ve ever shared.

In our study, we reviewed a total of 917,000,000 airfares, including fares covering more than 1,000,000 international trips over the last year. These airfares covered more than 3,000 international markets. For each trip, we studied all the possible days you could buy that airline ticket – to uncover when international flights have the lowest fares.

We identified the best day to buy a ticket in the different regions around the world, and we identified the “prime booking window” for each region as well. The prime booking window is the range of days in which you are likely to see the lowest fares – the window where it’s generally not too early to get a good deal, but also not too late. If price is most important, you should plan to purchase your flights within this range. Of course, the prime booking window is a generalization, and you should be aware of events like large festivals, international sports events, and major holidays. At a very busy time for the destination – Oktoberfest in Munich, the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, and Holi in India are just three examples that come to mind – you’ll want to buy in the early part of the prime booking window, or in some cases even earlier. Otherwise, use the prime booking window as a good estimate of when it will make the best sense to buy.

We also looked at whether traveling in certain seasons will impact when you should buy your flights, and which travel months had the highest and lowest airline ticket prices for each region. Finally, we analyzed the days of the week to determine whether there was a price advantage to buying, or flying, on any particular day.

Here is a breakdown of the average number of days before departure that yields the lowest airline ticket price for U.S. travelers heading to international regions:

2018 International When to Buy

We’ll now review each region in more detail, and address how to approach buying a ticket to each destination, using a range of criteria as explained above:

The Canadian market is very similar to the U.S. market – it’s best to buy your airline ticket to Canada 66 days in advance, on average. Flights to Canada are about 3% cheaper than they were last year on average, which is a modest savings but hey—we’ll take a modest savings over a modest increase any day! No big surprises that Canada’s warm summers see the most expensive airline tickets, with July being the most expensive month to visit, but still – the difference between July and October (the least expensive month) is relatively modest—about $64.

Prime Booking Window: 3 weeks to about 5 months before departure
Best time to buy: About 66 days from your travel date
The average airfare: $427
Cheapest month to travel: October
Most expensive month to travel: July
Least expensive days of week to fly: Tuesday and Wednesday

Mexico/Central America
Mexico and Central America were quite similar to domestic U.S. flights (this has not always been the case in the past) – you can generally wait about 70 days out for the best fares to Mexico or Central American destinations. The airfares to our neighbors to the south are also trending slightly cheaper overall versus last year, translating to an average 3% savings on each ticket. December is the most expensive month, so get your Christmas beach vacation booked stat!

Prime Booking Window: 2 weeks to almost 6 months before departure
Best time to buy: About 70 days from your travel date
The average airfare: $489
Cheapest month to travel: September
Most expensive month to travel: December
Least expensive days of week to fly: Tuesday and Wednesday

On average, the cheapest flights to the Caribbean are found when you buy that tropical airline ticket a whopping 207 days in advance – nearly 7 months before you go. The prime booking window is enormous as well – which frankly, is good news to travelers. You don’t really have to scrutinize the calendar as closely when the fluctuations in price remain fairly small over the course of most of the time before your trip. Having said that, the fares do still jump up in that last month before you plan to go. And you should also pay close attention to booking holiday flights early if you’re spending Christmas or Hanukkah in Jamaica. December is the priciest month to travel.

Prime Booking Window: 1 month to almost 11 months before departure
Best time to buy: About 207 days from your travel date
The average airfare: $545
Cheapest month to travel: January
Most expensive month to travel: December
Least expensive days of week to fly: Tuesday and Wednesday

South America
Airfares to South America will set you back the fewest dollars on average at 110 days out—closing in on three months before you go. Tickets are a bit more expensive, and are trending more expensive than last year. Travelers can expect to spend an average of 8% more – about $65 more than they would have paid in 2017. One reason for this might be that destinations like Colombia and Argentina are pretty hot right now – the ole’ supply and demand driving up prices. It’s almost $250 cheaper to visit South America in February (the cheapest month to go) than in December. That’s a savings of nearly $1,000 for a family of four!

Prime Booking Window: 5 weeks to almost 11 months before departure
Best time to buy: About 110 days from your travel date
The average airfare: $845
Cheapest month to travel: February
Most expensive month to travel: December
Least expensive days of week to fly: Tuesday and Wednesday

South Pacific
A vacation to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti or other South Pacific spots in theory should be planned pretty far in advance, as the cheapest time to buy clocks in at 197 days before takeoff. But here again, the prime booking window is very wide, which means that the airfares are not very volatile for a good chunk of time. Because flights are already so expensive, if you have a trip in December (summer down under), you can expect to pay more than $550 more on average than if you travel in the cheapest month of May. That’s a gargantuan argument for visiting in late spring, wouldn’t you say? Airfares to South Pacific destinations are also a modest 3% cheaper this year – so visitors do have that going for them!

Prime Booking Window: 54 days to just over 8 months
Best time to buy: About 197 days from your travel date
The average airfare: $1,708
Cheapest month to travel: May
Most expensive month to travel: December
Least expensive days of week to fly: Tuesday and Wednesday

Airline tickets to Asia are cheapest right around 4 months (120 days) in advance. The prime booking window is also quite wide for Asia, so you can relax a bit and not worry that prices are going to have a huge spike while you’re watching and waiting. November is the cheapest month to travel with the popular North American travel month of June being the most expensive. Travel in the least expensive month can save you $420 on average. Insider Tip: Asia is a huge region, so we urge our readers to do some research on their own – using our Best Time to Buy Flights Widget. You’ll want to fine-tune these results for your particular itinerary.

Prime Booking Window: A little over a month to 7 months
Best time to buy: About 120 days from your travel date
The average airfare: $1,113
Cheapest month to travel: November
Most expensive month to travel: June
Least expensive days of week to fly: Tuesday and Wednesday

The cheapest airline tickets to Europe are, on average, found 160 days before departure, and prices have dropped close to 10% since last year (great news for North American travelers, as Europe is always a pricey but coveted vacay – every little bit helps)! One way that the data was a little different for flights to Europe – the best days to travel include Monday—more options! It’ll probably come as no surprise that July is the most expensive time to go across the pond; if you can handle the weather March is the best value hands down, with an average savings of $371 dollars per ticket. We know that people usually try to tackle Europe in the summer, so for more guidance on the best days to fly to Europe this summer (with a handy color-coded calendar for reference), see our Europe Summer Flights page.

Prime Booking Window: About 1.5 months to a little more than 8 months
Best time to buy: 160 days from your travel date
The average airfare: $1,151
Cheapest month to travel: March
Most expensive month to travel: July
Least expensive days of week to fly: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Africa/Middle East
If you’re traveling to a country in Africa or the Middle East, you’ve got some wiggle room in the “when to buy” department. The prime booking widow is pretty wide, so there aren’t huge variations in price for much of the time leading up to a flight. The absolute best best airfares to Africa and the Middle East are found 199 days in advance, close to 7 months, on average.

Prime Booking Window: 96 to 287 days before departure
Best time to buy: About 199 days from your travel date
The average airfare: $1,238
Cheapest month to travel: February
Most expensive month to travel: July
Least expensive days of week to fly: Tuesday and Wednesday

There you have it. The insider’s scoop on 2018 international travel. In case you want to do further research, here are a few more airfare tools for you to check out:

When to Buy Domestic Flights Study

Guide to Summer Flights

Please feel free to comment with your individual questions below – we always take the time to address each question and/or comment from our readers and we know that planning an international trip can be a complex undertaking. We love helping people plan trips. We’re also pleased to offer monthly payments for flights, which can sometimes help make budgeting less stressful for international trips. Happy travels!


  1. Most interesting! Proved some of my beliefs formed previously by casual observations were incorrect. This report on international travels seems like it used the US as origin but this was not clearly stated. On the map shown, it stated 70 days (in advance) as the best time to but for the US. So if that means domestic travel, would like to see a section on the US.

    • Does anybody believe that they studied 917,000000.00 fares ??? Thats 76 Million fares a month. Total scam as you look at their results and some are the booking window is 2 weeks to 6 months. What B.S.

      • Hi Bob, You’re right if you mean we look at each flight with a magnifying glass. That would be a tough thing to do. But luckily these days we can rely on computers to crunch the numbers for us and plot the fares for us so we can look at trends in fares. Sometimes the booking window is wide because the difference between the fares can be small day over day on average. We We’ve ben doing this for quite a while – you should try our guidelines for a specific itinerary and let us know how we did!

    • Funny I have traveled a lot back and forth to Central America over the years, have gone at different times of the year, my favorite being February and November, have always bought tickets at around 75 to 80 days prior and have paid no more than $513 RT from LAX, this year I waited till 50 days prior and paid $613, same airline, same schedule. When I started looking prices were $693. Now here is what they don’t say… There cheapest tickets sometimes end of being more expensive, take in consideration most airlines now charge for checked bag, some only allow small carry on, in some cases I saw this time ticket for $430 but not allowed to even pay for a checked bag, only allowed 22lbs of carry on divided into 2 separate bags. Others were in the high 400 to low 500 but took over 18 and in some cases 22 hours to get to final destination that is only 5 hours and some on a direct flight. So yeah you can find cheap fights but will have to deal with the long layovers and the packing nightmare. My advise is find an airline you like, stick with it, apply for their credit card, you have the cash to pay for the tickets so put it on the credit card then pay the credit card, you get all the perks, miles, early boarding, free first checked bag. Dave some money there and don’t sacrifice your vacation time with tedious layovers.

    • Hi Alejandro. We do get asked from time to time about flying from other destinations outside of the U.S. and Canada, but up until now we have focused our study on outbound travel from both. Our customer base is primarily from the United States, so we (to date) have kept the analysis to what we know best (and where we actually have the data).

  2. I plan to fly WAS-EZE on the second week of Nov 2018 for about two weeks. When, for how much and by whom was the cheapest fare sold for last year 2017? I’m seeing less than a grand right now and wonder how low it can go if this year fares are more expensive this year.

    • Hi FR, I’m going to assume that you mean (any airport in and around the D.C. area) as I’m not seeing an airport code for WAS. At the moment, flights to Buenos Aires are holding strong at $933 for most dates later in the year (excluding Christmas week, of course). It’s hard to predict if the fares will dip any lower. While it’s true that fares are trending about 8% higher than they were last year, if tickets do not sell at these rates the airlines will probably drop them back to 2017 rates. That would take the published fares down to around $860 but to be honest, with the popularity of Argentina – I don’t see it as a great gamble to wait too close to your travel dates. I might check in a couple of times a week for a few months and plan to start a serious search about 2 months out if the fares stay static.

    • Hi Joseph, Unfortunately we do not do reporting on Business Class fares. To be frank, the bulk of our business is in economy fare and that’s where we come up with our reporting. In addition, business class fares are not terribly volatile, so you can generally wait much longer to buy and still get a decent (for the class) fare without worrying about the dizzying fluctuations found in economy fares. It’s food for thought though – would be interesting to find out who might be doing this sort of analysis. Right now, we just don’t have the data to crunch in meaningful numbers.

      • I would also be interested in Business Class data analysis e.g. Toronto Canada to Madrid or more generalized N. America to Europe.
        It’ll be interesting to know as a yardstick 1) the lowest discount fare the previous year e.g. 2018; 2) average % discount on a year-to-year analysis; 3) average % discount comparison by business hubs; 4) the lowest fare and the highest fare previous year; 5) average lowest fare per kilometre (this may be the most useful yardstick). My guess is for business class the fare increases as you get closer to the date as business travelers don’t plan so far ahead. Following on that point I guess business class fare does fluctuate that much with seasons or vacations.

        • Hi Shirley, Business Class data analysis is less our wheelhouse as the Business Traveler doesn’t use us a huge amount. Having said that, business class fares actually fluctuate much less than Economy fares. The business traveler does often buy last minute, but the fares themselves stay, on the whole, pretty stable.

    • I’m flying May of 2019 to LHR, now I live near SDF but could drive 4-6 hours away, possiblyATL. Now the question, will Premium Coach prices follow coach or what kind of price movement can I expect?

      • Hi Glenn, It’s hard to predict for sure but typically the Premium coach fares do sell out quickly. People are inclined to pay a bump in price to secure a little extra leg room. If you go up a class in service to Business, those seats tend to remain open a lot longer (sometimes they don’t sell at all) and the prices are fairly static.

  3. Plan to travel from Seattle to India early July-Aug. When is the best time to book tickets and good price for the same

  4. I’m planning to travel to Nigeria Lagos next year of may of 2019 I want to book early is it a good idea if I book in September or October and I’m interested in the monthly payment installment what advise can u give me

    • Yes, that sounds like a good time to buy. You can see if you can use monthly payments by choosing that option at checkout. We are partnered with Affirm who manages that option for us. Please let us know if you have specific questions about monthly payments.

  5. I’m planning to travel to Mexico in January of 2019 wen is the best time to get my tickets I have 10 people going with me

    • Hi Francisco, You should really reach out direct to the airlines. You;ll qualify for group pricing with 10 people traveling. Good luck to you.

  6. Planning to fly to Auckland NZ from Chicago or LA next January. Have been waiting for some sales, but haven’t seen any. Your analysis suggests buying tickets in the next month or two. Correct?

    • Hi Lars. Yes, that’s correct. We recommend buying tickets to South Pacific destinations around 7 months out. This is actually shortened up from previous years where 8-9 months was more the recommendation. We still recommend looking at fares for your specific itinerary as our recommendations are based on averages and you are traveling in summer. Good luck to you!

  7. I am in the US trying to book flights for my children in Estonia. Where do I go to look for tips for that?

    • Hi Jay. I would reach out to an Estonian agency who will have better intel for you. Goos luck on your search!

    • Hi Bonnie, Our focus is on economy fares. Business Class fares are much less volatile and therefore, you can buy most tickets up to within a month or so without much increase. After that, all bets are off. Fares will go up quickly.

  8. I just finished the first leg of a roundtrip flight from Bangkok to LA with a connection in Hong Kong on Hong Kong Airlines and will be returning May 8th. The in-flight meals were good, the staff provided excellent cart service and the seats were very comfortable with in-flight entertainment consoles. The plane from Hong Kong to LA was an Airbus A350-900. I flew economy and purchased my ticket using their fare calendar, 9 days before departure and the total cost was $491.03.

  9. I’m looking to fly out week of November 5, 2018 to Lima Peru onward to Machu Picchu. When is the best time to buy those tickets?

    • Hi Charles, What city are you departing from? Our advice is geared for outbound North American travel. The best time to buy on average from anywhere in Canada or the US is about 4 months out. That is a general recommendation, so you should also look at your specific itinerary and we recommend searching early and often to get a sense of fare fluctuations for your dates.

  10. Curious… If I am looking for the best fare and go into a site several times, does the airline track when I enter looking for a fare and because I keep coming back looking for a lower fare, I get an increase because I’m looking for a particular flight. Crazy, but it’s a theory.

    • Hi Cheryl, Our guidelines do not drill down into specific countries, so yes. Egypt is included in the African data. We’ve discussed a more detailed drill down for upcoming Reports – we’ll keep you posted if that should happen. If you’d like to share your origin city we can try to give you more personalized advice. Good luck to you.

    • Hi Michael, It looks like Aer Lingus has flights for your dates for right around $476 USD now.

  11. i will attend a wedding on january 17 in Manila Philippines and i am allowed 28 days vacay inc my flying time. I have no particular airline as long as i get a good deal. i plan to leave san jose around Dec 27 and fly back jan 20 or 21 ❤️

    • Hi Jackie, It looks like the best airfare for your flight dates is going to be right around $1,000. Alaska and China Southern have an itinerary right around that price departing on December 27 and returning on January 20. If you return a day later, you can save an additional $100. Flights are around $918.

  12. Hello Cheapair! Thank you for telling us when to buy tickets. But you haven’t said how. I really believe that if you let them most websites will track your ip and increase flights the more times you visit the same flight/airline. I have had lower, more consistant pricing by hiding my ip. Easiest way to do this is 1. book using data vs WiFi, and 2. Search for flights in incognito mode.
    Don’t round down those two cents!

  13. Any windows you can share for September flights to Ireland? I’ve heard it can be cheaper to buy one way to Europe, then a separate one way back. Is this true?

    • Hi Louise, Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy one way tickets to Europe. September (especially later in the month) can also be a good time to go since it can be considered shoulder season.

    • Hi GardMarie, It looks like the best prices to Dubai out of Miami are in late November and early December. You can get a flight right now on Swiss Air for $811 that connects through Zurich. It’s not too early to book. Flights to Dubai are typically a few hundred dollars higher. It’s not likely to go lower, but you may not see $811 round trip the longer you wait.

  14. Seems like this is for more popular times of travel. We are traveling to the UK in November. How far out would your recommendation be to purchase those flights?

    • Hi Deana, Our study is actually an average of dates (including high and low seasons). You’re correct, traveling to the UK in November you can probably wait quit a bit longer (possibly as late as September) to start a serious search. Our advice is always to dip in and out of your itinerary (at least weekly) to get a sense of how the fares are fluctuating. Sometimes events in a city can cause fares to spike as well. Good luck to you.

    • Hi there, It’s not too early to start a search now. If you’re not traveling the last week of November fares are usually quite inexpensive and you might not want to buy just yet (might be worth waiting until the end of summer to start a serious search). If you plan to travel in the last week of November, plan to start your search a bit sooner – flights for Thanksgiving week tend to be much more expensive. What city might you be booking from?

  15. I would like to plan a carrabean cruise for my whole family in June of 2019
    When would you recommend to start?

    • Hi Ninfa, You cannot purchase your airline tickets until at least July of this year (since flights for the following year are published no more than 11 months out). Having said that, I would start a search as soon as flights are published. Typically flights that coincide with Caribbean cruises sell out the lowest fares very early. Best of luck to you.

  16. Planning a trip to S Africa in May. Would like to go via Amsterdam in the way there and maybe Munich on the way back. Should I purchase the European part as a round trip and then secure the Europe to Africa piece or am I better to go using the multiple destinations route?

    • Hi Jamie, The only way to know for sure is to do some different searches to find out the best way to price your particular itinerary. If you’re traveling from a city like New York, you might find that buying the US to Europe portion (and back) is the most affordable way to go. If you send us your departure city we can give you more personalized advice. Best of luck!

  17. When is the best time to book flights from Washington, DC to YVR from 12/26/18 – 1/2/18? They are very pricy right now! Trying to book for 6 adults and 3 kids.

    • HI Jane, Because of the size of your party AND the dates you’re looking at I would probably book sooner rather than later. The last week of the year into the first week of the New Year will always be priced at a premium. Then, as the fares sell down the prices will rise. It’s very unusual to see flights for this period ever go on sale or go down. If you are seeing even incremental hikes in price this means that the lower fares are selling out. On top of this, you have a big group. If sitting together isn’t key you might be able to wait longer, but to access the best available seating at the best available price you should probably buy soon. A good trick for larger groups is to search for one ticket only. When you look for flights for 9, you’ll be bumped to the one fare category that has 9 tickets available at the same price (they don’t give you the 4 tickets that may be a lower price (it’s just a technology gap that hasn’t yet been fixed in the travel industry). Try searching for smaller numbers of tickets – I would bet you’ll find lower prices. This makes the streamlined and tidy “one ticket for all” impossible, but it may procide you significant savings to cobble it together.

    • Hi Bill, We tend to not play favorites with the airlines – every airline can be the best if the stars align! We start with the airfare for a particular route. In general, you might find that Alitalia has reasonable rates from JFK.

    • Hi Annie, What city are you departing form? I can give you better advice if I have departure cities in hand.

  18. When would be the best time to buy 2 tickets out of San Francisco to Spain? The days are flexible, but is planned to last 14 days between January 1-19. Does the average airfare noted in the post of $1,113 apply to Spain specifically? If not, what prices should I be looking for?

    • Hi Tony, You didn’t say if you were interested in Barcelona or Madrid but the numbers are good either way. Frankly, Barcelona is the best all around deal. You can take a flight on Lufthansa on Jan 1 for as little as $549 (with a 2 hour connection in Munich). Flights to Madrid are almost $1,000 for the same set of dates but if you prefer Madrid, it’s still less than the $1,113 you were looking at anyway. Let us know if you were thinking of a different Spanish city or if you have any other questions regarding these specific flights. Best of luck.

  19. Hi.. me and my brother are leaving out of Chicago and leaving for MJB on Oct 31 to Nov 4. What’s the best time to but our ticket? Your site says 200 days but other sites says 70. I know Tues and Wed are good days to buy.. Should i wait until the middle/end of August?

    • Hi there, I think your best bet is to look at he specific itinerary you’d like and plan to buy soon. We’re definitely within 200 days but it may be that your particular destination is better to buy on a more short term basis. Our recommendations are meant to be a guide, not a hard and fast rule. I’m not sure what the airport code is for MJB. Can you share and I can possibly give you more specific advice?

  20. We’re heading to Costa Rica in December – Dec 25 – Jan. 3. We know that’s the most popular time to go there but don’t know how far out we should plan to book our flights. Seems like there is ton of availability right now (5 months out). Should we jump on it or can we afford to wait and hope for better pricing?

    • Hi Kristen, while it’s never an exact science (some itineraries are more popular than others), the last week in December and the first week in January are notoriously difficult to find a deal. To avoid getting sticker shock by waiting, I would definitely aim to buy very soon. Sales do not often happen for these two weeks. In addition, they are priced at a premium straight out of the gate. Then you add in the fact that customers are much more likely to buy a holiday flight at a premium price and you have a recipe for disappointment if you wait. As those lowest priced seats sell down on the plane, what’s left will be less attractive in terms of seat selection AND get more expensive. Buy soon. If you decide to buy with CheapAir.com and our ticket price does go down after your purchase, we refund up to $100 per ticket in the form of a credit for future travel.

  21. Looking for 2 tix from Seattle to Malaga Spain (or nearby) in May 2019. When is it best to buy, still 4-8 months? That’s a big window!

    • Hi Jackie,

      For international trips, we do recommend booking well in advance. Especially since May in Spain is right before the peak summer season. While the window of 4-8 months is still applicable, we strongly recommend checking the fares daily to get familiar with the pricing. This allows you to get a sense of the pricing so when it does drop, you can act fast and buy. Keep in mind, when you purchase flights with CheapAir if the price for the same itinerary goes down any time before your trip, we’ll pay you back the difference in the form of a travel voucher for up to $100 per ticket! Please let us know if you need any help with finding flights.

  22. Thinking of going to Greece mid-last part of May. Family of 3 departing either SEA or PDX and 1 will join from LAX. Would like to fly together but don’t see any flights where we can join. Should we just fly to LAX and then try to fly all together from LAX? when should we purchase our tickets? We are open on when to fly as long is the least expensive. Any ideas?

    • Hi Alma, I would suggest either meeting in LA or New York. The fares out of JFK to Greece ($800) are going to be the best, though at the moment they are only about $100 less than flying out of LAX ($900). That may change as we get closer to your dates, but I would keep an eye on both to compare. Usually you can get flights to Athens out of JFK for around $500-600 which can’t be beat. However, you are looking to travel at high season, so those prices we’re seeing right now might not come down much.

  23. Thank you so much for compiling this info for us!! My bf and I are planning a trip to St Lucia the end of May 2019 to celebrate his college graduation so of course we are looking and waiting for the best airfare since it’s so expensive! Any helpful hints???! Thank you!

    • Hi Alicia, Really the best advice we can give is to search early and often for flight deals. The good news for you guys is that high season generally ends at the end of April, so you may be able to snag some good shoulder season fares. You should buy very early if you are the kind of travelers who like to be able to choose their seat from the entire selection of “good seats” on a plane. These days, the lowest priced seats on a plane with “good” characteristics are likely to be a pretty low number of seats. If your main concern is cost, definitely wait for that sweet spot you can find by using our report as a guide and planning to strike as soon as you see a good fare pop up. It doesn’t make much sense to shop until you have the money to buy – otherwise you’ll just be torturing yourself.

  24. Nice data crunching! I’m assuming 2017 and 2018 results are based on data in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Is there any reason why they are not combined?

    • Hi Cianny, We do studies year over year because different elements do affect fares year over year. Weather events like hurricanes can affect entire regions’ popularity and price and some events (like the Olympics) make certain destinations higher demand than at other times. In addition, various factors like fuel prices and economic health can also push or pull prices higher or lower from year to year. Great question – hope this helps!

  25. So, when planning a trip from Australia to North America, how far in advance should the trip be booked? What months are cheapest? I’m not sure if the numbers corresponding to each country represent the destination or the origin.

    • Hi Maddie, This is a great point. Our flight and fare data is for outbound North American travel (Canada and the U.S.) This is primarily because the bulk of our business comes from these two countries. We may expand our report to other originating countries in the future, but for now you’re not going to get the most accurate data for outbound Australian travel. One way to keep costs down is to be aware of high and low season for tourist destinations. For example, in the United States, most of the time June, July and August are the most expensive because that’s when kids are out of school and most people take their vacations. Thanksgiving week in November, and Christmas week (until just after New Years) are also more expensive and busier times for air travel.

  26. I’m planning to fly from Boston to Livingstone, Zambia and back from Naitobi, Kenya ro Boston in May 17 and June1, 2019. The lowest fare I searched is $1271.00. It’s still far away from the travel date. When is the good time to book the flight? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Doug, It is pretty early to be looking at flights. This year, the best time to buy flights to African destinations was about 6 months out. If you start looking when the fares become available (11 months out is when the airlines publish fares), you’ll get a sense of fare fluctuation and when is the best time to buy. Typically, fares are a bit higher when they are first published. If you like to have a lot of choice you should look to buy early, when the flights will have the most seats available. The best prices will probably come later. K

      • Thanks for the info. I’ve been tracking this fare since my initial question, however it seems the fare has been steadily increasing($55.00 more) over the last 3 months. Have I missed the best time to buy the ticket or still have a chance to buy at lower price? Thanks for your advice.

        • Hi Doug, The closer you get to travel dates when the fare continues to climb incrementally makes it tough to see a scenario when the fare would go back down. It’s probably a good time to buy right now.

  27. Booking round trip Italy for a cruise late June 2019 (I know peak!). Live in Tampa. Found Lufthansa out of Miami for $700 round trip. Flights all day to Miami for $200 round trip. Other searches Tampa Rome Tampa $1100. Should I book? Getting my daughter out of Memphis so much more expensive $1300. Any suggestions? Or wait? Thanks! Laura

    • Your best fares will definitely be out of Miami and $700 is pretty good (you might not be able to beat that). It is a little early to book, but because the fare is so good right now you might not be better off waiting.

  28. Hi, we plan to travel to Venice from San Francisco and back to San Francisco from Athen for two weeks in May 2019. What is the best time to book airline tickets? Thanks

    • Hi Sonya, This year the best time to book to Italy was right around 5 months out, on average. That’s not to say that this will be the case next year, but it might be a decent guide for where the fares will land next year. Having said that, Venice is an extremely popular summer destination and is more expensive than Rome to fly into. You have a lot of items to weigh. If convenience is the most important thing to you, fly to Venice and start watching the fares now. If cost is the most important element, you might look into flying into Rome and taking the train to Venice. The lowest fares to Venice will definitely be from JFK, but SFO is not that much more expensive. I would probably put New York on the back burner, unless you plan to wait until the last minute to buy. In that case, you’e probably going to see significant savings out of JFK over SFO.

  29. Hello, my husband and I are starting to plan a trip from Denver to Paris during the holidays – Dec 26 to Jan 1. I know we will pay more bc of the time of year but this is when we have days off from work to use… I read that the Europe window starts 160 out, but I’m wondering how that’s different for the Xmas/New Years holidays and if it’s safe to wait for my Q3 bonus in early October to buy, or if we should just purchase now. Any advice?

    • Hi Megan, honestly if you were planning a trip anytime in the first 2-3 weeks of December, we’d say you can wait. But if you’re on any kind of budget, don’t wait past September. The fares will start a steady climb for Christmas week (and those fares are already priced at a premium).

      • When is the best time to book cheap flights for my family (6 total people) travelling to Mexico from Tennessee for the week of Dec. 15-22, 2018? And we are not opposed to leaving a day early…

        • Hi there ACJC mom. It’s hard to give you specific advice without knowing what city you plan to fly to, but we do know that from here on out the prices for holiday travel are only going to climb. Buy as soon as you can for the best pricing.

  30. My wife and I are looking at spending next Christmas (2019) in the Philippines. Looking for flights around 10 days before Christmas and coming back after New Year’s (around the 4th). When would you suggest booking these flights. Any advice? Thanks

    • Hi James,

      Flights for the 2019 holidays won’t become available until around February/March 2019. Since you’re looking for international flights and holiday times, we would suggest checking the fares periodically to get familiar with the pricing. Ultimately we suggest having your flights booked by August/September 2019 or possible earlier depending on the pricing. Keep in mind, when you purchase flights with CheapAir if the price for the same itinerary goes down any time before your trip, we’ll pay you back the difference in the form of a travel voucher for up to $100 per ticket! Please let us know if you need any help with finding flights.

  31. Hi I am planning a trip in April/2019 to Paris and Amsterdam when can you recommend I buy my tickets and what do you suggest a good price would be.thinking of flying to Paris then take the train into Amsterdam and fly back to Seattle from Amsterdam. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Jossie, April is a great budget month to go to Paris. You’ll avoid the heavy summer tourist traffic and the weather is likely to be warm, but not hot. You can probably wait to book until around the holidays (or just after in January, 2019). You should be able to get a flight for that itinerary from Seattle for somewhere in the ballpark of $700-900.

    • Hi Colleen, Great question. Book early. There will be others likely booking from your gateway, so the prices at cruise ports tend to be higher and they sell out quickly in the best classes of service. Good luck to you.

  32. Hi

    I am looking at booking to travel to NYC November 2019 as a surprise for my wife’s 40th. Her birthday is August so I need to be able to give her some details about the trip. We’re not going in August as I know she’d love to go to NYC once the lights have been switched on. When would be the best time to book flights for November please?. Thanks

    • Hi Neil, You should have a look at our When to Buy study early next year, when it is published (usually some time in March on the blog). It’s a safe bet that buying a ticket around 20-65 days out will be good timing for fair prices. November on the whole is a great time to visit New York – if you plan to go during Thanksgiving week, you’ll want to plan on buying earlier. Otherwise, November’s prices are otherwise quite good for New York.

  33. Hi. I am planning to go to the Philippines in July 2019, flying from San Francisco. Is it too early for me to book my ticket now, or should I wait 4 months from July to get the lowest airfair?

    • Hi Edornie, It is not too early to buy your tickets. In fact, it will give you the best choice in seats and class of service the earlier you book. The data that supports our recommendations may change for 2019 – our “when to buy” report comes out in March, which might be a little late to wait if you’re looking for the best and most accurate information.

  34. I just got Christmas off from work (-huge in retail!) and sooooo want to go home to Denmark for Christmas this year- but the tickets are depressingly expensive! Is there any hope that prices might drop in the next couple of weeks…?

  35. When is the best time to buy tickets to Paris/Lyon (I’m flexibile). I’m headed to the WC 2019 and plan to be there around June 22ish – July 9ish

    • Hi Mary Ann, You’re planning to be in Paris during the busiest part of the tourist season, so it would be in your best interest to buy your tickets on the earliest side. At the moment, you can expect to spend about 20-25% more than tickets at other times of the year. What gateway city will you be traveling from? We can give you more specific assistance if we know where you’ll be flying from.

  36. Good evening, We want to fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on February 13, 2019 from Halifax, Nova Scotia returning April 2, 2019 (because Tuesday should be less expensive?) We will require 2 Business Class tickets. When should we be booking our flights?…..at the moment prices are out of sight……will there be a window of opportunity prior to our flight to Florida? Looking forward to hearing your advice.

    • Hi Elizabeth, The good news is that business class fares have nowhere near as much volatility as do economy fares. The bad news is that yes, they are quite a bit more expensive. The airlines tend to not lower prices of business class fares as the dates draw nearer, most are happy to let unsold seats stay that way (and then offer day-of upgrades, that almost always sell). Because FLL is a cruise hub, even business class fares will likely sell out. We recommend buying soon.

  37. Hi! I enjoy this information that you have provided. I just wondered what I should look out for in price. I plan to go to Zurich, Switzerland from AMA airport or maybe DFW if I can get a ride. I am going to be going the first of March. Is there anything you could tell me possibly to help me get a good price to go?

    • Hi Daphne, The good news is that your travel dates are going to be far outside the high season/summer demand and cost. On the other hand, it’s probably not too early to start a a search now. If you’re looking for ways to save, look at either flying into less expensive countries and taking a train to Zurich or flying into a cheaper city like London or Paris and then using a low cost european air carrier like easyjet or ryanair to get you to Switzerland. You could also look at flights from New York (JFK) and back into the domestic portion of the flights. You’re almost assured to pay more if you want a nonstop from AMA or DFW. Of course, there is also a value in convenience by doing this – it all depends on what is more important to you. If you can save a few hundred dollars by cobbling together an itinerary, this may be worth it to you.

  38. Hi – this article was so helpful, many thanks! Can you give me some advice on best time to buy fare from NYC-LIM for June 2019? I got a quote from a travel agent for $619 (adult) and $600 (child x 2) with a total of approx $1900 nonstop flight. Does that sound likea deal or wait until Jan/Feb 2019 to buy?? Thanks!!

    • Yes, that is a petty good price for those dates. I have seen fares as low as $500 from JFK, but at the moment that fare is not popping up in June (and is not likely to since Americans do like to travel in the summer months). That seems like a very fair price you were quoted from your travel agent.

  39. Great article! Looking for some specific advice. We are traveling from Michigan in the USA to bonaire in the Netherland Caribbean. We found a flight for $768. With gas prices going down, or wondering if we should wait or if this is a pretty good price. Thank you for your help in advance!

    • Hi Brenda. Are you flying out of Detroit? Also, what dates are you looking to fly? If you’re planning to fly in the springtime, you’ll probably want to book soon since spring break is quite popular for college students and families alike.

  40. Hi, I’m planning to travel Sept 14,2019 to Paris from New Orleans and back home to New Orleans
    Sept 28 thru Milan. When should I book ? Thanks so much.. was getting nervous because looking at reward miles and some people are saying book now ! ……

  41. Are the data symmetrical? In other words, are the best times to book a flight FROM the US the same as the best timse to book a flight TO the US?

    • Great question. No, at this time the data is for outbound flights from North America. This is simply because the vast majority of our customers are from the US and Canada. At some point, this could change but at the moment it’s just outbound.

  42. Hi … I am planning on travelling to Africa, Namibia from Russia, Samara over the summer period by end of June this year. I would like to find out the best time to buy my flight ticket.
    Thank you)

    • Hi Elizabeth, Our data is generally for outbound North American travel (U.S. and Canada) so we can really only make an educated guess for your flights. Our advice for our travelers during the summer (which is a historically busy time for leisure travel) is to buy earlier rather than later. Airfares tend to go up the closer to travel dates (buying inside of two weeks is virtually guaranteed a much more expensive ticket). Hope this helps in some small way.

    • Hi Dan, we usually recommend buying our ticket in the 3 week to 4 month window of time prior to travel. We call that the prime booking window – it’s ON AVERAGE the best time to buy to get a low fare. It’s always a good idea to watch fares (especially when we are this close to the travel dates). It’s not a certainty, but sometimes you can catch a low fare or sale.

  43. I’d like to travel SEA or LAX to LHR December 8 and CDG-LAX Dec 23 2019. When will be the best time to book? As the December dates are just starting to filter in, I’m seeing some really good fares but nervous that they’ll get better as the dates and airlines fill in more, or I’ll lose these few rates now.

    • Hi Natalie, I wouldn’t worry too much about the fares going down too much. If you are seeing “great rates” they don’t usually last. Having said that, fares from LAX could go down a bit between now and December. Because there are so many flights out of LAX to London, it could be that the fares have a bit more volatility. If you’re leaning toward flying from Seattle I would watch those fares a bit more closely.

  44. Heading to Madrid in October 2019 from Colorado Springs and flying back home from Lisbon in November. I’ve been watching prices and came across a fare of $690 RT but am wondering if I should wait and purchase a few months closer to departure. What do you suggest? Thanks!

    • Hi Valerie, That is actually a fantastic fare. I don’t think waiting will return anything better. Honestly, that’s the best fare I’ve seen out of Colorado Springs. Snap it up!

  45. Travelling from Dallas, TX to Johannesburg South Africa, but need to coordinate with kids school vacations (in the US)… when is the best time to go (spring break/summer/Thanksgiving/Christmas)?
    which route is usually best… I think Atlanta, Miami, New York and Washington are the common “gateway” cities, with a refuel in either Europe/North America. Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle, it’s hard to know what is best for you and your family, but the best time of year to travel to the Cape is definitely their winter (November to Feb), but whale watching season is between July and November and big game viewing is best from May to September. So it really depends on what you’d like to do while there. The weather is generally temperate year round in South Africa. If we can narrow down when you’d like to go, I can look at best gateways to travel. The range is wide (from 20 hours total travel time to north of 40 hours).

  46. Aloha, I am an expat living abroad. Any tips on traveling from Asia to the US? I’m living in Vietnam and looking at flights to SFO & HNL.

    • Hi Vince, The good news for you is that you’re looking at pretty reasonable fares from Vietnam to either HNL or SFO. LAX is a reasonable ticket as well. We specialize in outbound North American travel, so we don’t really have specific advice for inbound travel. If you have a North American bank account and permanent address, we do offer monthly payment options so you can pay for flights on the installment plan. You can read more about it here if you’re interested [https://www.cheapair.com/blog/monthly-payments-with-cheapair-com-turns-one-fly-now-pay-later/]. We also take some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for flight payment. Hope this helps a bit!

  47. I want to travel to east africa asmeral; when is the best time to buy cheap ticket? my plan to travel is july 19/2019 with 5 families any advise please thanks.

    • Hi Eman, Our data is based on outbound travel from the USA and Canada, because we’re based here and the bulk of our customers are U.S. and Canadian citizens. Having said that, it really depends on where you are traveling to and at what time of year. The last week of November and the last week of December tend to have higher fares because of our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays (when a lot of people tend to fly). If you’re coming to the states during the summer time, that may also have slightly more expensive fares. When are you planning to fly and to what destinations? We might be able to give you more personalized advice if we know your plans.

  48. My travel plan is departure from LAX arrive to Tokyo on 10/26/19 Leave from Osaka on 11/3/19 to Hong Kong come back LAX on 11/16. When is the best time to buy tickets for 2 people.

    • Hi Joann, You are traveling at a popular time in Japan so I wouldn’t wait too long. Cherry blossom season in the spring and the autumn leaves season are the best time weather-wise to visit so these tend to be pretty busy tourism times. To start looking now might not be a bad idea. Next week we are publishing our International When to Buy study, which will also have specific information on traveling to Asia. I will make sure I link to that study here once it goes live so you have that to refer to as well.

  49. Why are Oneway airfares so expensive ?Sometimes more than return ? Can one buy one a return airfare and only use the return portion ?Or will your fare be canncelled if you do not d
    Show up for flight ??
    On reposition cruises one is faced with one way fares !
    Would multi city be a better choice ? Or open jaw flights ? The rules for open jaws seem to be very complex !!

    • Hi Frank, Yes you’re right. You cannot only use the return portion. The airline will see you as a no-show if you don’t show for the outbound portion and cancel the rest. This is a much contested rule that the airlines impose on travelers (many people find this unfair, for obvious reasons), but the airlines spell this rule out in no uncertain terms in the “contract of carriage” which is the legal agreement we enter into with the airlines when you buy a ticket. From the airline’s perspective, that’s a bit of slippery business – any unused seat is a seat they could sell. Can you share the city pairs you need? We can do a little research for you on the best strategy for saving money.

  50. I’d like to travel on September 14/2019 for week to Italy from DC when is the good time to buy the ticket
    Which airline what do u suggest! Thanks

    • Hi Zed, What city are you wanting to fly into in Italy? Typically, Rome and Milan will give you the best prices but it would help to know what your ideal situation might be. The later you go in September, the better the prices will be.

  51. We fly from Charleston SC to Venice Italy on June 20th of this year and fly back home on June 30th. Have we missed the window for the best rates? Should we book now or gamble with waiting on better airfare?

    • Hi Marion, You should definitely plan to buy sooner rather than later. The chances are not good that the fares will go down at all. We are heading into high season for Europe and the longer you wait, the less likely affordable fares will be available on flights you may be considering. The god news is that June is typically less expensive than July. You could also look into buying one ticket to New York and then another flight from JFK to Venice (fares from New York are usually a pretty good value, but if you make this choice, you’ll have to pick up your bags in New York and then check them through to Venice. We recommend this tactic all the time, IF you don’t mind the baggage inconvenience.

  52. Prices to France have not gone down yet as other years. I travel every year with my family but this year the price are about 75% more than last year $1500 instead of $850. Do you think that it will stay this way? I am traveling from the beginning of June to the end of July. Should I buy or can I wait a little longer?

    • Hi Elie, where are you traveling from? June and July are the most expensive times to travel to Europe/France, so to be safe we probably wouldn’t suggest you wait to buy. We are getting quite close to June after all.

  53. The average airfare cost I see posted with each region is for those who don’t buy are the suggest times correct? Looking at flying to Bali or Seychelles mid April or early May from ORD next year.

    • Hi Kadie, the number you see on each region is the number of days in advance from your flight date where you can expect to get the best price for that region (on average). We update our study each year, and the flights to Bali or the Seychelles may not be published just yet anyway. Our best advice is to wait a bit (until next month when those fares will likely start coming on line), and then start searching. Historically, the best fares to Asian and African destinations are available around 6.5 months out from your dates anyway. You have some time to shop.

  54. I have often found great deals for flying to Europe on either black Friday or boxing day sales, I’m curious if these are indeed the lowest prices, or if I could get the same deals booking in your suggested ideal booking windows…

    • We’re not discounting sales – these can sometimes give you very good prices. But generally speaking, those fares don’t tend to be for popular dates (it can be hard to FIND that sale fare on occasion).

  55. Hi. We are traveling to Mexico the second week in June. We go every year but I usually have the tickets booked by March at the latest. This year I was consumed with caring for my father who has now passed. Tickets obviously went off my radar. They are quite expensive as compared to what we normally pay. Should I take the next best deal I see or wait until 2 weeks out? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Jennifer, I would not wait until two weeks out. We’re already getting pretty close to June and the best fares are going to continue to sell down. There’s always a possibility that an airline or two will add an additional flight if the first flights sell out, but it’s not a great risk to take. You’re probably better off just taking a bit of a hit this year and buying soon.

    • Hi Bob, There is less volatility in business class fares, so you’re less tied tied to a timeline if you decide to splash out a bit more. Economy Plus fares almost always sell out so I would plan to start your search for those fares early. You can start shopping as early as 11 months prior to your departure dates (give or take, that’s about when airlines publish). With the new a la carte pricing, you can bet that some people will opt into this fare class – especially when you’re looking at transatlantic flights. You do tend to pay a bit of a premium when buying early (around 20% more than the lowest published price during the lifespan of a fare), but you’ll still very likely pay less than a business class fare. Good luck to you. Let us know if you’d like more personalized advice – we’d just need dates and a departure airport to come up with some details for you.

      • planning to fly to either germany or portugal in mid april. for first time ever, buying business class tics for mrs & me due to long trip from california. you mentioned less volatility with business class fares, does this mean prices stay the same, no matter when i buy them? just wanted to know if fare advice is just as good for business class as it is for regular tics, thanks.

        • Hi Tino, yes. In general, you can expect business class fares to stay the same. We’d still recommend buying as soon as you can because there are a limited number of business class seats on a flight, and there will be other people who have the same idea as you! Good luck to you!

  56. Thank you for this detailed information! This is some of the highest quality content I’ve ever come across….

  57. Traveling from JFK or EWR to MAD next April. Is approximately 160 days out the best time to buy or does Spain vary compared to Europe’s average? Thanks!

  58. We’re planning a trip to Ireland in June 2020. We plan to fly DFW into Dublin and return out of Shannon. Flights are just over $1000 right now. When would you say is the best time to buy? Thanks

    • Hi Susan, It’s probably a bit early to buy for Dublin returning from Shannon but you are traveling in June which can be quite expensive compared to other times of the year. Are your dates flexible or do you have specific dates you’re flying in June? If you are keeping things flexible, you probably have quite a bot of wiggle room to wait and shop. If you need specific dates, we always recommend buying early.

  59. Many thanks for this article. In your entry about Mexico and the Caribbean, you say, “December is the most expensive month, so get your Christmas beach vacation booked stat!” What do you mean by “stat?”

    • sorry! “Stat!” is used in medicine primarily during emergencies, but has become more popular in popular culture because of medical dramas on television. It’s from the latin “statim” which means “immediately!”

  60. Hello from New England! I’m traveling for a wedding in Peru in January 2020. When would be the best time to buy airfare (NYC to LIM)? I’m also trying to coordinate a domestic trip to Disney (not sure if CA or FL would be the least expensive from NY). Thank you so much!

    • Hi Cat, Flights to Orlando from New York should be more inexpensive than flights to LAX (or SNA). One caveat on the Disney trip, if you’re flying in the summer or in March (spring break time), you might just need to check both routes. Summer and spring break can be so popular in both destinations that I’m not sure you save much by traveling to Florida.

      It’s certainly not too early to be shopping for Peru, though you are planning to be there during the “wet” season when less tourists tend to go. Our best advice is to start your search soon, and buy when you find a good rate. I see fares for under $500 in the latter part of January. The first two weeks of January have flights in the $500-700 range.

  61. I’m looking for a flight (non-stop preferred) from ATL to AMS, late May (26) through early June. I saw what I thought was a decent rate (around $900 basic/$1,100 main) but based on your data, I should be waiting until closer to the holidays. I’m starting to feel quite a bit of anxiety over trying not to book too soon. How low can I realistically expect prices to go? Too soon to book? Perhaps I should stop looking… 🙂

    • Hi Mel, Based on your preference for a nonstop in early summer, it is probably not too early to buy. Nonstop flights are not ever going to be as low as connecting flights (that’s where the real deals are), because most people will pay a slight premium for nonstops.

      • Hi CheapAir folks! This info is super helpful – thank you! I’ve definitely “lost” on flights before, not realizing they would go back down after climbing for a while. I’m planning a trip from Nashville BNA to Dublin DUB for March 2020 and saw round trip tickets a few weeks ago for $520 I think, but within a day or two they disappeared and have been in the $600s ever since. Google Flights says $630 is 40 bucks cheaper than normal and that I should buy now, but that’s what I did with a Paris flight last year but the tickets gradually dropped another couple hundred dollars that I could have saved. I was hoping international data would look more like the domestic flights graph with the cheapest time to buy being 80-90 days out from travel but it sounds like I should buy now for an Ireland trip in mid March, is that correct? Thanks!

        • Honestly Drew, we wish we could tell you with 100% certainty to buy later or now. What we do know, is that when you see “incremental” bumps in fare, that’s usually a sign that the fares are selling out at the lowest categories. Sometimes people balk after a few classes of service sell out (which then causes the airlines to drop fares). But that happens less and less with sophisticated airline algorithms. Our safe advice would be to buy soon. Nashville to Dublin for $630 is great (as you said, $40 lower than normal). One other piece of information pushing me in the direction of telling you to buy now, is that Paris is a little like New York. There is so much traffic going in and out (many flights to and from the states), that the fares are a little more volatile (and also usually quite a big bargain) compared to most other European destinations. A lot of people also use Paris as a hub and buy flights to other parts of the continent from there which also keeps prices low. Dublin is a little more off the beaten path, is generally more expensive than Paris and has limited flight availability. You could wait, but we wouldn’t advise it.

          • Really appreciate the advice. That’s the way I’m leaning the last couple days too. The trick will be to buy the tickets and turn off my fare tracking notifications so I don’t even get notified if they do go back down a bunch. =P Haha. Thanks, guys!

  62. Hi! I’m flying from Switzerland to eastern USA (round trip) in February 2020. Prices just went up in the past week or so, I’m wondering if they’ll come down again or if I should book now. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jessica, We would not recommend waiting longer. As we get closer and closer to your travel dates, if you see fares start an incremental increase, that typically means the lower-priced tickets are selling out.

  63. Trying to get a decent flight to Lisbon, Portugal from PBI In mid March. Hopefully without too many stops. I’ve checked flying out of MIA and ATL but more expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Hi Diane, we are already quite close to your travel dates. Look to fly mid-week to get the best fares. When we price a one-week trip leaving on Thursday, March 19 and returning the following weekend, the flights are about the same out of Miami or West Palm Beach (around $600-650) with one stop. Atlanta flights are more expensive (starting at $800+)

  64. I am looking to fly to Athens from NJ in mid September with a party of 6. Only United and Emirates fly there and we have decided on Emirates. Any advice on when I should buy tickets? Since I checked the flights the cost has gone up slightly and I am getting concerned since there is only 1 non stop going and returning but with 6 people cost is surely a factor. Thanks!

  65. I have plan to buy ticket dfw to ktm Nepal last week of May 2020 and return last week of December 2020 for round economic class how much cos fir qatar airlines

    • Hi Malla. Because of the current state of the travel industry with the unprecedented global pandemic, we’re going to ask that you hold off buying your tickets for a bit. At the moment, we do not show flights on Qatar airlines at all, but their other international air carriers showing fares of around $1,500 for your dates.

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